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In this deep dive into waterpik complete care 9.0, we’ll give you the lowdown on features, performance, durability, and more, so you have everything you need to know before you commit to buying this electric toothbrush.

waterpik complete care 9.0 aims to meet all your oral hygiene needs in one product, by combining a separate sonic toothbrush and flosser into one compact device. waterpik claims that up to 99.9% of plaque can be removed with waterpik complete care 9.0.

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  • waterpik complete care 9.0 sonic electric toothbrush (white) at amazon for $119.97 (opens in a new tab)
  • Designed to plug into a bathroom outlet, both the flosser and toothbrush are charged in the unit, with the flosser connected by hose to the 22-ounce water reservoir.

    The Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 also comes with many accessories, including 5 water flossing tips, a tip storage case, two triple sonic brush heads, and a toothbrush travel case.

    This general supply of accessories means you won’t have to shell out for extra toothbrush heads or flossing tips for a while. the 5 tips are specifically designed for individual needs and include:

    • orthodontic tip: for braces and general use.
    • pik pocket™ tip: for cleaning below the gum line
    • Plate Finder Tip™: For implants, crowns, bridges, retainers and general use.
    • classic jet tip: for general use.
    • Tongue cleaning tip: to clean the tongue area.
    • A detailed manual is provided with the waterpik complete care 9.0 providing instructions for setting up and operating the device in multiple languages. It is well designed and provides helpful illustrations and graphics, as well as recommended techniques for flossing and toothbrushing.

      The toothbrush itself features 3 sonic modes: cleaning, whitening, and massage (for stimulation and circulation to the gums).

      waterpik complete care 9.0 review: design

      waterpik complete care 9.0 is a substantial piece of equipment. although compact, users will need to ensure they have a shelf or surface available for the unit in their bathroom within easy reach of the sink and an electrical outlet. The unit itself weighs 1.57 pounds and measures 5.25 inches by 4.40 inches, reaching a height of 10.25 inches when a brush is included.

      The unit consists of a water tank and an integrated charging base for the toothbrush. It also features a side wheel to adjust floss pressure and a magnetic floss handle holder. the toothbrush can be placed in a charging port on the side of it.

      Overall, the unit looks classy and expensive, with a slightly matte finish and chrome accents. comes in black or white.

      The sonic toothbrush handle is white with a clear plastic control panel, featuring a power button and a clean mode button. Below are three mode indicator lights that glow green when the toothbrush is running, plus a charge indicator that also glows green.

      The toothbrush head is white and gray and has an unusual triangular shape, making it easy to access hard-to-reach areas when cleaning. There is also a beveled area on the back of the toothbrush head for tongue cleaning.

      The floss handle features a large, simple on/off switch on the front and a small ejector switch on the side for removing floss tips.

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      also included with waterpik complete care 9.0 is a clear plastic storage case for floss tips and a sturdy white plastic travel case with space for the toothbrush handle and two toothbrush heads.

      The packaging for the waterpik complete care 9.0 is mostly recyclable cardboard, but also includes several small plastic bags for the individual parts and supplied accessories that are not recyclable.

      waterpik complete care 9.0 review: functionality

      Once you have set up waterpik complete care 9.0, it is quite easy to use and operate. Let’s start with the sonic toothbrush.

      waterpik recommends charging the unit for 24 hours before use; however, there is some charge in the toothbrush, so you can start using it right away. simply turn on the toothbrush and select one of the 3 cleaning modes:

      • general cleanliness
      • clean whitening
      • clean massage
      • it is possible to switch modes during cleanup if preferred. a brief pause means it’s time to switch brushing from one quadrant of your mouth to another, while the toothbrush stops working completely after the recommended two minutes (opens in a new tab) of dwell time has elapsed brushed. The toothbrush does not include a pressure sensor to warn of excessive pressure, which can damage the gums (opens in new tab).

        The flosser stays attached to the unit while in use with a short 33-inch hose, so users will need to be sure to place the unit close enough to a sink or shower. You must first remove and fill the reservoir with warm water before replacing it in the unit. If you like mouthwash while flossing with water, you can add a small amount at this stage to the reservoir.

        Then, simply attach your preferred floss head to the handle and turn the floss on, adjusting the pressure using the dial on the left side of the unit. The 10 pressure settings allow users to set their preferred pressure, though Waterpik recommends starting with the lowest pressure setting for the first time and gradually increasing the pressure over time. Pressure ranges from 10 psi (pounds per square inch) at its lowest setting to 100 psi at its highest setting.

