JLo Beauty Skincare Review: What’s Worth It and What’s Not

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  • jennifer lopez recently launched a beauty and skincare line called jlo beauty.
  • The first collection has seven products, ranging in price from $38 to $79.
  • I tested each product for a month to see what was worth it and what wasn’t.
  • after announcing the launch in December, jennifer lopez’s jlo beauty collection officially launched in January this year, a project, the singer said, that had been 20 years in the making.

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    The first collection included seven skincare products and introduced the jlo beauty olive complex, an exclusive formula combining squalane, fermented oil, extra virgin oil and leaf extract. The 51-year-old claims this concoction is the secret to her skin’s youthful radiance, and according to Candace Marino, a facialist and medical-grade medical esthetician, it makes sense.

    “the [jlo beauty olive complex] addresses both hydration and moisturization of the skin, thanks to olive oil, olive leaf extract and squalane that hydrate, smooth and plump the skin,” says marino to an informant. squalane is also a natural antioxidant, which dr. Shari Sperling, DO, a board-certified dermatologist, adds, “It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.”

    By combining lopez’s special complex with other skin-loving ingredients, the actress-producer has created a brand fans can’t wait to get their hands on. but with price points ranging from $38 to $79, questions like “what’s good?” and “what’s it worth?” it occurs to me. So, I tried every product from j.lo’s namesake brand to find out.

    that unique gel cream cleansing punch, $38

    I’ve been using that hit as part of my morning and nighttime skincare routines. It’s a gel-cream cleanser with a thick consistency, and a little goes a long way. after a month of use, I’m maybe halfway through the 5-ounce tube.

    Overall, it’s a good cleanser that I enjoy using, and I love that it helps my complexion to glow. however, the product description states that it “removes makeup in one wash” and that was not my experience. the cleanser did a great job removing foundation, concealer, and face powder in one rinse, but I needed makeup remover wipes to remove the rest of my eye makeup.

    that jlo glow multitasking serum, $79

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    that jlo glow is the hero product every fan has been waiting to try. It took two years and over 20 formulations to perfect the multi-tasking serum, said to “visibly lift and firm” skin, improve overall appearance and boost radiance for a gorgeous glow.

    The serum contains the jlo beauty olive complex, a sugar-derived matrix and yeast-derived ferments. It also consists of japanese rice sake, an ingredient that chemist and perfect image founder david petrillo tells insider is known to brighten and plump skin. The formula includes antioxidants to treat sun damage and aging agents, “plus soothing ingredients that help reduce irritation,” adds petrillo.

    the serum feels luxurious. it’s cool on your skin and only takes seconds to absorb. When I applied a few pumps to my face and neck, I was delighted to experience the burst of moisture that quenched my skin’s thirst (especially in these dry months). and as described, it also tightened the skin a few seconds after the serum set and created a visible glow.

    that big screen moisturizer broad spectrum spf 30, $54

    in lopez’s video tutorial, she reveals that applying sunscreen every day has kept her skin protected and youthful (besides using olive oil, of course). that’s why the brand’s silky-smooth moisturizer, That Big Screen ($54), has spf 30.

    just like the brand’s cleanser, a little bit of this moisturizer goes a long way. It’s incredibly airy, almost like a light hand cream, and creates the perfect canvas for makeup application. It’s hydrating, but not saturating, and leaves skin soft to the touch, thanks to a combination of hyaluronic acids, glycerin, and licorice root, all of which are key ingredients for hydration and brightening, says dermatologist diane madfes, md, faad.

    that wonderful blockbuster cream, $58

    That amazing best-selling cream is a skin powerhouse. Contains hyaluronic acid, which petrillo of perfect image explains is a humectant that draws water into skin cells to give you a natural glow, replenish health, and eliminate signs of dullness. The cream also contains peptides (also known as amino acids) that support collagen production and firm the skin.

    Another standout ingredient is niacinamide, which is a water-soluble vitamin b3 that actually fights the signs of aging, petrillo tells an insider. Reduces the appearance of pores, addresses uneven skin tones and sun damage, brightens skin, reduces inflammation, and reduces the visible effects of environmental stressors and pollutants. the cream is one of my favorite products in the collection, and I am so obsessed that I would buy it in bulk.

    that cool eye cream, $48

    I have yet to find an eye cream that can resist my crow’s feet, and it’s too early to tell if the jlo beauty that fresh take eye cream will be the winner. But, according to cosmetic chemist and beauty expert ginger king, this cream is well-equipped to combat the signs of aging around the sensitive eye area. Contains peptides, which are great for anti-aging, and hyaluronic acid, which King says will “help minimize fine lines.”

    that star filter instant complexion booster, $39

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    that star filter is jlo beauty’s makeup and skincare hybrid. It comes in four shades: Pink Champagne, Rose Gold, Warm Bronze, and Rich Bronze. It goes on sheer, feels almost weightless against the skin, and gives the complexion an instant glow.

    in her video tutorial, lopez explains that there are a few different ways to use the complexion enhancer: it can be applied alone to the skin, mixed into foundation or skincare, or worn under makeup. in fact, i found that it works best as a highlighter along my pale cheeks. I do not advise people with fair skin tones to use this booster alone (unless you want a flashy glow that isn’t exactly flattering).

    that multitasking mascara with unlimited shine, $18

    This is a two-piece mask that splits horizontally near the nose. the two-piece design conforms better to the face and offers a more targeted treatment than traditional full face masks. It is designed to “visibly tighten and lift”, hydrate and brighten.

    The mask comes saturated in a serum that feels cool against the skin and consists of ingredients like jlo beauty olive complex, japanese rice sake, honey extract, and a sugar-derived matrix. It’s also designed with flaps that wrap around the ears, so your face lifts with every treatment.

    While I’m no stranger to mascara ingredients, this particular mix has an almost medicinal smell. after massaging off the excess serum, the sensitive areas of my face felt a bit irritated. however, I did like that I only had to keep the mask on for 10 minutes. it left my skin looking brighter and my acne cleared up a bit after using it.

    It’s a good mascara, but at $18 each (or a box of three for $48) I’d only buy it for a good personal care splurge once in a while.

    end result

    jlo beauty has launched a successful first collection, with a host of great products that fans are sure to love. I find the jlo glow multi-tasking serum, spf 30 big screen moisturizer, and the best-selling wonder cream to be the three most worthwhile items, followed by the unique cleanser.

    That star filter complexion enhancer is a wonderful formula, but it’s not a must for your skin care regimen, and I didn’t see enough results to judge the quality of that fresh eye cream. As for the limitlessly glowing multitasking skin, I could take it or leave it.

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