How to get a free car seat for review

for babies and children, having a car seat is actually a legal requirement.

but not everyone can afford one.

Reading: How to get a free car seat for review

If you’re struggling financially, you may be wondering if you can get a free car seat.

luckily, there are plenty of ways to get free baby stuff, including a car seat.

of course, you’ll need to meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify.

So, let’s take a look at all the places you can get an infant or toddler car seat for free.

let’s start with where not to get a free car seat

car seats are designed to keep your child safe while in the car. That’s why it’s so important to get a car seat from a reputable organization and to know the history of the car seat, whether it really is a used or donated car seat.

It can be tempting to buy a used car seat on a platform like ebay, but you don’t know the history of the seat you’re buying.

the seat may have degraded and may not be safe to use, or the seat may have been involved in an accident.

Therefore, we do not recommend that you purchase a car seat on a platform like craigslist or ebay, or from places like yard sales, thrift stores, and thrift stores.

where to get a free car seat

Here are some places where you can get a free toddler car seat and free car seats for infants and children of any age.

As we mentioned above, each location has different eligibility requirements.

For example, organizations that give out free baby items to low-income families obviously require an annual income below a certain threshold.

so be sure to check each venue’s requirements to see which one is right for you.

1. baby2baby

  • official website:
  • Wondering where to get free child seats for low-income families?

    well, check out baby2baby.

    This organization makes donations through a network of organizations in a wide variety of states.

    Through its partner organizations, low-income families can receive a wide range of items for children ages 0-10, including diapers and clothing. you may be able to get a free car seat from one of the organizations they’re associated with, like small essentials for example.

    2. united path around the world

    • official website:
    • 2-1-1, a program of the non-profit organization united way worldwide, connects people with the resources they need locally.

      you can use the free and confidential 2-1-1 service to get help finding a free car seat in your area.

      3. wic

      • official website:
      • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a government organization that helps mothers living on low income.

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        people who can get wic assistance are pregnant or breastfeeding women, non-breastfeeding postpartum women, infants, and children up to age 5.

        wic’s primary goal is to provide nutritional assistance. so it’s a good place to get free formula.

        but, if you successfully enroll in the wic program, then you can also get a free car seat through the program.

        4. everyday miracles

        • official website:
        • everyday miracles is an organization that aims to improve birth rates and reduce health disparities in communities.

          has a car seat program that allows anyone with a qualified state health plan to get a free car seat. So if you have a state-funded plan through Ucare, Health Partners, or Blue Health Plus, then you may be eligible to get a free car seat for your infant or child.

          Their services are also available at no cost to those with a Medicaid health care plan. so if you’re wondering how to get a free car seat through medicaid, check out everyday miracles.

          You can request a free seat, and if you’re approved, one of the organization’s car seat technicians will provide you with information on how to install and use it safely. you can receive the car seat for free at home or at the hospital.

          5. safe kids around the world

          • official website:
          • safe kids worldwide is an organization dedicated to child safety.

            has coalitions in the united states, which organize car seat review events. just contact your local safe kids coalition to attend one of these events.

            Some coalitions offer free child safety seats to families in need. sometimes there is a fee for the seat, which is calculated based on individual coalition guidelines.

            6. child safety seat distribution program in new mexico

            • official website:
            • The New Mexico Child Safety Seat Distribution Program is a program that provides free playground equipment to those who need it.

              If you live below the poverty line in New Mexico, you may be able to qualify for a free car seat.

              7. local churches

              If you’re having trouble paying for a car seat, consider contacting your local church. they will be happy to help you find an organization or charity that provides free car seats.

              Some religious charities, such as US Catholic Charities. uu., They also help families in need.

              8. ask your insurance provider

              Some health insurance companies will give free car seats to new parents who are insured. just contact your insurance provider to ask.

              9. ask at the hospital or doctor’s office

              The hospital or doctor’s office are other good places to ask about getting a free car seat.

              they will be able to provide you with excellent resources.

              10. ask your local police or fire department

              Another place to ask if you’re looking for local organizations and charities that offer free car games is at your local police station or fire department.

              Police and fire will install car seats for free, so they may also be able to help you find a free car seat locally.

              11. get a free car seat near you

              that’s the thing…

              There are so many other small local organizations and charities that help families with all sorts of things that it would be hard to list them all. but you can easily find places and sites that give away free stuff like car seats near you.

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              here’s how to find them:

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