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uppababy has welcomed a new addition! knox joins mesa & alta to complete the line of uppababy car seats and we feel privileged to be the first to review their latest offering. This convertible is the fortress-like car seat designed to protect your most precious possession. The uppababy knox 2021/22 is modern, sleek and stylish with several unique and innovative safety features.

knox specs
  • rear-facing: 14-45 lbs. and 49″ or less and child’s head is at least 1″ below top of headrest
    • fit inserts: 14-25 lbs.
    • forward-facing: 25-65 lbs., 49″ or less and at least 1 year of age (uppa recommends that children continue to face rear until they reach the rf weight or height limit)
    • knox features and overview
      • 8 position harness with no need to rethread
      • 2-piece fit inlay insert system for children 14-25 lbs.
      • four recline positions for the rear-facing seat
      • dual-zone recline angle indicator
      • smartsecure installation system with tensioning plate, tensioning clips & visual indicators
      • active support headrests with advanced side impact protection
      • energy absorbing base with koroyd®
      • advanced energy absorbing materials used throughout the seat
      • color-coded belts
      • multidirectional tether strap
      • side impact pods
      • storage pockets for harness buckles
      • smooth lower base that does not damage the vehicle’s upholstery
      • optional cup holder can be attached to either side of the shell
      • 10 years shelf life before expiration
      • merino wool cover option (jordan) does not contain chemical flame retardants
      • machine washable cover and accessories
      • approved by the faa for use in an aircraft
      • Limited Lifetime Warranty
      • made in china
      • msrp $349.99, $399.99 (for jordan knox – merino wool fashion)
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        welded koroyd® tubes deform instantly and uniformly on impact, absorbing maximum force in a controlled manner, minimizing the energy transferred to the child.

        Developed from aerospace safety research and now integrated into the knox base, koroyd compresses and absorbs crash forces, which can further reduce the risk of injury; this is a first in the youth industry.

        multidirectional anchoring

        knox includes a multi-directional strap that can be worn rear-facing or forward-facing. Use of the multi-directional strap is optional when rear-facing, but Uppa strongly recommends its use when possible, as it helps reduce rotation in a frontal crash. When used rear-facing, it is routed around the side of the car seat and attached to the vehicle’s seat tether anchor. The third image below shows the correct belt routing when looking back on a truck with indirect belt routing. Forward-facing, tether use is always preferred when a tether anchor is available for that seating position. however, if necessary, knox can be installed forward-facing with only a seat belt in vehicles or seating positions that do not have a tether anchor.

        knox fashion 2022

        (Bryce, Jake, Lucca, Jordan-Lana Merino)


        knox measurements

        minimum harness height: 10″ without trim insert (7 ¾” with trim insert)maximum harness height: 17″point Widest External: 19″ (in sip pods)Shell height with headrest fully extended: 26 ½”Shoulder width: 13 ¾” crotch strap depth (single position): 6” seat depth: 13 ½” seat weight: 32 lbs. padded, 30.5 lbs., no inlays

        installation comments

        The seat belt is the preferred installation method due to the relatively low weight limits of the latch. Installation can seem intimidating at first because there’s a lot going on below deck. however, once you know how to thread the lap belt portion of the lap/shoulder seat belt under the appropriate tensioner plate and then fasten the shoulder belt portion of the seat belt through the appropriate tensioner clip, you you will feel much less intimidated. Please note that the installation itself requires a significant amount of effort to turn the smartsecure visual indicator completely green.

        If you’re installing knox on a vehicle seat that has the ability to recline (even a little), take advantage of what we call the “reclining back trick” to help you get a very secure installation. We call this: working smarter, not harder. 😉

        in vehicles like sedans or pickup trucks when there is no option to use the seat back recline trick, you may want to enlist the help of a friend or coworker. both kecia and heather found installation a challenge when the reclining back trick wasn’t possible. This challenge was further complicated by the fact that we couldn’t use our normal rear-facing behind-the-seat technique because Knox sits too high on his base.

        rear-facing installation

        When rear-facing, any recline position can be used to achieve a proper recline. the light blue zone is for children under 25 pounds. while the darker blue is for children 25 to 45 pounds.

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        in the 14 to 25 pound angle range, knox sits pretty upright. in the 25-45 lbs. angle range, knox stands upright (similar to how a child would stand facing forward). The advantage of this more upright position is that Knox takes up very little space from front to back when looking back

        forward-facing installation

        • children who weigh between 25 and 45 pounds. you can use recline positions #1 or #2
        • children over 45 pounds. you should use the fully upright position.
        • latch considerations

          Latch weight limits: Rear-facing latch weight limit: 30 lbs. forward-facing latch weight limit: 35 lbs.

          Non-Standard Spacing Center Latch Installations: uppababy allows the center seating position to be latched if the lower anchors are less than 22″ apart and the seating position is approved for use with latch by the vehicle manufacturer. if the anchors are more than 22″ apart or that seating position is not approved by the manufacturer for the latch, then the vehicle seat belt must be used for installation.

          kid friendly

          each of our 3 models fits very well in knox. Once the trim inlay is removed at 25lbs, a smaller child may have significant space between her body and the position of the single crotch strap/buckle. this is not a safety issue, although it could cause the child to slouch a bit as they settle into the seat.

          It is also important to note that uppababy does not require the usual “in or under” harness position when rear-facing. Your manual states that the active support headrest should be positioned to allow some space between the bottom of the wings and the child’s shoulders. they specifically state that the space between the two must be equal to or less than 1 finger width. of course, that’s pretty subjective depending on which finger you’re talking about. His reasoning for this stipulation has to do with head restraint in a side impact crash. in this case, having the harness positioned slightly above the level of the child’s shoulders would not have negative consequences in a crash due to knox’s more upright position when rear-facing.

          9 months old, 18 lbs, 29″ (with and without back cushion)

          4 years, 34 lbs, 39.5″ (exceeds weight limit for rear-facing latching seat; if you were actually riding in this seat, you would have to fit with the seat belt)

          5.5 years, 43 pounds, 44″

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          all knox covers and inserts are machine washable; cold water, delicate cycle, and front load washer preferred.

          There is an optional cup holder included with knox.

          uppababy offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of its car seats and boosters. To receive this extended warranty, customers must register their product within three months of purchase and provide a valid receipt from an authorized retailer. the shelf life of the product is defined by its expiration date. For Knox, that means a 10-year limited warranty to the original owner. it would be foolish not to take advantage of this, so please register your uppababy car seats shortly after purchase.

          faa approval/lifetime/crash guidelines/inflatable seat belts

          knox is faa approved for use in an aircraft

          This car seat has a useful life of 10 years from the date of manufacture. it must be replaced after any failure.

          installation with inflatable seat belts is prohibited

          advantages of knox

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