who offers the best insurance for mercedes-benz?

who offers the best insurance for mercedes-benz?

insurance for a mercedes-benz can be more expensive than other vehicles. The average premium for a Mercedes-Benz tends to be higher than the average cost of insurance for other types of vehicles. Fortunately, you can shop around for better rates. other mercedes-benz drivers have found the best rates with providers like geico and progressive.

Progressive insurance is usually the cheapest insurance option. state farm is another affordable option. In addition to lower rates on vehicles like Mercedes SUVs, State Farm also has more affordable rates on more expensive Mercedes vehicles like A, S, and CL Class coupes and Mercedes convertibles.

geico is another good insurance option for mercedes vehicles. has policies available for mercedes class c, e and g for less than $800 a year. however, rates will vary based on other factors, such as the year of the vehicle and the driver’s violation or accident history.

These are some of the main insurance providers for your Mercedes:

  • Progressive: $1,105 six-month average fee.
  • State Farm: $1,305 six-month average fee.
  • liberty mutual: $2,395 six-month average fee.
  • geico: $2,556 six-month average fee.
  • allstate: 6-month average rate of $3,083.
  • Farmers: six-month average rate of $3,651.

It’s always a good idea to compare quotes between multiple providers to get the best rates. Other factors, like paying your premium up front and going paperless, may also qualify you for discounts.

what is mercedes-benz financial services?

mercedes-benz partnered with liberty mutual to create the mercedes-benz financial services (mbfs) program. this program offers insurance to mercedes-benz drivers. the mbfs program can be more expensive than other insurance options, but it allows you to log in and get your insurance details, using your mercedes login.

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how much does mercedes-benz car insurance cost?

According to ValuePenguin, the average cost to insure a Mercedes-Benz in 2019 was $2,349 per year. but some drivers pay as little as $1,105 per year. There are many factors that go into calculating insurance rates for a Mercedes-Benz, including the class and type of vehicle.

la zebra found the following average insurance cost based on vehicle class:

mercedes-benz average rates for a sedan:

  • a220 class: $1,540 average annual fee.
  • c300 class: $1,825 average annual fee.
  • e300 class: $1,842 average annual fee.
  • s450 class: $2,845 average annual fee.

mercedes-benz average rates for a coupe:

  • cla250: $1,925 average annual rate.
  • c300: $1,780 average annual rate.
  • e450: $2,074 average annual rate.
  • cls450: $2,339 average annual rate.
  • s560: $3,170 average annual rate.
  • amg gt53:$3,606 average annual rate.
  • amg gt: average annual rate of $3168.

mercedes-benz average rates for an SUV/wagon:

  • gla250:$1,641 average annual rate.
  • glc300: $1,628 average annual rate.
  • glc 350e hybrid: $2015 average annual rate.
  • glc 300 coupe: $1626 average annual rate.
  • >gle 43: $2136 average annual rate.
  • amg gle 43 coupe:$2234 average annual rate.
  • e-class wagon e: $2,227 average annual rate.
  • gls 450: $2,111 average annual rate.
  • g – class g 550: average annual fee of $2818.

mercedes-benz average rates for a convertible:

  • c class 300:average annual rate of $2041.
  • e class 450: average annual rate of $2113.
  • s class 560: $3694 average annual rate.
  • slc roadster 300: $1888 average annual rate.
  • sl roadster 450: $2,688 annual average rate.
  • amg gt roadster: $3,917 annual average rate.

The make and model of your vehicle significantly affect your insurance rates. It may be beneficial to collect insurance quotes from several providers before choosing which Mercedes to buy.

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how is the insurance for mercedes calculated?

It can be helpful to know what factors are taken into account when calculating insurance rates. most insurance companies consider the following:

  • the vehicle model: the model of mercedes-benz will affect the price. the cheapest mercedes to insure is usually the glc suv. Mercedes convertibles tend to be the most expensive to insure.
  • Vehicle class: Vehicle class also influences your insurance rates. Class S vehicles tend to be more expensive than Class A vehicles.
  • Location: The location where you live and work can also affect the rates you pay. maine is often the cheapest state for mercedes-benz drivers, and washington, d.c., is the most expensive.
  • driver profile: the driver, including age, history driving license, credit score, and claims history also weigh heavily on insurance rates.

The value of your vehicle also makes a difference in what you can expect to pay. If you drive a Mercedes that is more expensive to repair or replace, you will likely have higher insurance rates.

how to save on mercedes insurance

insurance for a mercedes can be expensive. however, shopping around and knowing what discounts you qualify for can help you find better rates. Here are some additional ways you can save on your insurance costs:

  • Telematics insurance: Telematics insurance is a type of insurance that is based on your driving record. the insurance company will equip a device in your vehicle that measures your driving habits.
  • equip additional security features: equipping certain security features, such as an alarm system, can reduce the chances of theft, which can also lower your insurance rates.
  • Park your vehicle in a safe place: Where you park your vehicle also affects your rates. parking in a garage can result in lower rates.
  • Keep a good driving record: Your driving record is taken into account when calculating insurance rates. Avoid traffic violations or DUIs on your record to get the best insurance rates.
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It is important to note that different insurance providers calculate rates differently. this makes it even more important to compare rates between providers.

Finding a safe Mercedes may require a little research to get the best rates. comparing price quotes can help you find enough coverage at an affordable price.


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