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csftl quick stats

  • rear-facing weight range: 4 – 50 pounds
  • rear-facing height range: 17 – 49 inches tall
  • child’s head must be 1 inch (2.5 cm) or more below the top of the headrest or seat frame, whichever is higher
  • rear-facing lower anchor weight limit: 30 pounds
  • recline requirements: united states: when used rear-facing, ensure recline ball is in the blue range, canada: two weight-based recline ranges
  • forward-facing weight range 22 – 65 pounds
  • forward-facing height range: 28 – 49 inches tall and the top of the child’s ears are below the top of the headrest
  • Minimum forward-facing age: at least 1 year. csftl recommends that children be at least 2 years old before riding forward-facing.
  • forward-facing lower anchor weight limit: 35 lbs.
  • when used facing forward, make sure the recliner ball is in the red range
  • faa approval: united states: not for use in aircraft, canada: may be installed in aircraft
  • expiration: 10 years
  • measurements

    • width at widest point: 21 inches across child’s shoulder with an l.s.p. extended sheath
    • lowest harness height: 7 inches with infant insert, 8 inches without
    • max harness height: 16.5 inches
    • 3 crotch buckle positions: 5, 6 and 7 inches from the back of the seat frame
    • seat depth: 13 inches
    • front-to-back headroom: just over 29 inches when fully reclined note: this measurement is taken on a level floor indoors, so it is prone to some variance when seated. seat is actually installed in a vehicle
    • weight: 31 pounds
    • features

      • the seat rotates on a base that is installed in the vehicle
      • load leg
      • optional infant insert
      • linear side impact protection (lsp)
      • comparison of swivel car seats

        Now that there are several car seats that swivel, we’ve developed a helpful chart to help you keep track of some of the major differences between them.

        rotate the seat

        top lashing rules

        Since the Sirona is swivel, we have questions about how the top tether works with this type of seat. If a caregiver rotates the seat to carry the child, they must remove and reattach the strap when the seat is locked in position. This situation led Cybex to provide the following guidance:

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        sirona s usa – do i need to use top tether for forward facing installation?

        The sirona convertible car seat includes a tether for forward-facing use, and cybex generally recommends the use of the tether when installing a car seat in a forward-facing position. However, the Sirona’s innovative load leg feature, much like a strap, is designed to reduce movement of the seat in a crash, so there’s no need to use the strap in forward-facing mode to this seat when using the cargo leg. Most importantly, the Sirona S meets or exceeds applicable U.S. standards. federal safety standards with and without a tether, and with and without a load leg.

        We have a bit of a hard time with this advice because the top tether requirement is part of the cpst curriculum and we have encouraged caregivers to use the top tether with every forward-facing harness car seat since we started as an organization. we recognize that the load leg changes things for this particular seat, but we still recommend caregivers use the top tether when this seat is forward-facing.

        The Canadian version of this seat requires the top tether when installed facing forward. this requirement adds an extra step for carrying the child because the seat cannot rotate when the strap is attached. caregivers would have to undo the strap (or simply loosen it in some vehicles) each time the child climbs into the seat or not use the swivel feature in forward-facing mode. or just loosen on some vehicles) the top strap and reattach it with each turn.

        move between modes

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        here’s how to move the sirona s between modes. squeeze the recline handle, then move the seat to the most upright position. the rotation lock indicator will show the word unlock. although we have no doubt that parents will try otherwise, this system ensures that the sirona s can only rotate when the seat shell is in the correct position and the indicator shows that it is unlocked.

        no, your child cannot ride the sirona s when it is in the rotated position. the seat must be locked in rear-facing or forward-facing mode when driving, regardless of whether a child is in the seat or not.

        the manual is quite clear on this: the sirona s must be locked for proper use when the vehicle is moving.

        Although the seat doesn’t lock in this position, we found that it somehow magically stayed in place when we put our dolls on the seat. I can’t speak to the witchcraft that makes this possible, but I assure you that it is real.

        safe for sensors

        anti-rebound base

        The attached, non-removable base flares toward the rear of the vehicle seat. this widening creates a convenient hiding place for the belt path and helps reduce kickback in a crash.

        easylock and belt tensioner

        overhang indicator

        fairly compact

        I measured the sirona inside my living room, using the very official and scientific method of placing it on the floor, fully reclining the seat, and then measuring the distance from the wall to the top of the seat. I mention this method because the actual amount of space from front to back that the Sirona S will take up in a car, once installed, will be slightly different. The Sirona measured approximately 29 inches from front to back using this living room floor measurement method. that’s pretty compact! Other larger seats measure 30 or even 31 inches in this configuration, so we feel it safe to say that the Sirona S is compact.

        buckle tongue storage

        crotch buckle adjustment and rules


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        cybex has created some installation videos that we found very helpful in learning how to install this seat. they are accessible via the sensorsafe mobile app and the sirona website. we strongly recommend that caregivers take the time to watch these videos before beginning to install their sirona s.

        This section in our convertible car seat reviews is typically divided into four parts: Rear-Facing Installation with Lower Anchors, Rear-Facing Installation with Vehicle Seat Belt, Forward-Facing Installation with Lower Anchors, and Installation facing forward with the vehicle seat belt. but since the sirona s only has one belt path, there are only two ways to install it: lower anchors or vehicle seat belt.

        note on the narrow belt path

        Lower Anchors

        let’s get back to the installation process…remove the lower anchors from their storage locations in the base. then remove the one from the panel to expose the belt path, plus the handy reference guide on the back of the panel. extend the lower anchor strap so there is some slack to work with. Attach the lower anchor connectors to the vehicle’s lower anchors, then pull up on the strap to remove any slack. Since the easylock and belt tensioner will help complete the installation by securing the belt, leave some slack in the middle of the belt path so those mechanisms can do their job. place the rear end of the strap into the belt path, it will close under the belt tensioner.

        Lower anchor rear-facing weight limit is 30 lbs., forward-facing weight limit is 35 lbs.

        vehicle seat belt

        carrying the child

        suitable for children

        The pandemic continues, so we’re still here with our set of huggable picture dolls. we hope to update this review with real human models once the world is a bit of a safer place to be.


        premature wrist

        newborn doll

        15-month-old boy

        16 month old doll

        3 year old doll

        conversion to forward-facing

        Moving the sirona s between modes is exactly what you’d expect it to be. First, remove the top strap from its storage location on the back of the seat. Squeeze the handle at the bottom of the seat, then rotate the seat to the upright position. rotate the seat until the harness is facing the front of the vehicle until the lock indicator shows locked. position and secure the top strap. The Sirona S is now ready for a forward-facing passenger.

        harness height

        The sirona s maximum harness height is 16.5 inches. that’s a bit low for forward-facing mode. We mention this because this low height could mean that a taller child would outgrow the Sirona before they are ready to move to a booster seat. We suspect that families purchasing this seat may not necessarily use this maximum height as a deciding factor in the purchase process, but we wanted to mention it in case it is a factor in your decision-making.

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        suitable for children

        3 year old doll

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