Infinity Speakers: Are they any good? [Our Review]

infinity has shown the world how to use technology from different spectrums, for many purposes.

The company was started in 1986 in the United States and is now part of Harman International Industries.

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this is how they revolutionized the industry.

First of all, infinity supplies loudspeakers to a wide range of markets:

  • home use through their surround sound home theater systems
  • state-of-the-art units for home or office that integrate into the wall
  • marine use through its well-sealed speaker units
  • car audio market through its subwoofers and amplifiers.
  • are one of the main providers of:

    • hyundai
    • kia
    • mitsubishi
    • chrysler
    • Secondly, infinity’s founders and engineers have experimented with many new methods.

      this led to amazing products to include in your portfolio:

      • they use neodymium magnets. these are much lighter than normal magnets which means the speakers are not as heavy anymore
      • the founders used weapon technology and applied it to speakers to invent the servostatic speaker.
      • These and other feats led to the development of a strong competitor in the audio manufacturing market.

        vehicle owners are sure to find some options for their specific make and model among the many speakers that infinity makes.

        Today infinity should be one of your options when you consider upgrading your vehicle’s sound system.

        They didn’t make our list of the best car speakers of the year (check it out here) since there are better options for the top 10, but they’re definitely a solid choice.

        infinity speaker reviews

        1. infinity ref6522ix

        41uZMCSjN7L. SL500

        These 6.5-inch speakers from the reference x line offer great performance and excellent value for money. its bidirectional configuration helps to offer a better square.

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        You can easily replace your original speakers as they fit perfectly into existing compartments or require only minimal customization.


        • sensitivity: 93db
        • rms: 60 watts
        • maximum power: 180 watts
        • frequency response: 53-21,000hz
        • 2 way/3 way/4 way: 2 way
        • if you need customization, infinity provides brackets so you can mount the speakers in many different types of openings.

          You also get grills, so no matter where your speakers are, they’ll be protected and your setup will look neat.

          even if you have to build a box, this template is included in your purchase.

          an essential aspect of good sound is whether it can be projected from the right angle.

          These speakers use infinity’s invention of unipivot, which allows you to adjust the dome tweeters.

          you can make sure they are angled at the exact position that gives you clear sounds even when playing at high volume.

          this means that no matter where the speakers are installed, you can point the tweeters in their direction.

          if you only have space where sounds can be muffled, you can still set up your speakers so that quality sound waves reach your ears.

          The tweeter’s features extend even further to its level of control. depending on your preferences regarding the brightness of the music, you can set the tweeter to an acceptable level.

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          bass blockers also help prevent distortion and improve sound quality.

          you can be sure to use these speakers for a long time, thanks to the sufficient protection through the rubber edges on the woofer cone.

          if something goes wrong, you’re covered by the standard 1-year warranty.


          • bass blockers are included in the set, so you don’t need to buy them separately
          • the speakers can handle so much power that it is safe to connect them to an amplifier
          • sleek black design with some silver accents looks impressive and fits in with any car interior
          • cons

            • some makes of cars require customization during installation
            • you need an amplifier for optimal sound experience
            • 2. infinity kappa 60.11cs

              this speaker has a remarkable frequency range, from 45hz to 35khz.

              this means that most of the sounds you love to listen to will come through clearly on these speakers.


              • sensitivity: 93db
              • rms: 90 watts
              • peak power: 2700 watts
              • frequency response: 45-35,000hz
              • 2 way/3 way/4 way: 2 way
              • this range must be backed by quality components so that sounds are as clear as they are spacious.

                quality is taken care of through:

                gold-plated speaker terminals to improve connection security

                increased cone area

                distortion is kept to a minimum thanks to temperature controls on the voice coils

                other than this, the speaker is protected by:

                a vented magnet prevents overheating

                the speaker frames are made of injected carbon glass matrix that prevents the formation of cracks

                Rubber surrounds on speakers prevent damage from shock and vibration


                • Speaker box racks are included with your purchase.
                • cons

                  • sounds from the tweeter can be loud which may require professional help if adjustment is needed
                  • infinity may have tried too hard because frequencies at the periphery of range are not clearly seen in all car configurations
                  • 3. infinity kappa 52.11i

                    These 5.25-inch speakers are from the Kappa series, and while low on bass, they deliver loud, clear tones in the mid and high frequencies.

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                    • sensitivity: 94db
                    • rms: 55 watts
                    • maximum power: 165 watts
                    • frequency response: 55-25,000 hz
                    • 2 way/3 way/4 way: 2 way
                    • First of all, you benefit because the engineers did not install the usual w-shaped dome, but an edge-guided one.

                      this allows the speaker to produce soft high-frequency sounds.

                      you can see the trouble they’ve gone to to perfect this when you look at the frequency response of the speaker.

                      infinity uses their unipivot system on this speaker, which allows you to angle the tweeter towards you, no matter where the speaker is installed.

                      this improves the quality of the high notes you hear.

                      for car owners who love to hear and feel the bass, infinity uses a quality woofer.

                      The fiberglass unit maintains its shape at all times, so your bass tones are always clear.


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