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in 1942, russell gray and robert cone founded the graco company. however, at the time it only made auto parts. After Gray left the company, the remaining partner hired an engineer to lead Graco into a new type of product, including the first baby swing. This favorite baby swing was all the rage, making Graco a household name. Graco is currently a leader in infant products, including car seats across all car seat categories and full-size strollers and umbrella strollers.

performance comparison

crash test

The snuglock 35’s crash test results are somewhat better and worse than average, with one sensor reading close to the best result while the other sensor is closer to the worst in the review. Below is a graph of the head sensor results for all the products in our review for easy comparison.

Reading: Graco snugride snuglock 35 infant car seat reviews

for the head sensor (hic score), graco’s results are 606, where the maximum allowed is 1000, and a lower number is better. the best results in the review are the chicco keyfit 30 (see comparison below) with a 330.

chest sensor data is best with a result of 46, where the maximum allowed is 60, and a lower number is better. the best for this sensor is 44 obtained by the cybex aton 2, and below is a comparison.

These results mean that the combined results for this graph are better than the group average. while we wish the hic sensor result was better, the combined results are good considering the cheap price of the seat.

ease of installation – latch

The snuglock 35 has clip-style latch anchors that are often easier to put on and more difficult to remove. Since this process should be easier than installing with the vehicle belt, it’s too bad the clip-on style makes it more challenging.

the tethers are easy enough to attach to the vehicle (top left) and the latch strap tightens through the latch (top right), which will help further tighten the strap when closed . the base feels super stable. This installation method is the second easiest method for Graco, rivaled only by vehicle belt installation.

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ease of installation – belt

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You can install the snuglock 35 using the vehicle belt and base. this installation method is the easiest for this seat. Installation is simple and the belt lock on the base helps tighten the vehicle’s belt so you can ensure a perfect fit.

The base includes an adjustment foot (top left) to ensure you install the base correctly and a level (top right) with a range indicator for proper installation.

easy installation – without the base

You can install the snuglock 35 without the base using the lap belt route. it is average compared to the competition for ease of installation with this method.

Installation is simple and includes using the vehicle belt at the bottom of the carrier and pulling hard at the bottom for a snug fit. the carrier feels safe and we don’t need to use a towel or pool float. the lap belt path does not require the use of the vehicle’s shoulder strap.

ease of use

This Graco is more difficult to use than most of the competition, thanks in part to what appears to be a design flaw in the handle and canopy. This top handle problem results in rubbing and difficulty opening the top while using the handle.


This buckle and harness are typical of Graco and on par with discontinued Graco infant car seats. the buckle is stiff and hard to push in, and the chest clip doesn’t slide in as smoothly as it could, and while neither is impossible, they’re not the easiest either. Tightening and releasing the harness is average, with one button accessible and a relatively smooth sliding strap located at the wearer’s foot. This Graco has a rethread height adjustment with a T-divider. the holes are big and easy enough to use. The harness has 4 shoulder positions and the crotch strap has 2.

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The handle moves at a pivot point when you press the button on each side simultaneously. It suffers from the same handlebar canopy collision issue we’ve seen on previous Graco seats and unfortunately they didn’t fix this issue on the new line. This design causes the handle and the canopy to rub against each other, and it is difficult to use them at the same time and worse if you plan to carry the carrier. The handle won’t go past the top when the top is down, and you have to force the top under a raised handle. all four handle positions are allowed when driving.

carrier and base connection

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The protractor clicks into the base with ease and scores relatively high on this test. we didn’t need extra pressure to make the connection, and we didn’t have any false connections. Releasing the carrier is easy with the rear carrier release lever that can also lift the carrier off the base.

latch anchors and manual storage

The latch anchors are stored in a compartment on the back of the base. this location keeps the straps out of the way and does not cause any installation issues between the carrier and the base. There is a manual compartment in the center of the base that opens up and somewhat protects the manual from damage.


The comfort and quality of this Graco is on par with what you would expect from a product at this lower price. This seat has thinner padding all around with less supportive rigid foam throughout. the fabric is canvas and softer than the infant insert that comes with the seat.

The canopy is long enough to look nice even if it’s a little wrinkled (top left), and it has a hidden window with Velcro closure (top left). It opens well, but it’s hard to keep it open while the handle is upright for carrying since they’re both the same height. The overall fit and finish isn’t terrible, but it reflects the cheap price and might affect its lifespan or durability.

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The snuglock 35 carrier weighs in at 8.5 pounds, making it one of the lightest carriers in the bunch and might be considered if you need to move or carry the carrier longer distances on a regular basis.

stroller compatibility

Graco strollers are generally only compatible with Graco infant car seats. None of the Graco strollers we’ve tested have performed as well in our reviews. Since the snuglock is relatively new, we expect adapters for strollers outside of the graco line to appear in the future. The Thule Urban Glide 2 offers a universal adapter, the Thule Infant Car Seat Adapter. While this will work with the Graco seat, it’s a tether-in-place adapter that we’re concerned many parents won’t be able to use properly.

should you buy the snuglock?

The snuglock is better than the graco snugride 35 lite lx, but it’s not as impressive in key metrics as the best car seats we tested. While it would be our Graco seat of choice, we don’t think there’s any reason a parent should choose the Graco brand over the highest-rated seats or those with the best crash test results or easiest-to-install scores. .

what other infant car seat should I consider?

the chicco keyfit 30 has a similar price and overall score. however, it did perform better in tests on key metrics such as block method installation and crash test results. This makes it a seat we’d pick over the Graco and one we’d recommend to a friend, especially those on a budget.

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