Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Review | Tested by BabyGearLab

new maxi-cosi 85 vs old maxi-cosi 70

some of the changes included in the update from the old 70 (bottom left) to the new 85 (bottom right) are:

  • extended weight range: 5 to 40 pounds rear-facing and 22-85 pounds forward-facing
  • clipquik automatic magnetic chest clip
  • harness holders
  • folding buckle stays out of the way
  • hands-on review

    maxi-cosi is a european company that launched its first car seat in 1984. they started in the netherlands and claim they brought the first car seat to europe. The company has grown significantly since its early days and is now one of the leading manufacturers of baby products, including booster seats, infant seats, convertible car seats, and strollers.

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    performance comparison

    crash test

    crash test data for the maxi-cosi sled indicates that it offers an extra margin of safety over many of the other seats in this review. The crash tests are designed to mimic the same specifications used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in their tests, and were developed to determine if seats meet the federal safety guidelines outlined in the FMVSS 213. All seats in this review, and on the market, must meet safety guidelines and therefore be considered safe. The Maxi-Cosi’s results against federal and competitive limits indicate that it exceeds the requirements and results of some of the competition.

    The tables provided below show the crash test results of the sensors located on the head and chest of the test dummy used in the maxi-cosi seat (shown in black).

    the sensor in the test dummy head used with the britax allegiance has the lowest g-force results as a result of the crash test. clek foonf recorded the fewest g-forces on the chest sensor than all other products tested (both in green).

    The maxi also claims to have crash test (sip) side impact protection. We couldn’t find information on what kind of testing, but it appears the claim includes the headrest portion with open-cell foam surrounded by plastic that they say will add additional safety protection.

    ease of installation – latch

    We test each convertible seat in a minimum of 3 different cars by various testers to gather data. the results were almost the same for looking ahead as for looking back.

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    using the latch anchor should be easier than using the vehicle belt, but the maximum is about the same for both. Latch anchors are relatively easy to use and are about average to get the seat at the correct angle and the anchor strap tight enough.

    Loosening is a bit more difficult than tightening, but both are better than much of the competition. the recline is adjusted with a foot on the bottom, and the line molded into the side of the seat should be parallel to the floor for proper installation.

    ease of installation – belt

    the cosi is only average for ease of use with this installation method, but it’s not difficult.

    This seat does not have a built-in seat belt, making it somewhat less of a hassle than some of the competition. Threading the belt in a forward-facing position is a bit more difficult since the seat is rigid and cannot be moved for hand entry. if your hands are large, this could make the task almost impossible. Sliding the headrest up will make it a bit more manageable, but it would be nice if the belt path was easy to use. Since it does not have a belt clip, you must either clip the clip onto your vehicle’s belt or use the metal clip that comes with the seat. It will take some work to adjust the belt and get the seat in the correct position, but overall, it’s not as fiddly as some of the competition. In a rear-facing position, we had trouble tightening the belt, and the seat itself slid on with minimal effort.

    ease of use

    the maxi-cosi pria is one of the more challenging options in this review.


    the maxi-cosi buckle is the easiest and by far our favorite of the bunch. we like how the buckle opens when you press the button, which means you don’t need to remove each side individually. the chest clip is marginally less impressive, but it’s easy to use and won’t require two hands.

    9-position shoulder height adjustment can be moved without rethreading the straps. the headrest/height adjustment is moved by pressing the button and pulling or pushing the headrest. The Pria is easy to use and works with baby in the seat. The crotch strap has three positions, and the two work together well, offering many variations for just the right fit. Unfortunately the seat we bought broke halfway through the test and lost points. in normal use, the height adjustment should be locked into place at the rear of the seat. for us, the rear mech stopped automatically locking into place and we had to push the mech into the locked position manually. There’s no way to tell if this is just a problem with our seat or a design flaw, but it gives us food for thought. Since we haven’t subjected seating to the same rigors as daily family use for several years, we are concerned that this could be a problem for others. the tightening and loosening mechanisms are both located at the foot of the seat. the leash is relatively easy to pull. the release lever is located under a fabric flap somewhat hidden from the baby, and is more difficult to use.

    latch storage

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    the latch anchors into the maxi clip under each side of the frame near the curve of the seat. the retaining clips to the back of the base. No location keeps the straps out of the way, but at least the anchors won’t fly around the car causing potential injury.


    The cloth cover on this seat is harder to remove than some of the competition thanks to the snaps and headrest. however, once you take it off, it can be machine washed in cold water and tumble dried on low. this method can be useful for deep cleaning since the fabric is so soft we wonder how well it will clean stains. The user manual is stored under the cloth on the side of the case and has a tab label for quick access.


    This Maxi-Cosi is a lovely car seat and seems to pay more attention to comfort and quality metrics compared to the competition, but overall it still had trouble keeping up with strong competition.

    the fabric of the maxi-cosi feels soft and comfortable. The main seat padding is thick enough that you don’t feel any lumps or bumps, and it disguises the hard plastic shell very well. The infant insert doesn’t add much padding to the equation, but this isn’t a deal breaker because we don’t recommend using convertible infant seats anyway. The foam in the headrest/sip area is an open cell foam surrounded by a thin plastic to slow the release of air in the event of an impact. It’s nicely padded, and while it’s designed for safety, it’ll also add some comfort to the equation if your child’s head dangles while they sleep.

    The plastic outer shell is somewhat contained, but the back is relatively open. This feature isn’t a significant concern, except that the back has a height adjustment mechanism that can get dirty and nearly impossible to clean with all the nooks and crannies. However, had the back not been open, we would not have been able to use our seat because we would not have been able to manually lock the broken height mechanism.

    This seat has an overall cushiony look thanks to the padding and air-filled foam that surrounds it. the fabric is stretched over the padding and cover, gently wrapping around the plastic edges, and gives a cleaner look that we prefer. the bottom of the seat is completely closed and smooth.


    The Cosi weighs in at just over 19 pounds and scores below average for this metric primarily as a result of the wider width. If you are an urban dweller and will be taking junior taxis or using Uber, weight may be important to you because someone will have to carry the seat. the cosi is around 21 inches wide, which is the largest of the bunch. The Maxi won’t be the seat of choice for parents who need to manage three side-by-side seats in a rear seat or those who want to install two seats and still have room for a third person.

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    video from the manufacturer

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