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As customer service experts, we’ve seen firsthand how good customer service ratings can propel a business to success. And while a fully functional ticketing system like supportbee is a solid start, it’s not the end of your customer satisfaction efforts: business owners need to leverage software features strategically to get the most bang for their buck.

in this blog post, we’ll outline five easy ways to improve customer support ratings quickly and efficiently, whether you use supportbee or not (but with clever tricks, if you do).

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First, why is customer support feedback so important?

Perhaps no industry sees more impact from customer service reviews than airlines. Think of it this way: Are you more inclined to buy a discount ticket from Airline A, which will leave you in the dust if things go wrong, or would you rather spend a few extra bucks for Airline B, which is bound to move? your purse in 12 hours and throw away a free hotel room? your answer is likely the same as ours, which explains why 64% of consumers think customer experience takes precedence over price. in fact, the average consumer will pay about 17% more for a product or service if the company demonstrates superior service. things happen, and most customers understand that. Regardless, customer feedback, or your Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSR), is an invaluable source for improving your company’s products and services because most potential customers will read online business reviews before making a purchase. A purchase. math doesn’t like it: poor customer service costs businesses an average of $62 billion a year!

Customer support feedback is of particular importance to e-retailers competing with giants like Amazon. eCommerce businesses know that good reviews translate into customer trust, the cornerstone of their inbound flow. In the age of hacks, can customers trust their payment security? In the age of overnight delivery, can you believe your item will reach you on time?

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the key to improving customer service feedback, especially public reviews on third-party sites, is to make sure you capture and respond to as many negative feedback as possible, before someone is inclined to voice their complaints on yelp. And since much of that feedback is routed through your customer support systems and processes, you want to have a high-functioning email ticket system in place to route dissatisfaction appropriately.

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To learn more, read our blog post detailing why customer service is so important.

provide options

Everyone knows there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to contact a company when you didn’t get what you paid for. or worse: when the only option is a phone number that leads customers down the rabbit hole of a menu. they could use twitter.

First, don’t create a situation where your customers have to spend their time seeking help. multiple avenues of customer support should be available in your digital presence and as part of your rapid response strategy on social media.

  • Create an internal system where high-stakes customer service issues are flagged and handled with extra care. It sounds like common sense, but when launching a new customer service process it can be overlooked. a one size fits all should not apply when customer a has a simple question while customer b received a damaged product. Since business owners need to sleep like everyone else, it’s important to offer customers as many options as possible throughout the day.
  • share your opinion with supportbee’s knowledge base software, which helps users create a repository of questions and answers. Transparent customer portal software allows customers to see where their issue is in resolution, helping them feel in control and know that your business is aware of and addressing their issue. And because the knowledge base doesn’t require customer login, it’s an easy way for customers to be part of the solution.
    • present different ways for customers to understand the situation while reducing the burden on your staff. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you may already have written answers to a customer’s question. Easy-to-find links to your company’s FAQs should be available on your website, in your customer support emails, on your social media pages, and your staff should also let customers call where to find it.
    • Increase your support library as new issues arise. The knowledge base allows businesses to organize and submit to the FAQ page as they are added to the website, so be sure to update answers to new customer questions; this will save you time as customers can find answers before they ask and may not have to. hire support.
    • seek reviews

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      Business owners shouldn’t wait for customers to start a feedback funnel, they should go out and receive it. Even if the response rate to a proactive customer experience audit is low, you’re more likely to get useful information. You’ll want proactive outreach to be part of the first touch point: a 1% improvement in first call resolution scores. (fcr) has been shown to improve customer happiness as well.

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