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I’m often asked how to do better in the critical reading portion of mcat. so today i wanted to take some time to talk about practicing better for this section, what most people think is the hardest section of the mcat.

The first tip for this section is to read the passage. people may say that this is easier said than done, and mcat passages are long and arduous. however, this can be overcome with a lot of practice. Only by timing yourself over and over again will you understand what 5 minutes, 7 minutes, and 9 minutes feel like. the first step of the passage is the most important, and it is important to learn to retain the things you read. the first thing is that the passages are usually about boring topics, and usually they are not about the latest kanye west album, but about why a certain plant is only found in nepal. second, they can be a bit confusing because they use unusual words or use strange phrases. finally, you may be distracted by other passages in your section.

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before beginning each passage, you should take a short break. I read the passage first and highlighted the relevant parts to stay interested. Second, I did at least 4 passages every day from the Princeton Review Car Book. The second thing to combat reading passages you don’t understand or sentences you don’t understand is to skip them; they don’t matter in the larger point of the essay anyway. learning new vocabulary or sentences is not important, and reading comprehension of a sentence will not help you answer questions about the main idea of ​​the text. You are not supposed to understand every part of the passage because you are being tested to see if you don’t get bogged down in the details. It’s called a reading comprehension test because the creators of the test want to see if you can cut the fluff out of the passage to get to the critical sections you need to answer the questions correctly. If you see enough passages, you’ll see enough main idea questions to understand how to go through each section.

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now, let’s move on to answering the questions. most of the questions will be about the author’s point of view, so you need to understand what they are trying to tell you. without understanding his point of view, you will never be able to answer his question. you can remove distracting options, as well as those that don’t support the claims the author was making because he spent a lot of time reading the passage. You can also bookmark questions and come back to them and look at them with a fresh perspective, which can help you answer the question correctly. Another piece of advice I have is any time you see a word like always, never, usually, I would pay special attention to it because it’s a statement that the author is saying and he’s calling your attention to that specific word. they want you to make sure you look at that particular word because it’s important to what the author cares about. You should ask yourself if you agree or disagree because it will probably be an important question later in the passage. each time you practice, make sure the passage fully supports your answer choice. if all the statements in the answer are not supported by the answer choice, then it probably won’t be the correct answer. it is important to make sure that all statements are supported by the opinions of the author, even if that opinion is not “correct.”

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Another important tip is to make sure you focus your improvement on your weak areas. I wasn’t a fast reader, but I understood the passages right away, so I worked on my time. if you are working on answering questions better, allow more time for that at the beginning and increase the time you need on test day. you need to come up with a plan that is best for you to improve the mcat. getting better at cars just requires focusing on getting the author’s main idea and learning more about how to answer the question before looking at the answer options. I read the passage first, then I look at the answer options. you have to make sure to practice because each person has a different method on how to increase your reading comprehension. You can’t seem to improve on this section, but that’s definitely wrong. I was able to improve my score by using specific improvement techniques, and I believe it is possible for each person to improve as well. Also, outside of the test, make sure you exercise and keep up with your family and friends, because you definitely need breaks and without them you’ll find yourself hitting the ceiling with the mcat.

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