Sunday Lawn Care Review: What To Know In 2023

Making sure the grass is always greener isn’t always easy. From discovering the best lawn fertilizer for your needs to knowing when to apply it, achieving a healthy lawn is the result of a long process and many steps. Issues like dead grass, harmful pet waste, and weeds can make knowing how to treat your lawn even more challenging. Applying chemicals may seem like a quick fix, but it has long-term implications for the environment and can negatively affect the health of children and pets living in the home.

enter sunday lawn care, a subscription service designed to streamline the entire lawn care process by providing users with a personalized treatment plan made up of organic ingredients, all delivered precisely when your lawn needs them.

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Although I’m quite knowledgeable about lawn care (which means I know the steps to maintain a lawn), I’ve never been able to get my front yard to look good. I decided to put Sunday lawn care to the test. I ordered the smart lawn plan which includes grass seed. this is what happened to my lawn.

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what is sunday lawn care?

sunday lawn care aims to take the guesswork out of lawn care by providing customers with a care plan tailored to the needs of their lawn. products, including application tools, arrive shortly before the optimal time to apply them. Sunday’s lawn care products are intended to help improve the soil, thereby improving the longevity and health of the lawn, and ultimately making lawn care easier for the customer. Sunday’s Plan can also help fix common problems like pet stains and weeds, and offer solutions and products to reduce or repair the damage.

In addition, Sunday can deliver plants and trees suitable for a client’s climate zone, gardening tools and accessories, and pest control products. the company also offers an extensive online database of tips and tricks for a healthy lawn and garden.

how it works

sunday offers an easy way to maintain a healthy lawn by sending customers exactly what they need, when they need it. customers wishing to test the service are asked to register for an online account. this allows them to take a short diagnostic questionnaire and enter information, including their mailing address. sunday uses this survey along with historical weather data, known weather trends, and satellite imagery of a customer’s home to determine what type and how much fertilizer and seed to send. The first delivery contains a pre-addressed soil sample kit, which customers ship on Sunday. the next custom box will provide products that address any nutrient deprivation determined from the sample.

Because it is a subscription model, the box arrives when the customer must use the products. there are instructions that come with the box that provide a window for the application (a customer can also access this information in their online account). A customer’s online account also displays pertinent information, such as the suggested time window for the request.

sunday also suggests relevant add-ons such as herbicides, additional seeds, applicators and garden accessories that can be added to an order or delivered separately. They can also deliver live plants that have been specially selected for the client’s climate.

plans, services and products

Sunday’s Smart Lawn Annual Plan includes what a customer needs to care for their lawn throughout the year. these products come in four shipments.

sunday also offers live plants, including trees and shrubs selected based on a customer’s usda growing zone. These plants are delivered to the customer at the right time for planting, making it easy for customers to know what to plant and when. growing tips and expert advice are available on the website. Plus, customers can purchase garden supplies, including plant food, garden tools like shovels and pruners, and even lawn and hedge trimmers.

product ingredients and respect for the environment

sunday was founded by two brothers who wanted to make effective lawn care products while minimizing environmental impact. All of Sunday’s products are eco-friendly, pet- and kid-friendly. they’re made with “clear biobased formulas” with ingredients like seaweed, molasses, soy protein, and beet juice. Sunday even provides a list of commonly found toxic ingredients that Sunday claims it will never use in its products, such as malathion and pendimethalin. the company’s goal is to create healthy soil and a sustainable lawn using non-toxic fertilizers that require less water and are ultimately more environmentally friendly.

quotes and costs

after taking the diagnostic questionnaire and entering their name and email address, the customer can see the price of their annual subscription, which includes four shipments. Pricing starts at $119 per year and includes tools such as a hose-end sprayer (although customer needs their own hose), soil test kit, lawn nutrient bags, printed instructions, database access Online expert advice and tips and responsive customer service at all times. the cost can increase considerably if a lawn is larger and requires more than one nutrient bag for coverage or if a customer requires seed. however, it’s worth keeping in mind that Sunday periodically has seasonal sales that can lower costs for new customers, and searching for “get Sunday’s cost” may not yield accurate answers.

