How to care for pier one bradding table reviews

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we are approaching 1 year of owning the pier 1 dining table. our family has used it enough now that i feel safe leaving a review! we own the pier 1 bradding table in natural stonewash stain, 84″, and eat there 1-3 times a day.

Reading: How to care for pier one bradding table reviews

pier 1 bradding table in kitchen

my new pier 1 dining table: the bradding table in natural stonewash

bradding table the pier 1 dining table in a blue dining room

(see our entire dining room here)

One day on a whim, I dragged the Pier 1 kitchen table from the dining room to the breakfast nook “just to see”.pier 1 bradding table in a kitchen

I love it here. love the natural stain, love the size – big enough to fit 8 and still be comfortable. And I loved the price!

pier 1 kitchen table with pumpkins on top

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our family of 6 has eaten at this table between 1 and 3 times a day now. It’s been about 6 months since we moved it into the kitchen.

my experience with our pier 1 dining table: the good and the bad

before buying the pier 1 tiptoe table, i had never bought anything from that store. so this was the first time for me and i was a bit nervous.

so overall it holds up pretty well, but with a few issues. no chips, no scratches, no swelling, the wood is completely solid. looks good on a day to day basis. I wipe it down with a damp rag or just 7th generation wipes, then quickly dry it with a dry dish towel. sometimes i can see the marks from where i clean it, not sure why. just leave a bit of wipe on the wood.

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pier 1 dining table with white chairs around it

my kids played with their toy cars on this table, dragged heavy plates across the wooden top, etc. there are no scratches or large dents.

look at that pretty easel! looks great from afar. but when I get closer sometimes I can see the marks of cleaning it.

2 vases on top of pier 1 dining table

check out my included 30 second video to see what the table looks like in “real life”!

I was looking closely at the table top when taking photos and noticed signs of wear on the top that I hadn’t noticed before. the wood stain is slightly uneven in places. when i inspected it further i remembered where i rubbed the dry putty one day, it’s lighter underneath. I don’t love that because a new table should withstand all kinds of washing!

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and in some other areas the stain appears to be uneven.

update: see our kitchen with our new white kitchen table here

close up of a wood pier1 kitchen table topIt’s not bad, but I see signs of wear, and it’s a little too soon to be seeing signs of wear on a table. There is a light mark towards the center that looks like a faint water ring. It’s easier to see on the video I posted here.

I checked the reviews for the pier 1 bradding dining table before I bought it. It was surprisingly good, but there are some people who complain about the water rings.

close up shot of the pier 1 bradding table

I planned to put food-safe poly or wax on it to protect the top. but life has been busy, there are other priorities and I really didn’t think it was necessary.

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We are not in the habit of leaving dishes or food out during the day. but, we are many and my children eat sticky things, spill their juice and leave messes like everyone else. we only use placemats when the food is hot. the breakfast plates usually sit on the table until I can get all the kids to school and shower.

I’m sorry about that decision to not protect the wood now on our Pier 1 dining table. But it doesn’t look bad, it’s just not new anymore. and that chunky easel is so pretty! I feel good about the table in general, although I was disappointed when I inspected it and found small inconsistencies in the top.

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