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a worthwhile investment to charge on the go.

A few months ago, I invested in a new car for myself. My used truck was starting to show its age and I decided it was time to buy a car. I ended up with a 2019 model year vehicle that comes with a lot of new tech options like built in usb ports. This was a new adventure for me as it meant I was able to connect my mobile phone to my car like never before. These USB ports serve a dual purpose: charging and connecting to the car’s integrated communication system. I love it because it gives me hands free calls and texts as well as navigation thanks to carplay. That being said, when I have passengers or other devices that need charging, my new car still has the standard 12v auxiliary power outlet (aka the ’80s kid’s “cigarette lighter”). Being a huge fan of both Mophie and Apple, I was excited to find that Mophie now offers a Dual USB-A Car Charger that is optimized for use with Apple products.


in mid-July of this year, mophie announces the launch of premium car chargers and charging cables optimized for apple users. These charging accessories are sold on, at select Apple Stores, and other approved retailers.

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“We’re offering Apple customers a variety of high-quality accessories to keep their favorite devices powered and connected,” said Chris Ahern, CEO of Zagg, Inc. “Our latest products are optimized and designed to work with a variety of Apple products. Whether you’re wirelessly charging your iPhone at home or powering up your iPad in the car, mophie has you covered.”

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The Dual USB-A Car Charger (SRP $29.95) includes two USB-A ports that deliver up to 12W of charging output to two devices at once. this averages out to a total output of 24w when both ports are in use. This charger, along with the unique USB-A Car Charger, are designed for travelers on the road so any car can become a mobile power center. The charger is made from premium anodized aluminum and will safely charge iPhone, iPad, and AirPods. The charger has a built-in indicator light and a slim design for portability.

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