Additional items, such as seeds for replanting, can be added to the annual subscription. all prices are clearly marked and a subscription can be canceled at any time. customers also receive a discount for renewing their subscription for the following year.

results and guarantee

sunday offers a guarantee that it can improve the health of your lawn and stands behind its products. This means that if the customer does not achieve favorable results, they can contact Sunday for a replacement product or a way to help resolve the issue. If any product is damaged, it will be replaced on Sunday. In addition to an extensive section of online resources, including FAQs, the company offers responsive customer service 7 days a week during business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST). Outside of business hours, typical response time is 24 hours.

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putting Sunday to the test

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although i was skeptical at first, overall so far i am very happy with the results of using the sunday smart lawn care plan. Aside from a slight shipping delay and somewhat confusing instructions, once I understood how to use the products, I found the process to be easy and quite effective. my lawn definitely looks greener and healthier!

I’m an avid gardener and previously had my own landscaping business, but I don’t really have much experience with lawns since my business was located in a densely populated urban area where relatively few people had grass. I moved to a whole new climate several years ago, so what worked on my lawn along the california coast doesn’t seem to work for my midwestern suburban lawn. my lawn has had dry patches, snow mold, pet stains, partial shade, and weeds. Also, I have pets and children in my yard frequently, so using products that contain chemicals, even some of the best herbs and feeds, has never been an option for me. I was drawn to the fact that sunday’s products are made with ingredients that are non-toxic to the environment and my family.

sign up for lawn care on sundays

The sign-up process for the Sunday Lawn Care subscription was incredibly easy to use: I just answered a few questions about the condition of my lawn and what my pain spots were, and entered my address. the satellite image of my house was used to give an estimate of how many square feet of lawn I had; this was the basis for a recommendation on the amount of product he needed. I was able to adjust it to the best of my own knowledge (for example, my neighbor maintains a section of what appears to be my lawn in the picture). on sunday he recommended a specific smart lawn plan to me. I opted to upgrade to include a bag of seed to fill in the larger patches of my lawn, and on Sunday I calculated the fescue (grass seed) rescue for my northern climate.

within a couple of days after ordering the plan, please let me know on Sunday that although items should ideally ship together, due to existing supply chain issues, my seed may arrive later. the company sent numerous updates on where and when to expect my shipment.

unpacking my first Sunday lawn care order

I ordered my smart lawn plan on May 4th and received everything on May 17th.

The first box of my Smart Lawn Plan subscription had everything I needed to use the nutrient bags and take a soil sample.

  • a soil test kit and a small soil sampling tool
  • a starter lawn kit containing two hose-end sprayers
  • Two Powerful Bags of Green Nutrients, which is a high-nitrogen, low-phosphorus liquid fertilizer that helps green your lawn in the spring. my lawn covers 4,346 square feet, so I need two bags for coverage.
  • one 5-pound bag of Fescue Rescue Grass Seed, a low-maintenance grass seed suitable for northern climates that can tolerate full sun to part shade
  • application instructions
  • soil sampling

    the process for taking and sending the soil sample really couldn’t be easier. just grab the little tool provided and take samples from at least three different sections of your yard. you may need to do this several times to fill the bag sufficiently. there is a box with the pre-addressed for the bag, so all I had to do was send it. I was worried the box would open so I added some extra packing tape to seal it, but it probably wasn’t necessary. I submitted the soil sample on May 23rd and the results came back on May 31st, just over a week later. Notably, the predicted soil composition for Sunday based on the initial survey was nearly identical to the soil sample results. Soil samples help customize future Sunday Lawn Fertilizer nutrient packets to address any nutrient gaps.

    using sunday lawn care

    For starters, one of the relatively few problems I had with Sunday in general was that the included literature was incredibly minimal, leading to some confusion about what I should do first. Since I needed to overseed, I wasn’t sure how long after seeding I could apply the nutrient bag or if I should mist it as a first step (some lawn care professionals would recommend adding fertilizer to the soil before seeding).

    sunday encourages customers to scan a qr code for directions or go online for more details, but when I’m outside gardening, I’d rather have a step-by-step written guide to refer to, rather than need to login to a website or stare at a screen in the sun. When I contacted customer support for clarification, they were incredibly responsive and within 24 hours provided me with instructions, an explanation of how to find the information on their site, and additional literature that I could print at home. overall this is a minor complaint; many will have no problem consulting their phones or remembering instructions before using the products. after all, the steps are pretty easy to follow.

