How To Increase Your CARS Score on the MCAT Fast

[mcat 6/6 car strategy] the best car scorers are smart enough to adopt a different mindset during cars

Many pre-meds live in fear of cars because they don’t believe it’s possible to raise their scores. not only that, this section is actually known as the “most feared” section.

many people are dealing with the difficulty that car passages are not very interesting.

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what’s our advice? deal with it!

at this point, we want you to accept that cars can be a very boring section.

How does that make you feel right now? how will this make you feel when you are writing the actual test? Are you going to be complaining through this section? Are you going to get mad?

high scorers know that having a negative mindset will never help you. it will only hurt you whether you realize it or not.

causes a great lack of efficiency. the negative impact is different for different people. for some, they don’t read as fast when they’re in a negative state. for others, they don’t comprehend information as well when they’re in a negative frame of mind.

even if you’re 100% sure that the thought of you not finding the content interesting won’t have any effect on your performance, why would you take that risk? the first key is to be in control of your emotions.

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Anyone who approaches this section with the greatest enthusiasm, positive attitude, and self-created interest will find it easier to succeed not only in this entire section, but in the exam as well.

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high scorers know it’s important to change the way you view information in the passage. look at it as something interesting. find the art interesting if that is not your background. be excited to learn something new about any subject.

in fact, tell yourself that for the next few minutes, that subject is your new major and that’s all you want to do for the rest of your life. having this perspective will not only make the process less tedious, but your mind will stay optimally active and that whole section will go by much more easily.

sure, you can probably do just fine in cars without going through this mental reset, but why not make it easier for yourself?

If you don’t try to develop a positive outlook toward these passages, it will only lead to frustration and overwhelming stress. many premeds, when overwhelmed and frustrated, often have “brain fog.” top scorers know to avoid them because they only lead to a slow decrease in their cars’ score.

Speaking of car mindset, we’ve got a way a 130+ point scorer can literally walk you through entire passages of aamc cars and show you their thought processes on how they work efficiently: finding the main idea , analyze passages, analyze questions. and analyzing the answer options and constantly choosing the correct option.

we call them “130+ marker car passing dissections”. We guarantee that if you take the time to go through just one of these dissections, you’ll walk away with an evolved perspective on your car. This is an extremely powerful way for you to really take on the top scorer’s perspective and install it in your own mind.

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You can see an example of a complete autos passage dissection of an actual aamc passage from one of the question packs, in this article. check it out, take your time and review it, and you’ll see exactly why we and so many other students are speaking so highly of them.

Lastly, we just want to say that we know that studying for the mcat can be very stressful and we totally understand. we want to do everything we can to help make this journey as easy as possible for you. we believe in ‘hacking the system’ to get the highest possible score in the easiest possible way….

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and the #1 way to do that is to use strategies that others have used to score above the 90th percentile on the mcat. those are mcat study techniques you know work.

The few strategies in this article are just scratching the surface when it comes to all the most effective strategies for top scorers we have for you in the mcat strategy guide for top scorers. You can download this pdf guide and within a day know exactly what you need to do to maximize your mcat and cars score the same as the best before you.

If your car scores are stagnant and have been for a while, or if your scores aren’t rising fast enough, even after consistent practice, you may need to make a change to your current approach. there is something missing in your approach that you need to add and/or there is something you are doing to hurt your progress that you need to stop doing.

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You can use the strategies we have for you to identify how you can improve and/or what you can correct. Smaller improvements and changes can usually get you the score boosts you need to reach your target score.

With a toolkit of the right strategies to improve your score, you just have to go through them one by one, apply them, and see which ones give you the score boost you’re looking for. this way, you are guaranteed to find the missing ingredient.

in this top scorer mcat strategy ‘toolkit’ we have for you we have a whole car section full of strategies used and recommended by those who have mastered the car section and are now in med school of your dreams.

so if you want all of our best car strategies, shortcuts and tricks that we don’t post anywhere else, you can download or learn more about the guide by clicking the link below.

also, feel free to check out the table of contents to see exactly what you get in the car section…

Click here for the mcat strategy guide for top scorer.

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