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“how to draw cars now” was first featured in December 2011 when designer arvind ramkrishna launched it on kickstarter to support early production.

the project successfully reached its funding goal in January, and the first dvd sets are currently in production, almost ready for delivery.

Reading: How to draw cars now review

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How to Draw Cars Now DVD set contentOur Review

The first thing that strikes us is the amount of material included: two DVDs, with almost five hours of video content, four ebooks and an insert booklet.

All of this learning content focuses specifically on drawing cars and represents a complete class/workshop on the subject, complete with training exercises, reference material, and hands-on demonstrations.

In addition to this holistic approach, another unique feature of “how to draw cars now” is its specific focus on a traditional, analog drawing approach, using pens, pencils, and markers, which it still is today. Recognized by design schools as the best method to learn to draw.

content summary

dvd 1

the first dvd is the “heart” of the package and includes several chapters:

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