    Finally, customer service on Sunday encouraged me to seed first if possible. that’s where i ran into the only other problem i had. the instructions for the planting process were too basic and really minimized the work involved in the process. the fescue’s rescue instructions were simply “weed, rake, apply seed evenly, and keep water.” I know from past experience that there are many other steps involved in planting, including cutting, aerating, and shelling (and I probably should have done all the preparation before the arrival of the seed). my lawn is over 4000 square feet so it was a lot of work. if you are unable to do this work yourself, you may need to request or hire help.

    items you may need for overseeding that are not included in the box are:

    • a seed spreader (useful for larger areas; smaller patches can be spread by hand)
    • an aeration tool of some kind
    • a straw rake
    • a leaf rake
    • a weeding tool
    • a bag to catch debris (you should clean up those clippings before planting)
    • Some people prefer to spread garden soil over planted spots, especially if it’s windy, to help hold the seed in place and retain moisture; consider purchasing this ahead of time if needed.
    • Many customers may not need to seed their lawn. Sunday claims their products will help existing grass grow, so smaller patches where you’ve removed weeds, for example, are likely to be filled in with stimulated growth from existing grass. however, if you have larger areas to cover like I did, you’ll want to seed them.

      the grass seed was of a high quality and once I had done all the prep work, which I have to admit wasn’t that thorough as it was getting late in the season and I wanted the grass to sprout before the day came. warm weather—kept the grass well watered. i noticed sprouting after about a week and a half. there were a few points that weren’t as successful, but I honestly attribute this to my imperfect use of the product and not the quality of the seed.

      Once the grass was big enough (about 2 weeks after planting), I applied the nutrient bag. this was hands down the easiest application of lawn fertilizer I have ever used. all you need is a hose and a few minutes. Simply remove the top of the bag, screw on the provided hose applicator, then attach to hose and spray. The only thing you have to be sure of is that you apply it evenly. The entire effort took less than 15 minutes for the front section of my lawn, and about the same for the back area. In case customers don’t have a clue how to use this product, Sunday also offers a quick and helpful video on how to apply the nutrients using the nutrient bags.

      Other than that, just wait and water your lawn according to the weather. i watered my lawn on an average regular schedule (we have water restrictions here) watering every 3 days or so until it started to hit 80+. then i watered my lawn at night, every other night, running the sprinkler for about 30-40 minutes.

      but did it work?

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      Although my lawn seemed lusher, I wasn’t entirely convinced at first that it was due to Sunday’s produce – the warmer weather and early summer rains definitely helped the grass grow.

      It wasn’t until I referenced my “before” photos that I believed Sunday’s nutrient pack had made a difference. the grass was not only thicker, but definitely greener. my verdict? my grass is healthier than it has been in years.

      will i still use sunday lawn care?

      Because this is a subscription box, your online account gives you a schedule of what to expect in your next three shipments. Each item is tied to an optimal window for application, but if you can’t make that window or your shipment is delayed for some reason, you can contact customer service to find out if it’s still okay to apply. You can also shop on Sunday for any additional items you may need, such as weed control products. If for any reason you don’t agree with the plan that the company offers, you can contact customer service to have it adjusted to your liking, but for most people, the Sunday experience will give them what they need.

      Sunday encourages you to replenish the soil with nutrients optimal for growing grass, which means that, as in all gardening, patience is a virtue. although you won’t see results overnight, I saw consistent results during the first phase and definitely look forward to seeing my turf improve throughout the growing season.

      Overall, my experience with Sunday’s smart turf plan was very positive and I look forward to taking the next steps to improve the health of my turf in the long term. My main thoughts and conclusions are:

      • I found it to be a little more expensive than just buying fertilizer yourself, but customizing based on soil issues makes the process easier for a gardener, and almost certainly less expensive than hiring a professional landscaping service.
      • I also really appreciate the simple plan and reminders, which makes it worth trying for at least a year. I plan to use it for the rest of the year and make my final decision in the fall on whether to renew for next year.
      • I would recommend this to any homeowner with little to average knowledge of lawn care. however, I recommend learning about and preparing for the replanting process before your seed arrives.
      • get customer reviews on sundays

