The Snoozer Lookout 1 dog car seat – Our 2019 Review

why use a dog car seat in the first place?

two words: distracted driving. according to the nhtsa, nearly 10% of fatal crashes and 18% of injury crashes involve a distracted driver. Pets are one of the top three driver distractions that cause accidents or near misses, according to a recent survey of drivers.

holding a pet still while applying the brakes or trying to keep your pet from getting in the front seat or on your lap while driving means one or both hands are not on the wheel and their eyes may not be on the highway. it only takes a couple of seconds to swerve into oncoming traffic, run off the road, or into a rear-end vehicle in front of you.

Reading: Snoozer car seat reviews

Just like texting, being distracted by an excited pet can be a dangerous situation. dog car seats can help prevent accidents that could injure or kill both you and your pet.

Not only are they safer for you and your dog, but they offer a cozy place for nervous pets to rest and get small dogs up high enough to look out windows.

snoozer lookout 1 features:

snoozer gazebo i dimensions:

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