How to Optimize SaaS Customer Support for a Better User Experience

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Creating an outstanding saas product is just the first step in optimizing the user experience. In order for customers to get the most out of your platform, you also need to provide them with quality support that leads to their success.

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That’s because saas customer support has a significant influence on loyalty and retention. According to Microsoft research, 96% of customers believe that support has a significant influence on their loyalty to a company.

“Every customer interaction is a marketing opportunity,” says stewart butterfield, CEO of slack. “If you go above and beyond on the customer service side, people are much more likely to recommend you.”

These six tactics will optimize your saas customer service and give your customers a better user experience. they do this by making sure you resolve issues quickly, maximize the productivity of your support agents, consider user needs, and find ways to improve your service.

1. deliver a quick response with a chatbot

A chatbot is a software communication tool that simulates a conversation between the user and a support person. allows you to resolve user requests in real time with minimal human effort.

speed is an essential factor in user assistance. according to hubspot research, 90% of customers expect an immediate response to their request, in 10 minutes or less.

stream chat api for customer support allows you to quickly create a chat feature for your saas product. In addition to offering chat features, the API suite comes with additional features to enhance the chat experience for the SAAS user, such as message reactions, thread replies, and user presence to show when the client was last active.

2. create a knowledge base for your client

A knowledge base is a library of information that the user can reference to solve their own problems, helping to create a richer experience. more than 88% of the us uu. customers expect a brand to offer an online self-service support option so they can resolve issues on their own.

This Mailchimp example includes a help center on its website that is packed with guides and tutorials on how users can get the most out of their email marketing platform. the user can search for any topic through the search function and get access to step-by-step video instructions:

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To make things easier for the user, notice how Mailchimp instantly links to some of their most popular guides. this increases the chances that the customer will instantly find what he is looking for without searching too much.

3. use customer service feedback for your next product or feature

Your saas support team’s role in optimizing the user experience can go far beyond simply responding to customer requests. they can also provide insight into what the team can do to improve the solution, which you can use as valuable feedback for your next product.

The reason your saas customer support team has this information is because they are at the forefront of user interaction. As a result, they have a solid idea of ​​customer pain points, common complaints, and what’s missing from the product experience.

One way to take advantage of their knowledge is to invite the support team to your company’s product meetings. allows them to provide feedback and suggestions, encourages better collaboration between different departments, and helps you create a better product by listening to user feedback.

here’s what tomasz tunguz, vc at red point, has to say about the power of listening to users: “your customers become happier because you’re listening to them […] as a result of that, you end up building a better product [and] because of customer success, your business can grow faster and you can grow at a more capital efficient rate.”

4. manage all customer support requests in one dashboard

Customers will use multiple channels to get the help they need, from your website to social media. Collecting all messages on one dashboard gives your agents a complete view of the user’s SAAS customer service experience. And since they won’t need to hop from platform to platform to keep track of every query, they can respond to customers quickly.

In addition, user requests are easily lost without a single dashboard, leading to unresolved tickets and decreased user satisfaction. saas customer service platforms can help during this process to efficiently centralize all your customer support. here is a list of platforms that you can use to group all your customer support channels in one dashboard:

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zendesk is a leading customer service platform that helps you keep your email, social media, and channels all in one place. a unique feature of the software is that you can add internal notes to each ticket to improve collaboration between different agents. another great functionality is its business rules option that allows you to activate automatic workflows for tickets to increase productivity.

hubspot service center

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Sales and marketing software company hubspot offers its customer support platform service center with basic functionality. In addition to helping you manage your customer support channels, it comes with the ability to send user satisfaction surveys and also build your own knowledge base.

5. segment each request based on type

Your saas support team will respond to different types of customer requests: subscription issues, bugs, or confusion about specific features. some requests may require specialized knowledge that not all agents have.

That’s why you need to categorize each request accordingly and assign it to the right agent. For example, suppose the user is having technical problems with their saas product. To resolve the issue quickly, you can submit the customer ticket to your IT department, the people on your team who are most qualified to handle the request.

6. ask users for feedback and measure your performance

To measure users’ satisfaction with your service, ask for feedback and track the overall performance of your support team. it helps to see how your customer support team is doing and where they can improve.

You have several ways to ask users for feedback on your saas customer support. the best measures we recommend include:

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