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“Getaway Car” is the ninth track on Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album, ‘Reputation.’ the song equates a relationship falling apart to being with a thief. Taylor Swift shows off some serious lyrical chops on this song.

jack antonoff and taylor swift together wrote and produced the song, and it has a twisted edge that flows naturally into the song. the lyrics describe how this romance was doomed from the start, but they still carried on, ignoring all the red warnings. Taylor even brings up Bonnie and Clyde’s popular wicked romance to describe their relationship with each other.

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review of the lyrics and meaning of the song “getaway car”

A ‘getaway car’ is a vehicle used by criminals to escape a crime scene as quickly as possible. Taylor draws inspiration for the song from the infamous crime couple Bonnie and Clyde, who were shot by police while fleeing in a luxury Ford car in 1934.

verse 1

popular belief is that this song is about her very brief affair with actor tom hiddleston. In a bizarre twist of irony, Tom Hiddleston plays more twisted roles than others in his films.

Taylor says he knew this person at the best of times. This could mean that Taylor met Tom Hiddleston at the 2016 Met Gala, and she was dating Calvin Harris at the time. Calvin and Taylor were having an exceptionally good relationship and this “worst of crimes” had to happen. somehow tom made taylor angry or vice versa, and everything went wrong afterwards.

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taylor swift paints a picture of how her encounter with tom hiddleston came to pass. they accidentally met at the event and she thinks she blew him away. something that proves this was said by tom later;

“I was at a table with taylor swift and the weeknd was playing and she said, ‘the thing about these parties is nobody gets up to dance. we have to dance on the weekend so we get up and dance. I sat next to her at dinner that night and she’s so lovely, she’s amazing.”

Everyone was dressed in their suits and ties and white lies were flying in the drunken air. shades of gray represent a happy medium between good and evil. she wasn’t sure if what she was doing was right or wrong. she wanted to leave him, but she froze for no reason.


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These “getaway car” lyrics mention how everything started to fall apart. remember very specifically how things developed, like marking an ‘x’ on a map.

‘old fashioned’ is a cocktail made from whiskey. she knew from the first sip of alcohol they drank together, that they were doomed from the start. but she jumped at it anyway, possibly as a rebound from her well-documented relationship with calvin harris. this was like firing a shotgun in the dark. a shotgun has a spread bullet range and a shot in the dark would be even worse at missing the target, or at least the impact would be minimal. So, Taylor went into this relationship without high hopes.

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the chorus of “getaway car” is very catchy and describes the current situation of their relationship.

tom was the “getaway car” of the breakup with calvin harris. They were moving so fast that Tom even met Taylor’s parents within a month. they were going so fast, but they weren’t going anywhere.

Taylor says this downhill relationship doesn’t surprise her, thinking back to where they first met, at the Met Gala, a place that doesn’t signify any context of a long-term relationship.

verse 2

taylor swift calls this the “great escape”. It’s unclear if Taylor felt stifled in her relationship with Calvin Harris and needed that outlet. however, this led to a love triangle situation, when her ex went after both of them. Calvin Harris tweeted some cruel tweets about Taylor Swift after the breakup, which would have pushed Taylor to write such a lyric. she calls this situation a “circus” and there is no love in a circus of a love story, it was just entertainment for the spectators.

calvin harris later apologized for his harsh behavior online.

“and a circus is not a love story and now we’re both sorry (we’re both sorry)”


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this lyric from “getaway car” tells us how taylor got back on track.

They were like bonnie and clyde, running from their ex. but she double-crosses the getaway car driver. she calls him and herself traitors. she might feel guilty about bringing tom into the middle of her relationship with calvin and she might be feeling bad that tom got between calvin and her relationship. her so she kicks the driver of the getaway car and scuttles away.

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Ultimately, Taylor drops the hit-and-run driver off at a motel, steals his car, and leaves it for good. there hasn’t been a revival for taylor and tom after their short-lived relationship.

taylor swift does an amazing job of tying her personal life together with a bonnie and clyde pop culture reference to tell an engaging story in “getaway car.” we love how she infused her life experience into the song and made it seem like a fictional story.

what do you think of the song and lyrics? Do you have a different interpretation of the lyrics? let us know in the comments below.

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full lyrics to “getaway car” by taylor swift

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