2023 Open Care Senior Plan Review (Cost, Pros, Cons & FAQs)

senior care plan open ads look like a great deal.

but when you read the fine print, you quickly realize that the prices they advertise are unrealistic for most people.

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in this open care final expense plan review, you’ll learn who they are, if they’re trustworthy, how their plans work, what they really cost, and much more.

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who are the open care seniors?

open care seniors is an independent insurance agency based in naples, florida.

final expense life insurance is the main product they sell.

they also sell term life, accidental death, long-term care, and medicare-related products.

run national TV commercials claiming you are eligible for $30,000 in final expense coverage.

Their website features incredibly low prices, such as “rates starting at $7.49 per month.”

just like the colonial penn $9.95 plan, you shouldn’t take those quotes seriously.

You should by no means expect to pay $7.49 per month for coverage (or anything close) if you choose to purchase an open-care life insurance plan.

if you read the fine print, they deny that $7.49 per month refers to a $2,000 death benefit for a 50-year-old woman in good health.

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how do open care final expense plans work?

Open care senior burial insurance plans are available with coverage up to $50,000 and no medical exam required.

it is a whole life insurance policy where prices stay the same and coverage does not decrease.

plus, the policy will never expire and builds cash value.

The policy payout is intended to cover funeral costs and other end-of-life expenses.

the insurance provider will give your loved ones a tax-free cash payment when you die.

There are no restrictions on how your recipients spend that money.

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they have two options to choose from:

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