Best Extended Car Warranty of November 2022

The sections below serve as a guide to help drivers looking for an extended auto warranty find the best coverage to fit their needs and budget.

what is an extended warranty?

An extended auto warranty, also called a vehicle service contract or aftermarket auto warranty, is an optional service plan that helps cover the cost of certain auto part repairs or replacements. An extended service plan usually takes effect after your manufacturer’s factory warranty has expired, although the two warranties sometimes overlap.

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The main difference between a manufacturer’s warranty and an extended automobile warranty is that the manufacturer’s warranty is included at the time the vehicle is sold. extended auto warranties, on the other hand, cost an additional fee.

extended warranty coverage

extended auto warranties cover repairs and replacements for breakdowns that result from normal use. Depending on your plan, it may cover your powertrain, electrical system, air conditioning, and other systems.

Most extended warranties do not cover routine maintenance on your vehicle. Things like oil changes, brake pads, and tires are usually the owner’s responsibility. The best auto extended warranty providers have several coverage options, so you can select a plan that meets the needs of your vehicle.

types of extended warranty coverage for automobiles

Like manufacturer warranties, aftermarket auto warranties generally fall into three main types: powertrain, bumper-to-bumper, and designated component. Here are some of the basics for each type of warranty:

  • Powertrain: Powertrain warranties cover the powertrain of your vehicle. this includes most of the internal parts of the engine and transmission. extended powertrain warranties are generally recommended for high mileage or older vehicles.
  • bumper-to-bumper: Bumper-to-bumper warranties often offer the most comprehensive coverage. most include the car’s major mechanical systems, except for certain excluded items. components excluded from an extended bumper-to-bumper warranty must be listed in the warranty details.
  • Named Component: You might consider a Named Component contract as the opposite of a full warranty. Instead of a list of excluded parts or services, a designated component service contract provides you with a list of included parts. everything else is considered not covered.
  • read the fine print on your warranty or look at a sample contract to make sure you know what type of service contract your aftermarket car’s warranty covers.

    benefits of extended car warranty

    extended auto warranties keep your car covered in the event of a mechanical or technological failure. depending on the type of car you have and how much it costs to own over its lifetime, this could save you money.

    In addition to protecting your vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, the best extended auto warranties provide benefits such as:

    • convenience: If you have a problem covered by your service contract, you’ll know exactly who to call to fix it. Most warranty providers allow you to choose your own mechanic or repair center. the best companies will even pay your repair shop directly.
    • Risk Mitigation : While some vehicles cost less to repair than others, recurring problems, or even a single expensive repair, can quickly add up to a hefty repair bill. an aftermarket car warranty alleviates the cost of repairs as your vehicle ages.
    • additional benefits: Many of the best extended car warranty companies include benefits with their protection plans, such as roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, or towing services.
    • automobile extended warranty exclusions

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      Extended automotive warranties only cover components that break down as a result of normal use. damage resulting from an accident, misuse or improper maintenance will not be covered. certain items are not covered under any circumstances. these typically include non-mechanical parts such as bumpers, glass, trim, and upholstery. Items that wear and tear, such as tires, brake pads, wiper blades, and shock absorbers, are also typically excluded from coverage.

      extended car warranty vs. mechanical breakdown insurance

      Some auto insurance providers offer mechanical breakdown insurance (mbi). This is an add-on that covers mechanical issues similar to an extended car warranty. however, mbi often requires you to visit a small dealer network and generally doesn’t last as long as the plans of the best auto warranty providers.

      extended car warranty cost

      According to our research, extended warranties that last between three and six years cost between $1,600 and $4,500 on average. Bumper-to-bumper warranties tend to be more expensive, since they cover more components. longer-lasting coverage also increases the contract price. Other factors that affect car warranty costs include:

      • deductible
      • vehicle age, make, model and mileage
      • existing coverage
      • location
      • provider
      • what is a good price for an extended car warranty?

        A good price for a comprehensive extended auto warranty is between $2,000 and $3,500 total. prices vary based on the coverage and limitations you select. many companies offer monthly payments ranging from $80 to $125.

        can you buy an extended car warranty after purchase?

        You can purchase an extended warranty from a trusted third-party vendor at almost any time after purchase. Manufacturers, on the other hand, usually require you to purchase an extended warranty before the factory warranty expires. some only allow you to purchase one when you purchase the vehicle.

        how do extended warranties work?

        An extended warranty helps protect you by covering the cost of certain repairs if a mechanical or electrical component breaks down. exactly which parts are covered depends on your contract. There are generally two types of coverage plan options: exclusive coverage and designated component coverage.

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