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Have you been suffering from dry, flaky skin? check out sana namerakahonpo cream, an awesome moisturizer that nourishes skin beautifully and healed my dry patches in a matter of days.

As much as I love this rich cream, there is one potential weakness to be aware of.

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although the sane cream may not be entirely safe on my pimple-prone skin, I’m willing to suffer the occasional pimples for smooth, well-moisturized skin.

Read on to find out more about this made-in-japan moisturizer and why it’s not an easy skincare to review. yes, it took me a record 11 months to finish my thoughts on namerakahonpo healthy cream.

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what is namerakahonpo healthy cream?

sana is a Japanese brand popularly known for the use of soy milk isoflavones in their skin care products. this soy-based ingredient is known to be effective in brightening skin tone and improving elasticity and fine lines.

buying a healthy moisturizer in japan was not an easy matter as there were at least 8 types of moisturizers under the brand name. it certainly didn’t help that its packaging looked quite similar: a simple plastic pot. and not to forget that everything was in Japanese.

As such, I couldn’t figure out which healthy moisturizer to buy.

fortunately, the one I chose, sana namerakahonpo cream, was suitable for my skin type, although I might as well have considered the anti-aging range if I had Wi-Fi access in Japan.

tip: make sure you have wifi in japan as it would be extremely helpful when browsing or doing live translation (using google translate). i tried to save money by not having one in okinawa, only to end up wasting more time and money e.g. buying wrong products.

on my next trip to osaka, i subscribed to japan wifi and benefited greatly from live travel research to communicating with locals.

benefits of namerakahonpo healthy cream

How did I end up choosing namerakahonpo healthy cream out of the 8 available variants? that’s because I could understand one of the characters printed on the packaging.

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‘濃’ means thick or rich and that’s what I need for my dry and aging skin.

Did you know: Some Chinese characters were adopted into the Japanese writing system. although they may be pronounced differently, the meaning remains somewhat similar.

Although I understood probably 10% of the characters on the packaging, it would still be a challenge trying to guess the meaning of the entire sentence or phrase.

using google translate, this is what namerakahonpo healthy cream promises:

  1. sana cream will penetrate deep into the skin to increase the skin’s elasticity and hydration level
  2. skin will feel soft and hydrated
  3. sounds like a wonderfully nourishing cream? Let’s see if Sana Cream deserves a spot on our Japanese beauty must-buy list. We’ll start with the pros.

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    what’s so good about namerakahonpo healthy cream?

    1. a rich cream that doesn’t overwhelm the skin

    namerakahonpo healthy cream has a thick consistency and can feel heavy and greasy when first applied. however, give it 5-10 minutes and it will absorb quickly.

    skin will feel comfortably moisturized without the initial sticky feeling. that explains why i was able to use this rich cream even during the day.

    Tip: You can apply the healthy cream first, then get dressed or have a quick cup of coffee. Once you’re done, your face is ready for you to apply with more products, like sunscreen and makeup.

    2. deep & long-lasting hydration

    namerakahonpo healthy cream lives up to its claim to be a deeply moisturizing cream. I was impressed when I saw that my dry and flaky skin recovered within a few days after using this cream.

    each application would leave my skin feeling soft and well protected from the elements for hours. this has been my favorite moisturizer whenever i needed something quick to restore my skin to a balanced and healthy state.

    3. free of unwanted ingredients

    Those with sensitive skin will be happy to know that namerakahonpo healthy cream is free of fragrances, dyes and mineral oils.

    here is the full ingredient that I have compiled using google translate.

    namerakahonpo cream ingredients:

    SANA Cream Ingredient

    4. an affordable moisturizer

    How much would you expect to pay for 50ml of rich moisturizer? i know i wouldn’t mind paying more than s$30 for a drugstore cream that works.

    in japan, namerakahonpo healthy cream is only 950 yen (duty free), which is just s$12. check the current price online here.

    5. no frills & bulk-free packaging

    Though the white container looks small, it packs a fair amount of soymilk goodness. you will get 50 ml of rich cream in the pot.

    If you place this 50ml moisturizer next to a random brand, you’ll see how sana skips the unnecessary bulk and weight with its plain packaging.

    I wouldn’t mind taking the lightweight tub for a week-long overseas trip without transferring them to travel containers.

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    what’s not right?

    1. does healthy cream cause pimples?

    “Is namerakahonpo healthy cream suitable for people with pimple-prone skin?”

    This was the question I tried to answer for the last 11 months. after going through several tests separated by at least a month, I have formed a more crystallized thought about the healthy cream.

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    Of the five separate trials, I got pimples on four of them. these pimples usually appeared on the second day, but disappeared with continued use and then reappeared on random occasions. I couldn’t figure out a pattern of when or why they would arise.

    The consolation is that these pimples, although painful to the touch, are really small. you’ll get at most two or three at any given time and they’re not conspicuous enough to cause embarrassment. as such i continued to use the cream and would have no problem emptying the 50g pot.

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    update (January 2020): I just ran out of the bottle. sana moisturizer is one of the fastest skin care products i have managed to empty out as i enjoy using it. I find that the blackhead problem hardly reappears with continued use.

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    how to apply namerakahonpo healthy cream?

    Apply a large, pearl-sized amount of namerakahonpo healthy cream twice a day, morning and night. for very dry areas, you can build up extra layers to give them extra nutrition.

    As with all moisturizers, you would normally use them at the end of your skincare routine, just before sunscreen.

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    Do you suffer from dry, flaky skin? Are you craving a richly nourishing cream that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and is affordable? if the answers are “yes”, namerakahonpo healthy cream is a godsend for you as long as you are not prone to pimples.

    Well, even though I have broken out a few tiny pimples, I have continued to use sana cream since the breakout was brief and minor. in fact, i’ve been using it religiously day and night, and now i’m halfway through the tub. I would probably buy this again! 🙂 score: 4.5/5

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    For the latest price on Amazon, click here.

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    (This post was first published in September 2019 and was updated in January 2020 when the bottle was emptied.)

    fix this!

    SANA Moisturizer Cream

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