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reviews are an essential part of your profile. caregivers who have them are six times more likely to be contacted by potential employers. You know you’re great at your job, but having reviews can mean the difference between hearing the words “you’re hired” and “thanks, but no thanks.”

However, asking current or former employers to write a review about you can feel uncomfortable or intimidating. but it doesn’t have to be!

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denise kalm, board-certified coach and author of “career savvy-keeping & transforming her work,” and Stacia Pierce, career expert and CEO of Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises, offer her advice for asking people for reviews.

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1) choose the right moment

Asking your current employer to post a review on can be tricky. “Whatever the situation, ask hard, if you can,” Kalm says. “That means asking for a review right after you’ve accomplished something your employer appreciates.”

This will be easier if you work part-time or if your current employer knows you are moving to a different position. If you’re a full-time caregiver, you don’t want your employer to think he’s about to jump ship.

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“If you have a good relationship with your employer and they have previously given you positive feedback about your job performance, feel free to go back and ask them for a good reference when you need it,” Pierce adds.

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2) ask by email

asking for a review can feel awkward face-to-face, and you want to ask in a way that doesn’t make someone feel obligated. Pierce suggests sending an email as a good starting point, so you’re not putting anyone on the spot with an in-person request. by using email, you also give yourself time to formulate the request properly. of course, you can also request an in-person meeting or phone call to discuss the application further.

3) keep it easy

“Sometimes your reference might have a lot on their plate, so you might suggest that they send you a pre-written [post],” Pierce says. “This method can be beneficial for both; they won’t have to spend a lot of time writing the letter and you can include any statements you want.”

If they prefer to write the letter themselves, make suggestions about areas they might want to discuss, such as your cleanliness or creative solution-solving, suggests kalm. “You can share an example that is representative of your skills or write the example for them,” she says.

4) consult with former employers

even if time has passed, you can go back and ask previous employers to post reviews on your profile. However, if you’ve been using an older reference for many years, Kalm suggests checking back to see if their opinion has changed, or if they’re no longer willing to provide you with a reference.

5) add variety

Consider asking different types of employers, not just the families that have hired you for the type of work you are currently looking for. if he worked in a retail store or did volunteer work, the skills he used in those past situations can translate into positive reviews. ask your friends or family to post reviews that focus on your personality traits, like loyalty and trustworthiness.

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post a message on your social media profiles, asking if anyone would be interested in writing a review. you may have forgotten someone who can provide a great testimonial.

6) express gratitude

time and opinions are valuable commodities. if anyone is willing to post a positive review you should thank them, either with a note or maybe some homemade treats. his work will help you get new jobs after all. this also emphasizes how friendly and professional you are.

7) don’t wait until you lose your job

Situations can change overnight, and a job you thought would last forever can end without warning. Being proactive and continually adding reviews to your profile will save you valuable time if you find yourself unemployed.

ready to add reviews to your profile? You can request reviews now by inviting family, friends, and former and current employers to connect with you at they will be prompted to write a review when they receive your connection request.

Asking for praise can make you nervous, but don’t let shyness get in the way of the job you’re perfect for. These communication skills can translate into other areas of your professional life and support your negotiation skills. choose wisely who to contact, ask professionally, and reap the benefits of reviews that tell the world who you are.

corey whelan is a freelance journalist based in brooklyn, n.y. His work can be found here.

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