Costco Auto: Everything You Need To Know

Are you a member of the Costco Wholesale Club? Did you know that they have a program called Costco Auto that allows their members to get great deals on cars? This program has been helping customers buy cars since 1989. Although Costco doesn’t sell cars, it does connect people with more than 3,000 dealerships across the country. This network has enabled the company to become one of the top three auto dealers in the United States. As a member, you’ll have access to new and used vehicles from many dealerships.

what is costco auto all about?

If you choose to use costco auto to shop for your next vehicle, you’ll be connected to participating dealers who offer discounts on new cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. costco vets all dealerships and the sellers they partner with to ensure members feel confident in their vehicle purchases. the wholesaler does not want anyone to feel cheated or blamed for doing a bad deal. All dealerships must allow their employees to be trained to properly interact with referred Costco customers.

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Once trained, these employees are considered authorized dealer contacts. They are expected to treat all referred customers with respect and abide by the Costco pricing agreement. These employees, Business Insider says, must have worked at their respective dealerships for at least six months and will be regularly evaluated based on customer satisfaction scores. costco employees sometimes disguise themselves as hidden shoppers to ensure distributors are representing costco properly. if not, they can be released from the program.

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buying a car through costco auto

To find the perfect vehicle, start by browsing inventory on the Costco Auto Program website. Even if you ultimately buy the car through a dealer, you want to stop by Costco for additional savings that are only available to their members. Additional features you can take advantage of through the program include a “build a vehicle” feature and research tools that allow you to:

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