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  1. develop a focused question
  2. evaluate the literature
  3. refine & expand search
  4. limit the results
  5. download quotes
  6. abstract & analyze
  7. create flowchart
  8. synthesize & report results
  9. 1. develop a focused question

    consider peak format: population/problem, intervention, comparison, outcome

    focus on defining the population or problem and intervention (don’t limit the comparison or outcome yet!)

    Reading: How to write a health care literature review


    “what are the effects of the pilates method for patients with low back pain?”

    tools & additional resources:

    • pico help question
    • templates & definitions for peak question types
      • stillwell, susan b., dnp, rn, cne; fineout-overholt, ellen, phd, rn, fnap, faan; melnyk, bernadette mazurek, phd, rn, cpnp/pmhnp, fnap, faan; williamson, kathleen m., phd, rn evidence-based practice, step by step: asking the clinical question, ajn the american journal of nursing: march 2010 – volume 110 – number 3 – p 58-61 doi: 10.1097/01 .naj .0000368959.11129.79
      • 2. reach the literature

        A “scope search” investigates the breadth and/or depth of the initial question or may identify a gap in the literature.

        eligible studies can be located by searching:

        • background sources (books, poc tools)
        • article databases
        • trial records
        • grey literature
        • search for cited references
        • reference lists
        • When searching, if possible, translate the terms into the controlled vocabulary of the database. use the text word search when necessary.

          use boolean operators to connect search terms:

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