Estée Lauder Review – The Dermatology Review

in the world of beauty, few names are as synonymous with beauty and skin care as estée lauder. The global company now includes nearly 30 brands, including Mac, Clinique, and Crème de la Mer, and sells around the world, but it has very humble roots. Here’s a closer look at the woman behind the brand, Estée Lauder herself, what the company sells today, and are Estée Lauder products right for you?

what are the best skin care products of 2023?

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is estee lauder worth the money?

A common question about this brand is whether the products are worth their money. estée lauder products are expensive, for example, the advanced night repair serum duo is $193.

in our opinion, estée lauder products are not worth the money, simply because there are other skin care brands that offer similar products that are less expensive.

one brand is carrot & stick, a clean skincare brand that perfectly balances the gentle care of plants with the powerful results of innovative science.

carrot & Stick’s intro packs offer great value for money because you can bundle 3 full-size products worth up to $240 for $88.

what is inside the estée lauder products?

Here’s a closer look at the active ingredients commonly used in estée lauder products. Vitamin C, Peptides, and Retinol make up the main ingredients in the Estée Lauder skin care line. all these ingredients should be part of your skin care routine.

vitamin cwe’ve been hearing for years that vitamin c is the best anti-aging ingredient. It is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals, the unstable molecules that contribute to the formation of premature wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

vitamin c also helps fade dark spots, evens out skin tone, and boosts radiance. As if that weren’t enough, research suggests that when Vitamin C is applied to the skin, it significantly reverses age-related structural changes by influencing collagen and elastin synthesis.

it’s in estée lauder perfectist pro serum.

but our favorite vitamin c serum is carrot & stick the defense serum. Contains 3 different types of Vitamin C that work together to help fight free radical damage. we recommend using it every morning.

PeptidesAs you age, your body’s production of collagen and elastin slows down. these two proteins are responsible for the structural support of the skin. as a result, the skin loses its natural smoothness and smoothness.

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While collagen is necessary to maintain youthful-looking skin, the collagen protein is too large to absorb into the skin topically. that’s why applying skin care products that contain collagen won’t give you the anti-aging benefits you’re looking for.

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This is where the peptides come in. Peptides are the building blocks of proteins and are easily absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin due to their smaller size.

estée lauder resilience multi-effect tri-peptide moisturizer for face and neck includes a tri-peptide complex to reduce the signs of aging.

if you are looking for a peptide serum, we recommend carrot & paste the repairing serum. Contains 7 plant-based peptides to promote plumper, smoother-looking skin. it also has skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

RetinolRetinol is the #1 anti-aging ingredient recommended by dermatologists and skin experts. It is clinically proven to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve uneven skin tone, restore skin firmness, and reduce the appearance of large pores.

the only drawback? retinol can often lead to side effects such as skin dryness, flaking, and irritation.

She is undergoing treatment with estée lauder rapid renewal retinol.

use retinoids at night. We recommend this retinoid oil serum. contains hydroxypinacolone retinoate, an ingredient that provides similar benefits with less irritation.

who was estée lauder?

Estée Lauder was born in New York in 1908 to Hungarian and Czechoslovakian parents. She became interested in beauty after her Hungarian uncle, a chemist, came to live with her family and started making skin creams in the kitchen. she learned how to make her own creams and the best way to apply them. Inspired by the belief that “there are no ugly women, only unkempt women,” Ella Lauder launched a beauty company with just four products.

estée lauder, the company, was officially launched in 1946. lauder promoted his products by pounding the pavement and introducing them to women in beauty salons where he handed out free samples of his products. this was considered unusual at the time. His first large order was for $800 worth of Saks Fifth Avenue products, which sold out in two days. The 1953 launch of youthful dew beauty oil was the company’s first blockbuster product. it was a bath oil scented with jasmine, vetiver, and patchouli. Lauder also pioneered the “gift with purchase” concept which is now considered a mainstay.

what does estée lauder sell?

Today, the estée lauder brand sells a wide variety of products, including makeup, creams, skin care products, serums, and fragrances. here’s a closer look.

estée lauder skin care: estée lauder’s comprehensive line of creams and moisturizers includes daywear anti-oxidant 72h-hydration sorbet creme spf 15, a whipped cream designed to feel like lightness, as well as supreme revitalizing, an anti-aging cream that can be used twice a day. Fresh & Moist Pomegranate Radiant Energy Nourishing Lotion is a facial spray that adds a quick burst of moisture. The Advanced Night Repair Mask is infused with the serum of the same name and is designed to give skin a quick boost. the renutriv line is estée lauder’s most expensive. renutriv ultimate lift youth cream retails for $310 and is powered by floralixir mist, which is believed to help firm and strengthen skin.

