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(*) brakes do not include: pads, rotors, shoes and drums

which zurich auto warranty plan is right for me?

additional benefits included in all zurich plans

each plan offered by zurich includes the following benefits:

Reading: Zurich extended car warranty reviews

  • rental reimbursement: up to $30 per day for a limited number of days
  • trip interruption: reimbursement for up to three days in limited amounts if the breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from home.
  • emergency roadside assistance: covers towing, flat tire changes, fuel and fluid delivery, jump starts, freeze lockout and lockout services up to specified limits
  • zurich powertrain plan

    This is your most basic warranty, and as you probably guessed, coverage is limited to the powertrain. includes:


    • all internally lubricated parts including: pistons, piston rings, wrist bands and bushings, connecting rods and connecting rod bearings, crankshaft and main bearings, camshaft, cam chains, cam bearings, and cam cap , Timing Chain, Gears, Tensioner and Guide, Variable Valve Timing Parts, Rocker Arms, Shafts and Bushings, Rocker Arm Pivots, Adjusting Screws, Spring and Tension Controller, Valves, Valve Seats, Valve Springs, Valve Retainers valve springs, valve guides, valve push rods, hydraulic valve lifters, oil pump, oil pump drive, shaft and gears
    • seals and gaskets
    • water pump
    • gas pump
    • valve covers
    • oil pan
    • rod and tube
    • timing belt
    • timing chain/belt cover
    • motor mounts
    • flyer
    • toothed ring
    • flex plate
    • harmonic balancer
    • belt tensioner and idler pulleys
    • intake and exhaust manifolds
    • factory installed supercharger/turbocharger
    • cylinder head
    • engine block and rotor housings
    • cooling lubricants
    • oil filters
    • diesel fuel injection pump, fuel injectors and fuel lines
    • transfer case (automatic transmission)

      • all internally lubricated parts including: belts, pump, pump housing, carrier assembly, planetary gears, drums, reaction shaft and governor, internal linkage, valve body, servo assemblies, vacuum modulator
      • seals and gaskets
      • torque converter
      • drive mounts
      • oil pan
      • filler tube and dipstick
      • vacuum modulator
      • transmission case
      • fluids, lubricants and filters
      • transfer case (manual transmission)

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