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what are local directory reviews and ratings?

These are reviews expressed by current, past and potential residents and/or their families, who write reviews and rate service providers listed in the local directory.

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why do you offer this service?

Our mission is to simplify care and help caregivers and adults 50 and older find the services and resources that best fit their needs. Choosing a living situation can be one of the most important decisions an individual or family must make, and we know that the right fit is different for every family. the more information we can provide to help inform the selection process, the better for everyone, including the provider. Consumer ratings and reviews are frequently requested as they can be invaluable to others with similar needs and preferences. customer testimonials are also useful for service providers.

as a provider or facility owner, why would I want a resident or their loved ones to review and rate my services?

Ratings and reviews can help you acquire new customers by serving as endorsements or referrals, and/or can help you further improve your services by serving as a feedback mechanism. (note: providers may post responses to reviews of their services on the site). large vendors will thrive on this feature and grow their businesses. in fact, we’ve seen that listings with ratings and reviews can increase customer conversion rates two to three times more than listings without ratings or reviews.

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As a senior care or senior housing provider, how can I have my clients and their family members rate and review my senior care services?

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There are a variety of ways you can encourage ratings and reviews of your senior living or senior care services. for example, you could:

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