        Although each lawn will have its own specific needs, general Sunday lawn care reviews are always favorable (searching for specific queries like “Sunday fertilizer reviews” and “Sunday lawn check” would cover specific products) . The most common themes among positive reviewer recommendations are the convenience of having items shipped right to your door, the ease of use of nutrient bags, and the fact that Sunday lawn care products are safe. for both children and pets. Most users who have had the opportunity to apply the products and see results give positive feedback on the appearance of their lawn after only 1-2 months of use. On Sunday’s website, the products receive an average rating of 4.5 stars across 3,859 reviews. trustpilot gives sunday 5 stars, even though that’s based on a single review.

        featured reviews focus less on the products and more on the process. these criticisms include the lack of instructions with the first box, the final cost adding up to be higher than the cost to purchase each item, shipping delays, and the website being confusing to navigate when trying to add products to a shipment . For example, a Reddit review from Sunday Lawn Care complained that Sunday didn’t fully ship two of their shipments and that they never actually got back the soil test results. They also noticed that the plastic hose attachment sprinkler broke when the last shipment arrived. another wanted the soil test kit to be the first step so it could be shipped before the first application. currently shipping delays are an issue the company acknowledges with all new customers signing up.

        how Sunday compares to the competition

        sunday lawn care is truly in a class of its own: it is the newest and perhaps the most comprehensive DIY focused service on the market. there is no clear competition in this regard. Typically, a customer can opt for a professional service to care for their lawn from start to finish, or they can purchase all items individually without the level of customization to the specific needs of their lawn. Sunday combines the best of both methods to make it a great choice for the hands-on homeowner who wants to spend a little time on lawn care but doesn’t want to spend an entire afternoon, and who doesn’t necessarily know exactly what to do. Between the online tutorials and easy-to-use products, Sunday is a great investment for people with average-sized gardens. The amount of fertilizer needed is perhaps the biggest guessing game homeowners play, especially when they don’t know the composition of their soil. in this sense, Sunday offers a great advantage.

        should you use sunday lawn care?

        sunday lawn care provides just about everything one would need to revive and maintain a healthy lawn, but potential customers may still have questions. People are encouraged to consider the following to determine if Sunday lawn care is right for them:

        Sunday is likely to be a good choice for lawn care newbies with a “decent looking” lawn. It doesn’t take much more than a hose to apply the Nutrient Bags, the top product of Sunday’s Lawn Care Subscription. More generally, Sunday is ideal for a moderate-sized lawn that primarily needs regular fertilizing, such as spring and fall maintenance. Even if a lawn has a few brown spots from pets, Sunday’s products will be effective in helping the lawn thrive. Because the products are non-toxic, households with pets and children who use their lawns will likely find Sunday products a good choice as well.

        When it comes to weeds, Sunday’s products are a spot treatment, which means there’s no large-scale lawn-safe treatment to apply. If a lawn has few weeds, you can use Sunday spot treatments effectively. however, if the lawn is full of weeds, most of the weeds must be removed by hand, resulting in many empty patches that will likely require reseeding. For some, it may be easier to apply a weed and feed in either the spring or fall and opt for Sunday produce for the upcoming season. For example, if your lawn is overgrown with weeds in the fall, apply a weed and feed and purchase the Sunday subscription the following spring to support soil and turf health.

        If your lawn covers more than 13,500 square feet (which is a fairly large residential lawn), sunday’s smart lawn products won’t be very helpful, according to sunday’s own website. lawns on this side benefit from a commercial-size application rather than a hose-end sprayer.

        While Sunday takes a lot of the guesswork out of lawn care, especially in terms of scheduling regular seeding, it doesn’t take the actual physical work of repairing and restoring your lawn. If a lawn requires it, there are several steps to preparing a lawn for overseeding, including mulching and aerating. sunday provides clients with instructions online, but clients should be aware that the process requires a level of physical labor that may not be possible for everyone. In addition, more tools will be needed, such as an aerator and a seed spreader for even distribution of the seeds. if a lawn is more than 50 percent dead, it usually means a complete reseeding is necessary. this involves removing all dead grass and preparing the soil. clients may prefer a professional lawn care service for larger jobs.

        regardless of some of the limitations of the sunday subscription service, it’s still a wonderful DIY solution for many people. it can certainly help empower home lawn care enthusiasts and encourage them to take matters into their own hands, one easy step at a time, with products that keep both families and the environment safe.

        We independently review this service by comparing the company’s claims to first-hand experience with their products. however, due to factors such as franchises, human error, and more, please note that experiences with this company may vary.

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