DOG CARE Rechargeable Waterproof 3 Training Modes Shock Collar

It doesn’t matter if you adopt an old puppy rescued from the local shelter or bring home a new puppy, every new four-legged friend will need some training. depending on the breed, training can be a breeze or an uphill battle. and that training can take years.

Some dogs are notoriously stubborn, and even the tastiest treats won’t be enough to convince them to follow basic commands. sit, sit, stay and come are not just cute tricks. they are vital to your dog’s well-being and his own sanity. training and caring for an obedient dog can help keep it healthy and safe throughout its life.

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When all else fails in training and dogs simply won’t listen, exasperated owners will turn to an electric collar, also known as electronic collars or collar-mounted electronic training devices. The shock collar is placed around the dog’s neck like a normal collar. It has two tips that deliver vibration and shock directly to the dog’s sensitive neck. the owner can control the vibration level and time via a remote control.

crash training is polarizing. it can be a very divisive topic within the canine community. while proponents swear by its effectiveness, others can’t stand it. they consider the downloads to be cruel and abusive.

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In its most basic form, a shock collar is a mode of operant conditioning. this is a fancy psychology term for a learning process. relies on rewards and punishments to teach a new skill and eliminate unwanted behavior. when done correctly, the learner, in this case her dog, makes an association between a particular behavior and a consequence, the shaking of the collar.

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Shock collars give off a noticeable jolt, which is what many opponents disagree with. they worry that the jolt will be painful and cause undue anxiety in the dog that could be counterproductive to any training.

However, shock collars on the market now have a wide range of configurations. they start with barely noticeable vibrations and scale in incremental bits at higher and higher voltages. You can place the collar on your own wrist to feel the sensation for yourself before placing it on your dog if you are concerned. Plus, you can set the perfect level to grab his attention. then they stop the unwanted behavior and tune in to you and your team.

There are several important factors to consider when selecting an electric collar for your dog. First, you need to make sure that it fits properly around your dog’s neck. most models have adjustable straps that can fit a variety of sizes. They will include measurements so you know if a specific collar will work for your dog.

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shock collars also have a variety of shock settings. most have three different settings: sound, vibration, and shock. you can slowly transition from sound to vibration and shock levels as needed to get your dog’s attention.

It also matters how much the unit in the collar weighs. For smaller dogs, the units can be bulky, weigh your dog down, and even impede movement. if they’re uncomfortable starting out, they won’t be as willing as the trainees.

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still, other more advanced models allow for custom settings and multiple modes. This allows you, as the dog owner, to essentially switch between two different collars with a single remote. you can also be sure that the shock level is set correctly for each dog.

All electric collars are battery-powered, so you’ll want a model with decent battery life. the last thing you need is a runaway pup with no juice left to alert him back to reality.

The biggest benefit of shock collars is their value. Compared to the cost of a professional trainer or behaviorist, an electric collar is an inexpensive purchase with a great return.

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