How To Remove Reviews From Facebook: Guide To Delete FB Reviews

facebook reviews are a critical element of facebook business pages. These pages allow consumers to give small businesses and local businesses one to five star reviews, with or without additional explanation or customer review. no business owner wants bad reviews on facebook. One of the first questions that may arise if negative comments appear is: how can I remove reviews from facebook?

If you are a business owner or manager, you may have noticed negative reviews on your Facebook page and want to manage your social media reputation. you have come to the right place. We’ll explain why online reviews are important and your options for removing bad reviews on Facebook. Let’s dive into how to handle negative Facebook reviews and your broader online reputation.

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can i delete facebook reviews?

yes, you can remove facebook reviews from your page by removing the reviews section from your facebook page. see guidelines below on how to do this in “how to remove facebook review section”.

That said, you can’t delete individual reviews from Facebook. According to Facebook, you can report reviews with comments that do not meet Facebook’s Community Standards. however, you cannot report reviews that only include a star rating with no customer feedback.

People who write business reviews on facebook can delete their own facebook reviews at any time. the companies themselves, however, cannot edit reviews.

If you don’t want bad reviews with profanity to appear on your company’s Facebook page, you can block comments that include profanity by turning on the profanity filter.

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should i delete facebook reviews?

To remove all negative reviews from your facebook page, you must remove the entire reviews section from your facebook page. A business with multiple negative reviews might think it’s best to remove the reviews section, but remember that removing your business’s Facebook reviews will also remove all the positive ones. it’s better to have a few good reviews to show potential customers than no reviews at all.

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Having both positive and negative reviews online increases your chances of getting new customers. if you still want to remove it, here are the steps to remove reviews section from your facebook business page.

how to remove facebook reviews section

to disable facebook page reviews, follow these step-by-step instructions:

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