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originally in germany, the cybex company became part of goodbaby international holdings ltd. in 2014. Cybex is a manufacturer of infant car seats, carriers and strollers created with city life in mind. the company focuses on functionality, safety and design to create innovative equipment.

performance comparison

crash test

Cybex’s crash test results suggest that it provides a better level of protection than many competitive seats for the forces recorded by the head and chest sensors on the crash dummy.

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While all seats meet minimum crash test guidelines, some appear to offer an additional margin of protection with scores beyond the maximum allowed by the federal government. The Aton 2 was in the middle of the pack in crash test results without the load leg. however, it works best when using the charging leg and should therefore logically be used with the charging leg.

The charts above compare the cybex using the charging leg (in black) with the seats with the best crash test results (in green) based on head (hic) and chest force (clip) sensors g) of the crash test dummy. Below is a graph of the chest sensor results for each seat we tested.

cybex has the best chest sensor result (44g clip) in the group where the maximum allowed is 60, and a lower number is better. Below is the HIC graph showing the results for all products tested.

the aton2 has the second best hic results (340 hic) in the group where the maximum allowed is 1000, and a lower number is better. only the chicco keyfit 30 has a result lower than 330. the results of both sensors are significantly better than federal requirements and therefore could be considered to provide an additional margin of protection relative to with the competition.

cybex has a unique side impact device located in the handle which is marketed to reduce or transfer the impact of crash forces to the seat shell. While we have no proof that it works as advertised, it is a Cybex exclusive feature. You can only use it if there are no passengers sitting next to the seat.

The load leg helps stabilize the base of the seat and can potentially decrease the rotation or bouncing the seat will experience in a crash (as claimed by the manufacturer). Based on our crash tests with and without the kickstand, the Aton 2 benefits from using the kickstand.

ease of installation – latch

cybex is one of the easiest options to install using the close method.

The cybex car seat comes with latch guides that help make access to the vehicle’s u-anchors more visible and easier to reach. These guides are made of plastic and essentially create a pocket for the connectors to go through, so you have better access.

We like the idea and it makes the process a bit easier, but the guides don’t stay in place and often come loose from the vehicle seat, resulting in them floating on the strap. this floatation isn’t much of a problem, and you can still use them, but it’s annoying, and it would be more useful if they stayed in the seat crevice.

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the cybex has button latch connectors. We think this style is easier to connect and disconnect. they worked great with the guides and were easy to use. The straps are also more comfortable to tighten and loosen than the competition. Overall this seat is easy to install and secure in all the cars we use.

ease of installation – belt

The cybex is somewhat more difficult to install using the vehicle’s seatbelt.

cybex has an interesting seatbelt locking system that helps parents achieve a snug and secure fit using the vehicle’s seatbelt. The lock is relatively easy to use, and the color-coded belt path makes belt routing a breeze. The lock tightens/holds the belt extremely tight, almost too tight, and we occasionally had trouble closing it. There’s no reason to struggle with the vehicle belt to get it snug, and parents who don’t have upper body strength will appreciate the frustration-free feature.

This seat has a level on the base to help find the proper installation angle. the little ball on the level tends to catch on the inside of the casing, and we think it would work better if the ball was metal or the level was liquid/bubble style. however, it is better than a line on the side of the seat.

The base has an adjustable foot that can be modified to make installation easier. it’s one of the easiest to use in the review and can be adjusted even after you’ve tightened the base to the vehicle seat.

easy installation – without the base

the most difficult installation method for cybex was to install without the base due to a threading issue and a less stable end result than some of the competition. this means that it can be a poor choice for those who plan to use public transport.

cybex has a color-coded European belt path. we prefer this method because it feels more secure with the shoulder strap wrapped around the carrier. Threading the belt was a challenge for some testers, and we had to use a towel in our test truck, but not in the sedan or SUV. It’s also significantly more difficult to unscrew the belt when you’re ready to uninstall the carrier, as it may require some adjustment.

This seat can be installed using the American method by threading the belt through the bottom of the carrier, which is a bit easier. If the middle seat in your vehicle only has a lap belt, you can still install the seat without the base. Unfortunately, this carrier doesn’t feel as stable once installed and this affected its install score.

ease of use

the aton 2 is more complicated to use than the average seat in this review.


the buckle on the cybex is easy to use and not as stiff as most competitors. it’s easier to loosen than fasten, but we still like it. the two sides of the retention/chest clip snap together easily, and we didn’t have any difficulties.

