8 Best Car Seat Warmer Reviews in 2022

A car is a luxury thing, and every car owner wants the interior to be as comfortable as possible. But when winter comes to town and your seat gets cold, it’s really uncomfortable to sit, drive and enjoy the ride. that’s why a car seat heater is a very useful car accessory that you can buy to make the interior more comfortable.

If you drive your car regularly during cold seasons, a car seat heater is an essential product. Without the car seat heater, the seat will never feel comfortable when the weather outside is cold. You can make the interior warmer for all passengers, and the car seat heater is a game changer. when you buy a car seat heater, you should check the following important parameters.

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  • Type: There are different types of car seat warmers available, and there are two main types you will come across. The first type is the standard seat cover which plugs into your car’s 12v socket and will heat the back and seating area of ​​the seat. The second type is the car seat massager that warms the seat and massages your body for added comfort. based on your budget and preference, you should choose accordingly.
  • temperature control: since almost all car seat warmers come with remote controls, there should be temperature control settings. this means you should be able to control the temperature of the cover to your requirements. When the seat is too cold, you need to set a high temperature to make it heat up quickly. when it is hot, you have to reduce the temperature accordingly. when shopping, you should choose the one that offers the best temperature control options.
  • Material: You should check the material of the car seat warmer cover, as well as check the comfort and durability factor of the cushion material. the material of the cover must be breathable so that sweat does not accumulate. the padding material must be high-density foam so that comfort is high. at the same time, the seat cushion must be able to retain heat and dissipate it depending on the heat settings.
  • In addition to the factors mentioned above, there are several such parameters that a buyer should check to buy the best car seat heater. We provide you with a detailed “buying guide” so that you can understand the parameters and better evaluate the products. Here is the list of the best car seat heaters that we have selected for you.

    best car seat heater 2022

    reviews of the best car seat warmers

    1. snailax car seat heater

    Snailax Car Seat WarmerSnailax is a leading brand in the seat cushion manufacturing industry. The company is popular for designing high-grade and innovative products, and Snailax Memory Foam Massage Seat Cushion is the best you can get. It is a car seat warmer cum massager, and hence, you will get the ultimate comfort when you are inside your car.

    The car cover massager comes with six different massage motors and relieves muscle pain, tension and fatigue from your body. Therefore, it is very useful for long car journeys and even when coming home after a tiring day at work. You can select which part of the body you want massaged, such as upper back or lower back. in fact, there are five different modes and four levels of massage intensity available.

    Coming to the heat therapy, you get two different settings and you can turn the heat on without massaging. The cushion also has overheat protection and an auto shut off feature. The comfort factor is high thanks to the soft polyester cover and memory foam cushion. The cover has a non-slip bottom and the double elastic straps ensure a perfect fit. In addition to the car seat, you can also use it on any regular chat seat.

    best features

    • six different massage motors for a better experience.
    • five vibration modes and four levels of massage intensity.
    • Polyurethane memory foam for a comfortable posture.
    • relieves muscle pain, fatigue and tension.
    • advantages

      • optional massage areas and ultra-plush cushion.
      • automatic shutdown and overheat protection.
      • Universal fit on any seat for versatile use.
      • cons

        • no massage rollers available.
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          2. healthmate car seat warmer

          HealthMate Car Seat WarmerHealthMate is another popular brand in the car seat cushion category. The brand has a wide range of car seat warmers, and HealthMate IN9438 Velour Seat Cushion is a great product. You can use the warmer for car seat as well as chair as you can attach it easily and get a heat massage.

          The car seat warmer has plush foam and soft polyurethane that’s comfortable, retaining heat and dissipating it properly. On the wired remote you get high and low settings so you can set the heat level to suit your requirements. Coming to its structure, there are four clips and two elastic straps for better support and to prevent the heater from moving.

          all you need to do is plug it and play it into a 12v socket and unplug it when not in use. Most importantly, the heater is universal fit and you can install it in your car, truck, RV, boat, and chairs in your home. it can be folded up and stored, and there is a safety fuse for your protection.

          best features

          • plush foam and soft cover material.
          • best-in-class strapping system.
          • universal fit for different vehicles.
          • limiting the maximum temperature.
          • advantages

            • easy to use and install on the seats.
            • practical to fold and store.
            • safety fuse for protection.
            • cons

              • the remote control lacks an indicator.
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                3. mynta heated seat cushion

                MYNTA Seat Cushion with HeatMYNTA is an Indian brand and it is particularly popular for producing quality products at cheaper price tags. MYNTA Seat Cushion with Heat is a decent product that works on human body pressure. Therefore, it won’t stay turned off even when you forget to turn it off which adds to safety and protection.

                You cannot activate the heater beforehand, as it only activates when a person sits on the car seat cushion. This is because there is a pressure sensor and this prevents the seat cover from staying on when turned on. The material is completely polyester, which is soft and cozy ensuring comfort.