        There is no recommended time limit for flossing with water, so users can floss for as long as they like before turning it off.

        waterpik recommends cleaning the reservoir in the dishwasher or using a mild, non-abrasive cleaner. hard water deposits in the tank can be cleaned with a vinegar and water solution; more details are provided in the manual. he also recommends cleaning toothbrush heads under running water and drying them after each use. brush heads should be replaced every three months.

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        • waterpik complete care 9.0 review: performance

          Our in-home tests of the waterpik complete care 9.0 included checking how waterproof it is, as well as testing its various modes and settings. however, it is worth noting that we were unable to test the oral irrigator due to incompatibility of the plugs with our plugs.

          we ran the toothbrush through a full brushing cycle under water, to see if it continued to work. we found that it had no issues during this test or during subsequent brushing sessions in terms of water damage. It goes without saying that we didn’t submerge the entire unit under water for this particular test.

          We also tested how loud the waterpik complete care 9.0 was during operation with a decibel meter. we found it operated between 45 and 50 decibels, similar to moderate rain. so while it’s not the quietest toothbrush, it’s unlikely to wake the whole house up in the morning! sonic toothbrushes tend to operate at lower decibel levels than oscillating toothbrushes.

          we tested each of the cleaning modes several times. General Clean mode operates at a slightly lower frequency compared to Whitening mode, adding an extra polish to a brushing session over the recommended two minutes. The massage mode was the most impressive mode to use, delivering a gentle massage pulse to stimulate the gum area, while giving that “deep clean” feeling.

          The fact that the Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 toothbrush sits continuously on the charging base unit means that anxiety about battery life is a thing of the past for many. however, we wanted to check how many brushing sessions we could get out of the toothbrush before the handle needed a boost. The brush has a built-in nickel metal hydride (opens in a new tab) (nimh) battery, which is typically longer lasting than nickel-hydrogen batteries.

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          The manual that comes with waterpik complete care 9.0 states that the battery will last approximately 1 week of typical use (2 minutes (opens in a new tab) of brushing twice a day). our in-home tests found this to be the case, with no power reduction during our test week.

          waterpik complete care 9.0 review: what’s so good about it?

          We like the fact that this unit comes with everything you need to improve and maintain good oral hygiene and dental health. the unit itself is sleek and well designed, and doesn’t take up too much bathroom shelf space.

          We also like the additional accessories that come with waterpik complete care 9.0. With a wide range of floss heads, it can be used by the whole family, from teens with braces or retainers to older relatives with bridges.

          The sturdy travel case and floss head storage case are also a welcome addition, making the unit easy to transport and travel with, if you have room in your suitcase. it is also possible to carry the toothbrush separately in the travel case.

          The 1+ week battery life also means the toothbrush can be taken separately on short trips without worrying about extra charging.

          Another nice touch is that each toothbrush head comes with a different chrome or white/black base ring, so couples can use one without worrying about using the other’s toothbrush head.

          waterpik complete care 9.0 review: what’s wrong with it?

          Not all users will be able to use waterpik complete care 9.0 as it requires a bathroom plug close enough to the sink to use the oral irrigator.

          The unit is quite expensive (retail price of $139.99 on the waterpik website), although it combines two devices in one. however, you don’t get many of the added features you might find with other electric toothbrushes, like a connected app for dental hygiene training, multiple cleaning modes, or a pressure sensor to protect gum health. some users may be disappointed that these extras are not included at this price point.

          waterpik complete care 9.0 review: user reviews

          waterpik complete care 9.0 earns an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5 on, with an astonishing 76% of users giving it a full 5 stars. users highly appreciate its ability to clean teeth thoroughly, its ease of use and its timer function. many users point out that waterpik complete care 9.0 solves dental problems, such as gum infections or cleaning problems caused by retainers.

          Negative reviews mention battery issues if continuously charged in the unit, leaking water tank, and flosser making too much noise during operation.

          should i buy waterpik complete care 9.0?

          Users who want the complete oral hygiene package would do well to purchase waterpik complete care 9.0. Combining a flosser and toothbrush into one sleek and stylish unit is cost effective and practical if you’re short on bathroom space.

          However, the lack of additional features, such as a pressure sensor and limited cleaning modes, may disappoint some users. Also, it’s not suitable for everyone, as it requires an electrical outlet in the bathroom near the sink.

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