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The harness adjustment strap is very stiff. we couldn’t figure out why, but it’s significantly harder to pull on the leash. The padding on the shoulder straps also causes problems, and we couldn’t adjust the harness enough for smaller babies. loosening the harness is more manageable and the button is easy to press and well placed.

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adjusting the height of the shoulder straps requires rethreading the straps by pulling them out of a t-spacer on the back of the seat. The straps can be removed from the divider, threaded through the slots on the back, and then moved to a new slot and reattached to the divider. The straps have small loops that make them more difficult to put on and take off than some of the competition. however, we prefer the non-rethreading options where you can alter the height with baby in the seat. The Cybex has three height options and a crotch strap position. the cybex may not have enough adjustments to get the right fit for every baby.


The handle rubs against the canopy when both are up, but the shape is more comfortable than most carriers with sharper corners. Operating the handle requires pressing the buttons on both sides located near the pivot point and turning to the desired position. the handle has four available positions and must be in the carry position to drive.

carrier and base connection

The cybex carrier is more difficult to install on its base than most of the competition. if it doesn’t click into place, you have to angle it “just right” to make it click. We struggled with it on and off and felt it could be problematic with weight in the seat and a baby struggling to stay calm. however, it does have a visual indicator that the carrier is positioned correctly, so once you manage to get it onto the base, you can be sure it is positioned. there is a green button on the gray release button on the front of the base indicating a solid connection. in our experience, it never gave a false positive.

To release the carrier from the base, you need to press the green button (safety function) on the gray release button and then press the gray button on the front of the seat. after that you can lift the carrier off the base. you will need to remove the front of the base and then lift the seat up. this process is more complicated than most seats that have a release handle on the back of the carrier.

latch anchoring and manual storage

The latch anchors are stored under the recline leg and the recline leg must be extended for storage or removal. Dangling straps from anchors can get in the way of installing the carrier on the base, so parents should be careful. the manual stored under the carrier in a designated slot.


cybex is a quality option with features for comfort. the cybex has good padding and soft fabric, but the padding is a bit thin. the fabric is jersey knit and feels good.

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these factors help cybex get a good overall fit and finish. The fabric fits the carrier well and gives it a crisp overall look. The canopy fits the frame well, opens and closes smoothly, and looks great. Unfortunately, the quality and durability of the shell isn’t as impressive as the rest of the rack. It feels thin and not as durable as some of the competition. It looks good, but overall it’s not the quality we’d expect at this price.

The canopy is small with a rigid flip-up visor which helps provide more coverage, but isn’t the best. there’s no peek-a-boo window, but you probably won’t need one since the canopy is one of the smallest of the bunch.


The Cybex weighs in at 9.32 pounds, which is below average for the group, but still relatively light when you consider that several are over 10 pounds. the weight for the cybex is good for the group and did not deter us in any way.

stroller compatibility

The aton 2 is compatible with several good choices, including the Editors Choice uppababy cruz and the award-winning first choice for versatility, the uppababy vista. Both strollers are easy to use, have large canopies, and large storage compartments with a weight capacity of 25 and 30 pounds, respectively. you can discover more possible combinations in our review of stroller and car seat combos, where it stood out in combination with the uppababy minu combo and the thule urban glide 2 combo , giving you excellent light weight. choice or choice of jogging stroller.

should you buy the aton2?

If you want the infant seat with the best combined crash test results, the aton2 is your seat. we like the aton2 for its crash test results and ease of installation through the performance of the closure method. It offers enough comfort to keep little ones comfortable and has a nice overall look. If you accept that it’s not compatible with many strollers, and perhaps choose an infant carrier instead, we think there’s a lot to love about this car seat.

what other infant car seat should I consider?

While the Cybex has impressive crash test results, it’s not compatible with many strollers and isn’t the easiest to install by any method. it also comes at a higher price, making it out of reach for some families. If price and crash test results are your top priority, then you should consider the Chicco Keyfit 30. This seat scored the best in the HIC test during crash tests, and it comes at a very affordable price point that most will love. of the families. The Chicco Keyfit 35 is also easier to install using both methods and has impressive crash test results. it is also less expensive than cybex and easier to use. Both Chicco options work with most high-end strollers.

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video from the manufacturer

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