Odyssey PC680 Car Battery

If you’re religious about maintaining your car, be sure to always ask your technician to check the battery life when you take it in for routine maintenance. no one wants to get stuck with a dead car battery. You’ll need a trailer, a close friend to get it, and some extra cash for a new battery when that happens. there is nothing good to say about that experience.

but you don’t have to experience this, and you can prevent it by taking several simple precautions. Also, when you take precautions, you can buy the battery you want without rushing. this will save you time and a lot of money.

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The first step to avoiding that dead car battery situation is to watch your time. There’s no set amount of time batteries will last, but technicians estimate an average of three to five years. There are quite a few factors that contribute to battery life: weather, vehicle maintenance, and frequency of use. It is extremely important to test the battery every year and before going on a road trip. If you buy your car used, make sure the battery it takes is the right size for the vehicle.

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There are also certain things you can look for that indicate neglect. heavy use can really wear down a battery that is not suitable for the vehicle’s technological equipment. Low water levels can damage the battery, as can intricate mechanical audio or video enhancements in the car. These are all ways to prevent that dead car situation that kills your finances and really isn’t good for your vehicle.

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Once you realize you’re going to need to replace your car battery, you’ll want to know how they work so you can buy the perfect battery for you. Like most batteries, a car battery stores power for your car. Inside the battery is acid that produces electricity by reacting with the lead plates. the bigger the motor, the more powerful battery you will need.

Modern cars demand a lot more from their batteries because of all the improved technology they contain, so sometimes even a small vehicle will require a powerful battery if it has a lot of electronic functions. The Optima Redtop Car Starting Battery is excellent for a vehicle with high-end audio systems with a 12-volt power cell.

your car manual should help you determine which battery your car needs. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best car battery: Automotive battery electrolyte is a term you need to understand. the negative and positive lead plates turn into lead sulfate when the battery is discharged. at that point, the electrolyte is depleted of sulfuric acid and becomes almost entirely water. During the charging process, the positive lead dioxide plate and the negative lead plate interact to restore the electrolyte’s acidity. this acid is very dangerous, so always be sure to wear protective gear when handling batteries.

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Cranking amps tell the consumer what the starting power of the battery is. You will need to look in your car manual to find the CA number for your car battery. Cold cranking amps are especially important for those who operate a vehicle in cold temperatures. is the measure of deliverable amps in subzero temperatures. a battery’s chemical process slows significantly in sub-zero temperatures to about half of what it is when temperatures are warmer.

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Maintenance free is important and also pretty standard with today’s best car batteries. In the past, vehicle owners had to add distilled water if electrolyte levels were low. Car battery terminals or posts are supposed to be kept clean for optimal performance. When you get your car serviced, ask the mechanic to clean it for you. there is also a cleaning kit that you can buy so that you can clean it on your own. Keeping these things in mind when shopping for your next battery is what will save you time and money by extending the life of your battery.

for race cars, you’ll want a high output battery with an m6 terminal bolt. this type of battery is spill proof and vibration resistant. some models have an absorbed fiberglass mesh, which is an extremely nice feature as it suspends the electrolyte in the fiberglass, keeping it safer from the elements. If you’re looking for a replacement battery, the Acdelco Advantage AGM Automotive Car Battery is your best bet. This replacement battery has very specific dimensions so you need to make sure the specifications match your vehicle.

for longer battery life, check out the automotive odyssey & ltv car battery this battery has 70% longer life compared to deep cycle batteries. the faster recharge from a full charge in 4-6 hours is also an amazing feature. this is good for race cars too, but always be sure to check your vehicle’s specs in the manual to ensure a good match.

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