Top 10 best selling cars in india july 2017

The year 2017 was eventful. The implementation of GST and the change to BS IV emission standards pretty much disrupted the pace of the auto industry. in addition, several fast and luxurious vehicles entered and there was a push towards an electric future. So let’s take a look at the year 2017 and all the cars that managed to make a mark amidst all the chaos in the Indian car market in terms of numbers.

1. maruti suzuki alto – 2,57,732 units

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The undisputed leader in the Indian market has continued to outsell any other car in the country by a huge margin. The Alto sold a total of 2,57,732 units in 2017 with an average of 21,478 units each month. the hatchback’s lowest drop of 14,856 units was in June. however, it registered a year-over-year growth of 13% compared to 2016.

2. maruti suzuki swift dzire – 2,25,043 units

This is an important one. the old dzire was replaced by the new generation in May. this new dzire took the market by storm by selling a whopping 30,934 and 34,305 units in the first two months of its delivery. In the calendar year, the dzire (combined) moniker found 2,25,043 buyers in the country with an average monthly sale of 18,754 units.

3. maruti suzuki baleno – 177209 units

this is where the segment change is evident. the baleno ranked seventh on the list in 2016, becoming part of 97,580 families. Growing a whopping 81 percent, the baleno has become a force to be reckoned with. sales have nearly doubled compared to 2016 averaging around 14,767 units each month. the baleno also got a powerful rs variant last year.

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4. maruti suzuki swift – 1,67,371 units

Three years and numerous special editions were the engine of the scandalous demand for the swift. this undisputed segment leader registered 1,67,371 units in 2017 with an average of around 13,948 units each month. Although the new Swift is just around the corner, the current highly successful Swift was in production until the end of December. he was laid to rest on December 23. now the new swift has some big shoes to fill.

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5. maruti suzuki wagon r – 1,66,814 units

the wagon r has been the workhorse for the indian market in meeting the basic needs of what is supposed to be a ‘car’. comfortably selling almost 14,000 vehicles throughout the year, the wagon r was chosen by 1,66,814 buyers. the reliable, efficient and low-maintenance wagonr also surpassed the two-million-unit sales mark in September.

6. hyundai grand i10 – 1,54,787 units

Making sixth on the list is the hyundai hatchback, which sold an impressive 1,54,787 units in 2017. With an average of around 12,900 units each month, the Korean hatchback outsold the other hatchbacks in the segment comfortably with its reliability and intelligence. packaging. The Grand i10 also received a mid-life update in February 2017 with a new larger diesel engine.

7. maruti suzuki vitara brezza – 1,40,945 units

Winner of the coveted 2017 icoty award, the brezza sold an impressive 1,40,945 units last year. the compact crossover achieved a healthy average monthly sales of 11,745 units despite being offered with only one powertrain option and on sale for almost two years. It’s one of the most fuel-efficient crossovers in the country and comes with the peace of mind of Suzuki ownership.

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8. hyundai elite i20 – 1,34,103 units

The second hyundai on the list is the elite i20. the premium hatchback sold a total of 1,34,103 units in calendar year 2017. it averaged 11,175 units each month. the 2017 model year received two-tone paint scheme options along with additional equipment. the hatchback will also get a mid-life update this year.

9. hyundai creta – 1,05,484 units

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The third Hyundai and the second of only two crossovers on the list is the Creta. The Creta sold 1,05,484 units last year with sales averaging 8,790 units each month. the Korean crossover defined the segment and has become a benchmark vehicle for other automakers. Chalk numbers did not drop below 6,500 throughout the year. quite impressive for an offroader worth 10 lakhs.

10. maruti suzuki celerio – 1,00,860 units

Finishing tenth on the list is another Maruti that narrowly crosses the one lakh mark in the calendar year. the celerio sold 1,00,860 units with an average of 8,405 units, surpassing even the swift in october. It received a slight cosmetic update late last year, along with a celeriox edition. however, it has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout the year.

honorable mentions:

maruti suzuki omni: The 34-year-old station wagon never failed to have a sales figure below 5,678 throughout the year. The Omni still sells an average of 7,022 units each month and this year alone it sold about 84,269 units with year-over-year growth of 8.6 percent. sold the largest number of units in January with 8,723 units, outselling creta, kwid and innova in that month.

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Renault Kwid – Missing out on top honors by a slight margin, the Kwid had an impressive run of 92,440 units in 2017 with a healthy average of 7,703 units. the kwid had an intense fight with the celerio beating it five times last year.


Maruti Suzuki continues to dominate the Indian car market. seven of the total 10 vehicles and also the top five on the list are part of the Indo-Japanese manufacturer’s lineup. maruti hatchbacks are an unprecedented choice for car buyers but this is now slowly being challenged with the dzire compact sedan hogging second place in 2017. the segment shift is evident as we saw the baleno outsell the swift and, surprisingly, the creta outsold the celerio and the kwid.

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