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They act like they want to help, but it’s just lip service, there’s no one home who cares, it’s so obvious. they know in advance from your rental registration number/reservation number that you booked through a third party, but they still waste your time and don’t tell you that you’re on your own until after an extensive attempt to exhaust you.

in this case, the car I was provided with (the only one available, the counter agent told me) was a drag, poor ergonomics and very uncomfortable, and I would drive it some distance every day for a week. Before I even got in the car, I knew the model was low quality and asked the agent to do anything else for me, but was denied unless I wanted to pay more than the high price I was already paying for a compact; instead he told me it was new, like a new can is better than a can with miles on it.

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after driving the car a couple times the first day, i decided to try swapping it out. Rather than waste time going back to the airport and waiting in line only to be told again that there were no other compact cars, I called the number the counter agent had given me to contact them directly. I called several times for two days, but no one answered. I gave up and kept driving the can.

When I returned the car, I quickly told the different counter agents what happened. like at pick up, there was only one agent handling everything. she was helping other customers and she apologized profusely and told me that she would give me partial credit if she could wait in line with the other customers to pick up the cars. I couldn’t wait because I had a flight to catch. she told me that the dollar administration would honor what she told me and give me a credit. she wrote her name on my contract so I could quote her.

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so that’s where the real nightmare started, trying to get dollar customer service to do their job. I spent days trying to get in touch with them, through the dollar experience survey, feedback, calling the number the second desk agent gave me, providing feedback, and requesting a call back on the dollar website. days passed before knowing anything. no one ever called me back after i requested a call back from their phone system and i hung up after an hour, waited another time when they didn’t give me the option to call back.

what finally got his attention was posting on his facebook page and sending a dm. multiple people responded over the course of a day asking for the same details over and over again (clearly not reading the thread) and doing nothing. Eventually, I got an email response to my contact request on their website and a Facebook message saying they don’t give credit and would be issuing a $50 certificate to use toward a future rental. of course, their rates for cans are exorbitant, so they can afford to offer a future discount (maybe you won’t use it if you’re lucky, ripping off 101) and, a future discount is better for the bottom line than losing current revenue), and They want to keep you as a customer, so they hook you into future business, the same tactic United uses.

I refused and told them that I would rather not do business with them again, tell my experience to friends and family, and turn my business over to a reputable company that cares about their customers and their successful experiences. they refused to honor what their counter agent offered to do in person and assured me that their customer service staff would do it later. they also said they spoke to someone at the airport location and whoever they spoke to (didn’t tell me name) repeated the same thing **the pickup agent had told me and not what the delivery agent had told me so clearly not they went to the fountain of promise for me. you can’t trust dollar/thrifty/hertz (all owned by hertz) and you can do much better at other companies. If in doubt, read the other reviews here and on the dollar facebook page. then file a bbb complaint.

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