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estée lauder eye creams: eye products are designed to hydrate and fight the signs of aging. advanced time zone contains grape seed and rosemary extract to combat fine lines, and supreme revitalizing eye gel + anti-aging global cellular power comes in a slim tube and is applied with a gold-tipped applicator.

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estée lauder eye serums: the popular advanced night repair facial serum is also available as an eye serum that can be used twice daily, under an eye cream.

estée lauder cleansers: advanced overnight micro-cleansing balm transforms from a balm to a silky cleansing oil as it is massaged into skin. The Multi-Action Foaming Cleansing/Purifying Mask does double duty as a daily cleanser that can also be used as a three-minute mask.

estée lauder makeup: double wear stay in place foundation is an oil-free formula designed to provide medium to full coverage with a matte finish. the pure color envy line of lipsticks is rich in pigments and moisturizing. bronze goddess is an oil-controlling bronzer packaged in a compact

estée lauder fragrance: estée lauder’s original fragrance, youth-dew, is still sold today, but has been joined by other classic fragrances such as cinnabar, intuition, white linen, and beautiful.

what are the most popular estée lauder products?

advanced night repair is arguably estée lauder’s most famous product. Officially called Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, this product is believed to be an industry first and is designed to help reduce the signs of aging (read our review here). Other popular products include the Tri-Peptide SPF 15 Face and Neck Cream, which is aimed at anyone looking to improve radiance and increase skin firmness. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 Rapid Firming + Firming Treatment is powered by AHAS (a fruit acid) which helps dissolve dead skin cells and improves skin texture and smoothness. Pomegranate Radiant Energy Nourishing Moisturizer contains the antioxidant Pomegranate, which helps protect and nourish skin. estée lauder has also embraced k-beauty’s popular item, essence, with its micro-essence skin activating treatment lotion. (Not sure what an essence is? Read our guide here.)

how much do estée lauder products cost?

estée lauder products are considered prestige and are priced similarly to other department store brands. Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Cellular Revitalizing Cream retails for $85, and four Advanced Overnight Repair Masks are $82. the advanced time zone eye cream is $64. perfectist pro rapid firm + lift treatment with acetyl hexapeptide-8 retails for $108.

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Estée Lauder Review - The Dermatology Review

where are estée lauder products sold?

estée lauder skin care products are sold in department stores including macy’s, bloomingdale’s, lord & taylor, saks fifth avenue and nordstrom, as well as beauty stores like ulta and sephora.

do estée lauder products work?

Whether or not a product “works” can be a matter of personal opinion, as well as how an individual’s skin reacts to a product. one person’s miracle product may cause another person to break out or do nothing at all.

when evaluating whether estée lauder works, the brand certainly has its fans and has been around for a long time. Some of its iconic products include Advanced Night Repair, which won an InStyle Best Beauty Award and Allure Reader’s Choice Award in 2015 and 2016. Double Wear Foundation received an InStyle Best Beauty Award. Allure Magazine in 2018. Pure Color Envy Sculpted Lipstick picked up an award from O, Oprah Magazine in 2018.

estée lauder shares user reviews on its website. pro rapid firm + lift perfectionist treatment with acetyl hexapeptide-8 has garnered nearly 200 reviews, with 90% of reviews recommending it. it has 4.6 out of 5 stars and comments include “my skin looks brighter and pores tighten when i use it” and “professional perfectionist is the closest non-doctor’s office grade of skincare I’ve tried/ medical grade or prescription the results are truly amazing.” Those who didn’t like the product said it did nothing for them: “I received a free sample of this professional perfectionist serum product, and bought a full size to try, but honestly after using this i don’t see any difference i expected more from estée lauder i am very disappointed this time.”

sephora offers a wider range of reviews. One of their newest products, the nourishing Super Pomegranate Radiant Energy 2-in-1 Foaming Cleanser, gets nearly 7,000 “loves” and a 4.5 rating from 35 reviews. “i have tried so many cleansers and this is one of the best facial cleansers i have tried. does not leave skin dry but removes all makeup etc. It lathers well and cleans well.”

what are some alternatives to estée lauder?

If you are looking for skin care products that address the signs of aging, we recommend carrot & stick. carrot & stick maximizes the use of powerful ingredients and minimizes the use of superficial ones, resulting in advanced skincare solutions that help promote healthy, more youthful-looking skin. we recommend the defense serum, followed by the moisturizing cream.

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