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Customer experience (CX) is one of the hottest topics in the business world. In their 2019 Digital Trends Report, eConsultancy and Adobe found that CX is the most exciting opportunity to expand (followed by content marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing) for business-to-business (B2B) companies. in 2020.

cx is a key differentiator for brands. How a customer perceives a brand has a direct impact on brand sales, as satisfied customers tend to be loyal and are more likely to recommend them to peers.

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but investing in the right software to support cx features is not easy due to the large number of options on the market. It’s also difficult because CX takes into account all customer interactions across a variety of channels and touch points. finding a product that encompasses everything relevant to a business can be difficult.

To help businesses make the right choice when investing in a customer experience software solution, we’ve curated this list of top three must-have tools based on search engine results page (SERP) and search volume. (detailed methodology at the end of the article).


qualtrics is an experience management platform with modules targeting four aspects of experience within companies: customer experience (customerxm), product experience (productxm), employee experience (employeeexm) and customer experience. brand (brandxm).

qualtrics customerxm helps a business reach customers across multiple channels (email, text, etc.) and devices (wearables, internet of things (iot) , etc.).

The solution breaks down feedback silos by reviewing customer interactions across different platforms, such as social media and third-party review sites, and centrally collects and stores information. these consolidated insights help identify trends and patterns in customer behavior to make more accurate predictions and enable teams to improve customer satisfaction.

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We analyze qualtrics customerxm user reviews to understand what buyers like and don’t like. this is what we found:

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qualtrics is suitable for medium and large companies.


medalia is a cloud-based platform that offers modules for employee experience management, product experience management, and customer experience management. is unique in its ability to address business-to-consumer (b2c) and business-to-business (b2b) experiences separately.

the b2c customer experience management product enables companies and customers to communicate on different channels such as sms, social media and interactive voice response (ivr). business users can take advantage of its real-time reporting and analytics to understand customer sentiment and experience. In addition, they can create unique customer profiles based on customer interaction data from different touch points.

The tool facilitates case management to manage and resolve customer issues. allows users to capture the cause of problems to identify areas for improvement.

the b2b customer experience management product allows companies to capture feedback from different departments in the customer organization. Users can monitor accounts by segment, business unit, and geography and run analytics to identify trends and predict customer churn. this also helps spot problems and opportunities to upsell and cross-sell

the b2b module provides opportunities to automate workflow-based integrations with popular customer relationship management (crm), sales and service tools.

We analyzed user reviews of medallia to understand what buyers liked and disliked. this is what we found:

medallia is suitable for companies of all sizes.


zendesk suite is a cloud-based platform that offers four distinct modules to help businesses improve their customer experience: support, guide, chat, and support.

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zendesk support is a ticketing and customer service module with channel integration: it brings all support interactions together in one place, allowing teams to provide support on customers’ preferred channels. the module comes with customizable ticket forms that support agents can edit as per their requirements.

the zendesk guide is an SEO-optimized knowledge base, integrated with zendesk support. includes helpful customer service articles that staff and customers alike can take advantage of.

zendesk chat is a live messaging module that allows support agents to help customers who are looking for quick help from a real person; agents can also communicate with customers proactively. comes with real-time analytics that helps measure metrics like customer satisfaction and agent performance.

zendesk talk is a call center solution integrated into zendesk support that allows agents to handle support phone calls along with other communication channels. It comes with ivr technology, group routing, and real-time queue monitoring that connects customers with the right agents to reduce wait times.

We analyzed zendesk user reviews to understand what buyers liked and didn’t like. this is what we found:

zendesk is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

conclusion and next steps

Now that you’ve read about these tools, you need to know which tool to invest in based on your business requirements. you can do the following:

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