Career goals for performance review: 60 examples that will make you a high achiever

In today’s workforce, employees are increasingly aware of their growth. They set development goals to increase their productivity and help them and their managers assess and track progress at their next performance review. With these goals, employees can develop new personal and professional skills that make them not only better employees, but also great people outside of work.

More often than not, goal setting is a collaborative process between managers and employees. managers act as guides to help them achieve their goals.

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Whether you choose to go it alone or not, we’ve outlined a comprehensive list of sample career goals you should set before your next performance review.

why are performance appraisal objectives so important?

Employees need that extra push to help them reach their full potential. Setting performance review goals acts as a little push. these goals motivate employees to become a better, more productive version of themselves.

By setting these goals, employees can be much more honest during self-assessment exercises, as they’re curious to see how far they’re progressing in the end. managers and employees can also focus on pain points and areas that need improvement.

set career goals for performance review

long-term goals

1. functional goals

process improvement

Process improvement involves taking over business activities that will improve productivity and meet new organizational standards. Setting these goals is aimed at improving the business functions of your company.

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