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but I’d never heard of avalir, so I felt like this was an attempt to break into the house without mentioning kirby. when she sent for the seller from him, she showed up with the kirby and went into the house, now… I don’t have any carpet, I have some carpet and vinyl flooring. I have no reason to own this monstrosity for the price they are going to try to sell it to me for. the seller, joseph was very nice. what I found disturbing was the embarrassment factor of the sales pitch. They do this demo with a little filter gizmo that allows the device to put out much more powerful suction during the demo. the reality is that with the bag on it does not produce the same suction.

he went through this whole demo, repeatedly ignoring my statement that he wasn’t buying this vacuum, repeatedly almost embarrassing me for not being interested as if he was just dirty. like most, he was asking for help getting on a cruise. this went on for hours where i said no. they told me they would show me the demo and it was a yes or no and there would be no pressure. This could not be further from the truth. The truth is, I was repeatedly shamed for saying no like I was a dirty person. the price he started with was 3k and there was absolutely no way for me to buy and then after several calls and visits with his boss all of a sudden it was 1200 and he was proclaiming to me that he would get no commission at that price (blame tripping)

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a couple of sales pitches you mentioned and proved to be false or misleading. He mentioned the lifetime warranty several times, in fact there is only a limited 3 year bumper to bumper program and a lifetime rebuild program that is done for a fee so no lifetime warranty. at one point, he unplugged my current vacuum and to demonstrate the suction power of the kirby (with that unique little filter gizmo that optimizes suction) stated that if my vacuum could pick up the kirby’s accessory box and the kirby couldn’t, I I would give a free kirby. obviously mine didn’t and kirby did. however, the kirby cannot achieve the same feat with the regular old bag.

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to get to the point, this went on for hours until it was 9 or 10 pm. m. and was ready for him to go. It didn’t look like he was leaving without a sale, so I wrote him a check for the full amount. once he left i tried to pick up the box with the bag on and it didn’t work. I immediately called the bank and stopped payment on the check. I exercised my right to cancel the transaction and yesterday they showed up to pick up the scrap and returned my perfectly working vacuum.

The moral of the story is that the sales practice of these dealers borders on unethical and deceptive. do not finance with them. if I hadn’t paid directly they probably would have turned me around to stop the sale. By paying directly with a cancellable payment form, I was able to control the financial outcome of the transaction. also make sure they give you the 3 day cancellation contract. and lastly, if you open the door and someone puts a free cleaning product on your face, be prepared to sacrifice the next 3-4 hours of your life to get rid of them. my best suggestion is to not even open the door. if you want a kirby, you can get one on ebay for $300… that in itself is all the proof I need that it’s not worth a penny.

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