                The cover heats up in a minute, so you won’t feel the cold for a long time when you start riding. the maximum achievable temperature is 140 degrees fahrenheit. the heat spreads all over the back, thighs and hips. two adjustable straps are available for a better fit.

                best features

                • pressure sensor of the human body.
                • non-slip and elastic belts with hooks.
                • breathable and comfortable material.
                • contour structure for even heat distribution.
                • advantages

                  • fast and instant heating in one minute.
                  • one-year warranty shows its durability.
                  • wider coverage to warm the body.
                  • cons

                    • Some users have reported inconsistencies.
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                      4. zone tech car travel seat cover cushion

                      zone tech is a well-known brand in the car accessories segment and has a wide range of great car seat cushions. The Zone Tech car travel seat cover cushion is the brand’s top-rated product that feels absolutely premium and performs consistently.

                      The seat cover has a premium material construction that ensures durability and comfort. The product has a universal fit and is therefore suitable not only for cars but also for trucks and RVs. It’s also lightweight, making it easy for portability, yet stays in place thanks to the non-slip rubber bottom. in fact, you can fold the cover and store it in the car’s front storage box.

                      comes with a secure strapping system to secure the top and bottom of the seat. In addition, it is easy to clean and the material is waterproof. You can check the temperature on the LED display and increase or decrease the temperature according to your preference. The product comes in a pack of two cushion covers.

                      best features

                      • increase and decrease the temperature.
                      • universal fit for different vehicles.
                      • flexible structure and easy folding.
                      • Waterproof material for easy cleaning.
                      • advantages

                        • top quality materials.
                        • secure the top and bottom straps.
                        • non-slip rubber bottom.
                        • cons

                          • the product seems to be a bit bulky.
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                            5. sojoy warm plush car seat cover

                            Sojoy Warm Plush Car Seat CoverSojoy is a dedicated brand that manufactures different types of warmers and Sojoy Warm Plush Car Seat Cover is the best-rated product for car owners. Its smart controller offers more convenience to the users and the brand has focused on safety features as well.

                            You can heat up your car seat in three minutes and feel the warmth all over your back, thighs and hips. the highest achievable temperature is 60 degrees Celsius. The unique thing about the product is its smart controller. There are three heat levels available. there is a 45-minute automatic shutdown system.

                            There is a temperature thermostat that ensures constant heating and prevents overheating. when the desired temperature is reached, the heating becomes constant. Non-slip bottom and elastic straps keep the cover in place. the material is completely polyester and the product is very durable.

                            best features

                            • intelligent controller for easy operation.
                            • constant heating without overheating.
                            • quality material for durability and comfort.
                            • secure fixation and non-slip underside.
                            • advantages

                              • 3 minutes of instantaneous heating of the cover.
                              • 3 different heat levels available.
                              • universal fit and breathable material.
                              • cons

                                • there is nothing wrong with the product.
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                                  6. healthmate winter car seat cushion

                                  HealthMate Winter Car Seat CushionHealthMate needs no introduction as a brand in the car seat warmer category, and we have already listed one of their seat cushions. HealthMate IN9438-2 Velour Winter Seat Cushion is another great product with lumbar support. Therefore, if you have back issue, this is the car seat warmer you should opt for.

                                  The quality of the material is excellent as it comes with soft polyester. it feels very comfortable and luxurious. gray color will perfectly fit into the luxurious interior of the car. The maximum temperature the heater can reach is 114 degrees Fahrenheit. plus, you get lumbar support, which is the main selling point, and it’s a half-inch thick.

                                  The remote control contains high and low heat settings, as well as an off switch. The secure strapping system makes sure it stays in place. Heat distribution is even for maximum comfort. You can use the heater for different types of seats in cars and indoors.

                                  best features

                                  • half inch thick lumbar support for back problems.
                                  • even heat distribution extends across the back.
                                  • First class material quality makes it luxurious.
                                  • secure strapping system for versatile use.
                                  • advantages

                                    • the gray look feels premium.
                                    • easy controls and very smooth material.
                                    • safety fuse and plug and play option.
                                    • cons

                                      • does not have a universal fit.
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                                        7. wellup heated seat cover

                                        WellUp Heated Seat CoverWellup is a rather new brand in the market, and the company focuses on manufacturing budget car accessories. Wellup Heated Seat Cover is suitable for those looking for a heating pad for their car seat within a budget.

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                                        The heated seat cover comes with a one minute quick heat up so you can feel the warmth instantly. covers the hips and thighs along with the full back. the heating is activated only when you sit on the seat. therefore, even if you turn the cover on or forget to turn it off, it will not heat up and therefore provides complete safety.

