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Whether you’re selling products or services, customer ratings are extremely important, and possibly more than ever in the modern, connected age.

Reviews and ratings are the first thing people will look for in the consideration phase. bad reviews, or even just a few reviews, can have a negative impact, while lots of amazing reviews will obviously increase your response rates.

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So how do you get more customer ratings, or better yet, more great customer ratings?

In this post, I’ll outline four key tips that will help you improve your customer ratings.

the importance of reviews

but first of all, let’s reiterate why reviews are so important, especially in the modern age.

With people now always connected and able to check their mobile devices at any time, they can research your business and products at any stage, informing their decision on whether or not to make a purchase. And consumers now have more options than ever to share their thoughts: they can post on Facebook, Twitter, they can submit reviews on Yelp or Google directly. all of these responses are digitally recorded and can be shown to potential future customers when they do a search.

overwhelmingly bad ratings will send potential buyers to your competition, while as noted, having only a few ratings can make you appear too “green” or inexperienced compared to your competition.

That’s why you need reviews and a process for getting feedback. So how can you increase your number of online reviews and generate better ones to begin with?

1. perform a customer experience audit

Customer experience has become increasingly important in recent years. Services like Amazon, for example, have created streamlined and effective buying and referral processes that include personalization, fast delivery, and an overall ease of use that keeps people coming back to them time and time again.

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One of the main things many of the world’s largest companies have in common is excellent customer experience. In many cases, it won’t even matter if you sell an amazing product: if potential customers take too long to discover your website and place an order, they’ll go elsewhere, and that could be not only a lost sale, but also a bad review.

similarly, if you ship your product to customers days late, or if it arrives at a different (and bad) time than originally scheduled, you’ll almost certainly get a lower rating. Whether you only sell online or have a physical store, you should always put the customer experience first.

The better your service, the more likely customers will want to leave a review and also buy from you again.

The best way to find out how good or bad your customer service process is is to perform an audit of the entire customer experience, from the research phase through delivery and post-delivery.

there are several ways to investigate your own customer experience:

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