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US auto sales soared to a record 17.5 million units in calendar year 2015, representing a 5.7% year-over-year increase equivalent to nearly 950,000 additional sales compared to 2014.


united states vehicle sales rankings by model: year-end 2015 top 13 best-selling trucks in the united states – year-end 2015 the 25 Best Selling Cars in America – Year End 2015 Top 25 Selling SUVs & crossovers in america – year end 2015

ford was the best-selling auto brand in the united states in calendar year 2015, fueled by strong sales of the f-series at the end of the year and increased sales of the iconic explorer during 2015.

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general motors, with its best year since 2007 and its first year since 2007 with more than 3 million u.s. sales, it was the top-selling manufacturer, 480,000 sales ahead of ford motor company.

No premium car brand generated more luxury sales than BMW, which trailed the overall Mercedes-Benz brand (including vans) at 26,954 units, but outsold Mercedes’ Car/SUV division -benz in 2935 units in the course of 2015.

medianet_width=’468′; medianet_height= ’60’; medianet_crid=’481536334′; The fastest growing car brand in 2015 was Land Rover, whose sales increased 37% to a record 70,582 units in 2015. (Alfa Romeo volume increased 629%, but Alfa barely existed in the US.) for most of 2014). Of course, established sales were not unique to Land Rover, given the nature of the booming market. honda was the largest brand to report record sales, breaking the 2007 record. v.

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If you prefer not to see the automakers in alphabetical order, click the column headings to sort the automakers by 2015 ranking, 2015 sales, year-over-year change, or any other order. Year-end best-seller lists for cars, trucks, and SUVs were added this afternoon. In the coming days, gcbc will also release a full year-end/december sales list for each vehicle line, a list that includes brand results. To find out what to expect, you can check out the November version of that post here. You can always find historical monthly and yearly sales figures for any brand by clicking on the brand name in the table below or by selecting a brand (or model) on the gcbc sales stats page .

click on the column headers to sort by specific categories. using the mobile version of goodcarbadcar? switch to the web version at the bottom of the page, at which point the columns should be sortable. 2016 year-end • 2014 year-end • 2013 year-end • 2012 year-end

source: automakers & andc red letter indicates volume decrease year over year * not including lamborghini ^ excluding sprinter/metris: up 3.8% to 343 088 2015 ferrari sales (via wsj): up 0.7% to 2124. 2015 lamborghini sales (via wsj): up 37.1% up to 1009 rolls- royce sales in 2015 (via wsj): up 4.3% to 840 tesla sales in 2015 (via ): up 60.8% to 26,608 recommended reading us auto sales brand rankings: year-end 2016 u.s. car sales brand ranking: January 2016 u.s. auto sales brand ranking: year-end 2014 u.s. auto sales brand rankings: year-end 2013 u.s. auto sales brand rankings: year-end 2012 u.s. Car Sales Brand Rankings – December 2015 & year-end top 25 best-selling suvs in america – year-end 2015 top 13-selling pickup trucks in america – year-end 2015 top 25 best selling cars in america – year end 2015 top 30 best selling vehicles in america – year end 2015

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