                                        As for the material, it has the cozy soft plush polyester for comfort and durability. Adjustable straps are available to keep it fixed in place. Plus, the non-slip backing is just as helpful. Last but not least, the brand offers a one-year warranty on the product. You can only wash the product by hand when necessary.

                                        best features

                                        • super fast heating system in one minute.
                                        • better coverage of body heat.
                                        • pressure sensor to turn on and off.
                                        • cozy and soft material for comfort.
                                        • advantages

                                          • safe belts and non-slip bottom.
                                          • does not heat up without pressure.
                                          • one year warranty on the product.
                                          • cons

                                            • overall rating is very average.
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                                              8. eluto car seat heater

                                              ELUTO Car Seat WarmerELUTO is a relatively new brand in the car accessory market with a wide range of products. Their car seat warmer has caught huge traction in the online market thanks to the quality as well as performance. ELUTO Car Seat Cover is the best car seat warmer from the brand that is suitable for cars as well as vans.

                                              The cover has a faux leather material that is durable and easy to clean if needed. the heater automatically shuts off when the specified temperature is reached. thereafter, when the temperature drops, it automatically turns on and maintains a suitable temperature range for greater comfort.

                                              As for its construction, there are top heat conduction holes as well as a flame retardant sponge. the straps, like the bottom part, are non-slip. There are additional straps to attach the cover to the head of the seat. Plus you get a fixed hook for the bottom. you get three heat settings along with an on/off switch on the remote.

                                              best features

                                              • synthetic leather upper material for durability.
                                              • proper distribution of heat between parts of the body.
                                              • three different heat settings for added comfort.
                                              • non-slip bottom and contour structure.
                                              • advantages

                                                • automatic shutdown and intelligent warm maintenance.
                                                • strong straps for perfect fit and positioning.
                                                • fire retardant sponge and cheaper than the rest.
                                                • cons

                                                  • not a universal car seat warmer.
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                                                    buying guide for car seat warmers

                                                    When you review car seat warmers, you will find that different warmers have different specifications and features. Deciding which one to buy can be difficult without some background knowledge. there are so many parameters that you need to check in order to buy the best seat heater for your car interior.

                                                    We’ve already given you some factors briefly at the beginning. Now, we are going to discuss all the important parameters in detail so that you can better understand the car seat heater. in fact, you can compare the listed car seat warmers based on these factors so you can easily decide which one is perfect for your car.

                                                    1. write

                                                    There are two types of car seat warmers available and you need to decide which one you need. The first type is a standard car seat heater that warms the seat and distributes the heat throughout its region. There are different levels of heat settings available, and you can set them according to your requirements. you usually get a wired remote to control the heating. covers almost the entire seat for a correct heating process of the seat.

                                                    The second type is a car seat massager that is more useful than a standard car seat warmer. This is because it warms the car and massages your body, which is more relaxing and comfortable. A car seat massage comes with massage rollers and vibrating motors and massages the neck, shoulder, back, and other pressure points. therefore, warm up and relax your muscles properly and you will not feel the tiredness of a long journey.

                                                    2. matter

                                                    There are two types of materials used in a car seat warmer. It is important to consider the material of the cover and the material of the cushion. Generally, the outer cover is leather and the inner material is foam. however, there are many variations in leather and foams. In general, the outer cover is breathable for proper temperature regulation.

                                                    Cover material needs to be durable as it will put through heavy use. the inner material must be suitable for heat dissipation, as well as to adequately support body weight. memory foam is the best choice for cushion material. some also use gel foam for better and faster heat dissipation.

                                                    3. configuration

                                                    When buying a standard car seat cover, you should check the temperature settings and levels available. there must be at least two levels of heat present, namely high and low heat. this is because you will need them regularly. however, the more adjustments available, the greater the comfort.

                                                    When you buy a car seat massager, you should have settings and levels available for the intensity of the massage. In fact, if you buy a high-quality heated car seat massager, you will have different programmable modes for maximum comfort in your car. In short, you should go for a seat cover warmer where more settings and options are available for personalized comfort and convenience.

                                                    4. security

                                                    Safety should be a priority when shopping for a car seat warmer. Apart from the material, it is the safety measures that differentiate a cheap car seat heater from a high-quality one. Among the safety factors, the automatic shutdown function is a must. This will prevent the heater from getting too hot and damaging human skin. The material and cushion used in the car seat warmer should be flame retardant, so that even if the automatic shutdown system does not work, there will be no fire problem or unforeseen circumstances.

                                                    frequently asked questions


                                                    If you’re looking for the best car seat heater, your search should be over now. We have listed the best car seat warmers that are available online. we have reviewed them so that you can understand their features, strengths and weaknesses. we also provide you with a detailed buying guide so you can evaluate the products and use your own judgment to choose the perfect product. however, if you still do not know which one to buy, the following recommendations may be of great help.

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