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a copy and paste article for those who are content but don’t have time to write reviews for their preschool. Choose one of these nursery review examples to edit it to your own style or just copy the exact one.

childcare review examples to copy & paste

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  • teacher name – tn
  • daycare name – dn
  • 01. amazing staff with a lot of heart and caring mindset. it is wonderful to see our daughter get excited about going to daycare here. the teachers really make an effort to engage the children and develop them in a very individualized way. Management is truly committed to providing a safe, fun and loving environment and we are so grateful to (tn) and the entire team at (dn).

    02. this daycare is an amazing place! very clean with great staff and very welcoming. my kids have been going here for 4 months now and i couldn’t ask for a better daycare. keep up the great work you do ladies.

    03. (tn) is such a caring and understanding person. all the teachers are great. my 2 children recently started attending and we couldn’t be happier with our choice of daycare.

    04. (tn) is absolutely amazing for my son. she and her staff are always friendly and amazing. I highly recommend sending her children to her child care center.

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    • 05. I love this place and so does my son. As a single parent, I deeply appreciate that the staff is friendly and caring, and the manager at (dn) truly cares about the children and works with the parents. I am also grateful for their hours, a facility open for 12 hours really helps, especially since not everyone works 9-5. The facilities are well thought out, the rooms are spaced to keep the ages separate, but structured so teachers can help each other. my baby is happy and that makes me a happy father.

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      06. my 17 month old has been going to (dn) for almost 6 months and we love it. They are very flexible and have a great schedule. I can see the growth and learning every day! all the teachers in the infant and toddler rooms love having her and she loves seeing them. and best of all, the children seem very happy there and love each other (tn). when i see my son interact with the other kids they are attentive and share toys with him and hug him every time he comes and goes. It’s great to know that he’s in a loving environment while he’s not home.

      07. if i could give this school 10 stars i would! This is the first school where I have seen my children happy in (city). You know it’s an amazing place when they never want to leave at pickup time. I love that it feels like your home away from home.

      08. my son has attended this child development and educational center and the director is currently very focused and appreciative of the well being of each child. happy to say that his little one will be in safe and secure hands! 💛⭐

      09. Since enrolling my son, I have seen many improvements. this place is great the classes are not big so the kids get all the attention. manager is awesome. I would recommend this place to everyone with small children.

      10. We love (dn)! After researching and visiting too many schools, my husband and I walked into this school and knew it was the school we wanted to send our daughter to. classrooms are what we remember when we were kids, they were colorful and full of work being done by kids and teachers. you get this good and positive energy as soon as you walk in and to top it off the staff is amazing too! They take such good care of my girl that it makes me happy to say goodbye to her every morning and know that they will take care of her.

      11. I love this school and the teachers. It has a very homely atmosphere and the child to teacher ratio is excellent. I know my children are cared for personally. It was the first time that my children did not cry when I left, but turned around and said goodbye to me. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for quality care and great prices!

      12. first i felt the school was very safe with friendly staff. I like that it is an education based facility with a small ratio of children and wonderful teachers and it exposes your child to different aspects of learning through the senses and play. also another advantage is that they are teaching a second language. the classrooms were clean and the toys look new. big playground with which is really nice and different from other preschools. all my questions were kindly answered and when I thought of more questions at a later time, they were happy to answer them too!

      13. my son has been attending this school for a month and he really enjoys it. every day he tells me something he made or fabricated and he already told me that he has a best friend. all the teachers are very nice. the school is clean and very detailed. the teachers and principal really care about the kids which can be hard to find nowadays.

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      14. my 2 year old daughter has been attending for the past two months and has learned a lot since she has been here. the facility is nice, the staff is amazing! I will recommend to anyone who needs a preschool for her son 😊

      15. a great school with wonderful teachers. You definitely made the right decision choosing this place!

      16. When I was looking for a child care center, I came across this preschool, which stood out to me because of its private setting and warm atmosphere. It’s been over a month since my four-year-old daughter attended this preschool and I’ve already seen improvements in her basic math and writing skills. I would like to thank all the staff and specifically (tn) and would recommend this preschool to other parents.

      17. he (cn) is amazing! the staff is extremely friendly and professional. my son looks forward to going there every day. Also, for parents whose children are new to daycare/school, they need not worry as their children will be safe there. Children who may be apprehensive at first will adjust quickly as the staff lovingly reassures them each day. It is a relief for me as a mother to know that when she leaves him each morning, he will be well cared for.

      18. the people who work here are fantastic and always have time to say hello, smile or get a hug from my daughter. This has been a great place for my 3-year-old daughter during her stay in ( city ) over the summer. She has made many friends and she really likes her teachers. I’m glad I found them!

      19. our son loves (dn). he comes home every day talking about his new friends and what he learned that day. he seems more interested in learning than ever. I’m sure it’s because of his teacher. the staff is friendly and it is not very expensive. I’m glad I brought him here.

      20. my son has been going to (dn ) for some time now and has shown great improvement in his ability to talk and problem solve. he loves it here and settled in quickly when he started at this branch. the instructors are friendly and very helpful.

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