Signature Care advantage Infant Formula Milk Based Powder Birth To 12 Months – 23.2 Oz – Safeway

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infant formula

birth – 12 months. milk-based powder with iron. without gluten. career advancement. linoleic acid mg: 300 fda ifa (infant formula act); 860 signature care advantage; 1000 similarc pro advance. Vitamins: Vitamin A IU: 250-750 FDA IFA (Infant Formula Law); 300 signature care advantage; 300 similac pro advance. vitamin d iu: 40-100 fda ifa (infant formula law); 75 exclusive attention advantage; 75 similarc pro advance. vitamin e iu: 0.7 fda ifa (infant formula law); 1.5 signature care lead; 1.5 similac pro advance. Vitamin K mcg: 4 fda ifa (infant formula law); 8 signature care benefit; 8 similarc pro advance. vitamin b1 mcg: 40 fda ifa (infant formula law); 100 signature care advantage; 100 similarc pro advance. vitamin b2 mcg: 60 fda ifa (infant formula law); 160 signature care advantage; 160 similarc pro advance. vitamin b6 mcg: 35 fda ifa (infant formula law); 63 exclusive attention advantage; 63 similarc pro advance. vitamin b12 mcg: 0.15 fda ifa (infant formula law); 0.26 signature care advantage; 0.26 similarc pro advance. Niacin mcg: 250 fda ifa (infant formula law); 1100 signature care advantage; 1100 similac pro advance. folic acid mcg: 4 fda ifa (infant formula law); 16 exclusive attention advantage; 16 similarc pro advance. Pantothenic Acid mcg: 300 fda ifa (infant formula law); 470 signature care advantage; 470 similac pro advance. biotin mcg: 1.5 fda ifa (infant formula law); 4.6 signature care advantage; 4.6 similac pro advance. mg vitamin c: 8 fda ifa (infant formula law); 9 signature care benefit; 9 similarc pro advance. choline mg: 7 fda ifa (infant formula law); 24 exclusive attention advantage; 24 similac pro advance. Inositol mg: 4 fda ifa (infant formula law); 4.9 signature care advantage; 4.9 similac pro advance. Minerals: Calcium mg: 60 fda ifa (infant formula law); 82 signature care advantage; 82 similarc pro advance. Phosphorus mg: 30 fda ifa (infant formula law); 44 exclusive attention advantage; 44 similac pro advance. mg magnesium: 6 fda ifa (infant formula law); 6 signature care benefit; 6 similarc pro advance. mg iron: 0.15-3.0 fda ifa (infant formula law); 1.9 signature care advantage; 1.9 similac pro advance. Zinc mg: 0.5 fda ifa (infant formula law); 0.79 signature care edge; 0.79 similarc pro advance. mcg manganese: 5 fda ifa (infant formula law); 5 signature care benefit; 5 similarc pro advance. mcg copper: 60 fda ifa (infant formula law); 95 exclusive attention advantage; 95 similarc pro advance. mcg iodine: 5-75 fda ifa (infant formula law); 6 signature care benefit; 6 similarc pro advance. selenium mcg: 2-75 fda ifa (infant formula law); 2 signature care benefit; 2 similar pro advance. mg sodium: 20-60 fda ifa (infant formula law); 25 exclusive attention advantage; 25 similarc pro advance. Potassium mg: 80-200 fda ifa (infant formula law); 110 exclusive attention advantage; 110 similarc pro advance. mg chloride: 55-150 fda ifa (infant formula law); 68 exclusive attention advantage; 68 similarc pro advance. Non-GMO (Non-GMO ingredients. Product may contain trace amounts of GMO material, such as sources from manufacturing processes and environments. More information can be found at contents make approximately 169 fl oz of formula. compare to similarc nutrition pro-advance (similac pro-advance is a registered trademark of abbott laboratories. signature care advantage infant formula is not made by laboratories affiliated with abbott). Complete nutrition for baby’s first year. dha, lutein, vitamin e. brain. eye. growth. 2-fl hmo (oligosaccharide from human milk, not from human milk). a prebiotic commonly found in breast milk. Signature Care Advantage Infant Formula does not contain the same proprietary blend of ingredients of Prebiotics, Proprietary Level of Nucleotides, Lutein and Lycopene in similarC Pro-Advance. fill by weight, not volume. Contents may settle during shipment. no artificial growth hormones (no significant difference between milk derived from rbst-treated and non-rbst-treated cows has been demonstrated). Guaranteed quality. our promise: quality & 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. All infant formulas sold in the United States meet FDA requirements. scan for more information. Questions or comments: 1-800-272-5095 7:30 am to 5:00 pm EST Monday through Friday.

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