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the nuna company began with the idea of ​​bringing a baby closer to the dining table with the creation of the zaaz™ high chair in 2007. the amsterdam company believes that parenthood should be “practical and beautiful with smart solutions and thoughtful design”. to help you through childhood. You can find Nuna baby items that are sold internationally, from the best car seats to strollers.

performance comparison

crash test

The Rava scores excellently in crash tests thanks to a combination of impressive results from sensors on the head and chest. Every product in our Best Convertible Car Seat review must meet or exceed federal guidelines outlined in FMVSS 213. Meeting the guidelines means the car seat is considered safe or offers a basic level of protection. In a side-by-side comparison of crash test results using identical methods (babygearlab uses the same test methods as those used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA]), we can tell if a seat offers an additional margin of safety if you exceed federal minimum requirements and competition results.

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Rava has better than average g-force test results for both the hip and chest sensors, indicating that it offers an additional margin of protection.

The graphs below show the test data for the boulevard test dummy sensors (shown in black) and the test data for the seats in this review that have the lowest g-forces recorded (shown in green) to compare.

The britax allegiance head sensor result is the lowest of the bunch at 186 where the maximum allowed is 1000, and a lower result is better. Rava’s result is just 292, well below the maximum allowed and better than the group average of 351. The Clek Foonf has the lowest (best) chest sensor results compared to the competition in our tests at 33 where the maximum is 60 , and a lower number is better. The Rava chest sensor result is 40. The graphs below provide a comparative view of the sensor results for the HIC and G results, so you can see how each seat stacks up against the competition.

The Nuna has a feature that they claim is designed to provide additional side impact protection (SIP) located on either side of the Rava shell in the head region. We love any improvement that translates into better security, but it’s hard to say what, if any, benefit this feature has. we couldn’t find any third-party testing or confirmation data that the feature improves sip. Since there is no industry standard or agreement on sip testing, we caution parents to avoid making your purchase decision based solely on these statements. While security is important, this kind of undefined and untested feature should be seen as a nice addition, not the end.

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ease of installation – latch

The latch installation was created to provide an easier method of car seat installation; the rava closure method is straightforward with the same result as you got for belt installation.

The rava has easier to use push style latch connectors. On some of our test cars, the latch strap wasn’t as long as it needed to be, making it difficult to get the connector into the car’s tether. however, for others, it was enough.

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we were able to connect the connectors each time, and the strap wasn’t too difficult to tighten. push-button connectors (above left) are easier to release than their clip-style counterparts. The Rava has a color-coded select-and-press angle recline to face forward and backward so you can find the right angle for installation.

ease of installation – belt

Rava is easy to install using the vehicle’s belt, making it one of the easiest options in the review.

With only four seats scoring higher, you can be sure the Rava is easier than most of the competition if you need to install it using the vehicle belt.

when the seat is rear-facing, the belt path runs under the bottom of the car seat (top left) with a “true tension gate” under the seat padding (top right ). this setup may make it more difficult to complete, but the door is not difficult to use.

forward-facing rava installation includes belt routing on the back of the car seat behind the seatback padding (above left). if the seat belt is too tight, the tensioner door may be difficult to close and the harness straps may interfere with the true tension door (above right).

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ease of use

the rava is more difficult to use than much of the competition, but don’t be fooled; It’s not much of a challenge to manage day to day, there are just other seats that we think are easier.


The rava’s harness is a non-rethreading style harness, which means you can adjust the shoulder height by moving the headrest assembly (upper left) and without removing your baby from the seat. the buckle is stiffer than some of the competition and harder to release. the chest clip is also stiff but not difficult to attach.

The harness is easily adjusted by pulling on the strap at the foot of the seat, which moves smoothly without hitch. the release button (top left) is located right on the surface and is easy to access and use. the harness can be kept open using the harness attachment system on either side of the shell (top right).

latch storage

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The latch connectors are stored under the “true tension door” under the seat. there is plenty of room to secure anchors and straps. The manual also stores in a designated pocket on the underside of the seat. A folded or crumpled manual will be difficult to slide into place, but it is easy to access.


The cover of the rava is removable and machine washable. It’s somewhat difficult to remove because it gets into the case, but we think the final look of the tucked-in cover is worth the extra effort it takes to remove it.


the rava scored one of the highest for comfort and quality. This result indicates that the Rava is of a higher quality than much of the competition, with features designed specifically for comfort and longevity.

The Rava has medium to firm padding that provides support and comfort. The seat cover is made up of two different soft fabrics that are machine washable to keep things clean. The hard plastic back cover is easy to clean and reduces places where dirt and grime can collect. the fabric fits well against the shell without looking scruffy or undone.

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Overall fit and finish is clean, with thoughtful feature placement. The underside is smooth with no rough edges to mar your vehicle. Impact foam is the most common style of expanded polystyrene (EPS) that is more brittle and less environmentally friendly than expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam, which does not off-gas. it would have been nice to see epp foam in the rava for the price.


The Rava is one of the heavier seats of the bunch, but it’s relatively narrow for its weight; the clek foonf and the clek flo are narrower.

The 19-inch-wide seat weighs nearly 26 pounds, depending on its configuration. The weight makes this seat one you probably don’t want to use for travel, and the width might be too wide for three car seats, but might be narrow enough for two seats and one person.

should you buy the nuna rava?

Rava is the seat for those seeking maximum passenger comfort and quality combined with better crash test results. This high-quality car seat is also easy to use and install, with above-average ratings on both metrics. There’s a lot to love about this higher-end seat, and if it’s within your budget, it’s one we’d recommend to a friend with applicable goals.

what other convertible car seat should I consider?

While the nuna is a fine seat with many admirable attributes, it may not be for every family. This seat is expensive, and options like the Britax Emblem or Graco Extend2Fit might be more within your budget. These seats are half the price of Nuna and still offer impressive crash test reviews and scores on other metrics. The emblem is easier to use, has the same crash test score, and offers similar quality and lighter weight. The Graco has better crash test scores, but is lower quality and more difficult to install. In general, we believe that the choice depends on your main objectives or priorities.

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video from the manufacturer

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