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baby jogger originated in 1984 by parents who wanted to run with their young children. To solve their jogging dilemma, these savvy parents invented the first true jogging stroller. From that point on, Baby Jogger created various types of strollers, most of which cannot be used for jogging despite the company name, and various car seats. in 2015, newell rubbermaid acquired baby jogger, and they continue to create popular strollers and car seats.

performance comparison

crash test

in our evaluation of crash test results, the baby jogger go scored average indicating a possible slight margin of protection across much of the competition with results for the g-force chest clip higher than most seats and the hic score is lower than most.

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The graphs below show baby jogger’s city go test results (in black) compared to car seats that have the best crash test scores for head and chest sensors (in green). the cybex aton 2 had the highest test results for the chest sensor (44 where 60 is maximum, and lower numbers are better), only slightly worse for chest forces at 46, and well below the federal safety standard of 60.

for the head sensor (hic), the go performed below average with one of the highest test results (more forces).

baby jogger announces that the city has undergone side impact testing, something many parents would like to learn about. however, the details of this test are related to the retention of the harness in the event of an accident; it does not indicate that the seat is safer than any other product in a side impact collision. Currently, there are no established standards or even agreed definitions for side impact protection claims. We believe that stating that side impact protection only proves the retention of the child’s harness is not what most parents think side impact testing means. in our minds, it is a type of “security laundering” and an attempt to influence parents with misleading information. To the baby joggers’ credit, they’ve at least defined what their tests mean instead of making you dig up details about their side impact statements.

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ease of installation – latch

city go is normal for the installation of deadbolts. Since studies indicate that injuries in car accidents are often related to car seats that are not installed correctly, we believe that ease of installation is important. Choosing a seat that is easier to install could potentially increase the chances of a successful installation.

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The city go has push button latch anchors that are easy to install. The seat base has six adjustable positions and two bubble level indicators to help parents achieve a level installation. The ease of tightening and loosening the straps hurt the Go’s install score.

ease of installation – belt

city go is better than average for installation using the vehicle belt. this score is better than your score for deadbolt installation but not as good as your score without the base. The City Go has a color-coded belt path for easy installation and an easy-to-use belt lock.

Both of these features help make installation easier using the vehicle’s belt path. In our experience, belt locks make installation with this method much easier and significantly more stable.

easy to install – without base

The city go is easy to install without the base. This score is their highest ever installation score and perhaps a direct result of the European belt track allowing for a quick, stable and easy installation for parents on the go. The lap belt route is also simple, but it doesn’t wrap around the seat back and feels less secure once installed.

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go has a color-coded belt path that helps parents quickly recognize belt installation, even if they are unfamiliar with the installation.

ease of use

go is one of the easiest options to use in the review. this score is one point lower than the highest score of the products we tested. ease of use impacts daily life with a car seat.


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go has a buckle similar to those found on chicco and uppababy seats. The buckle is easy enough to press, as is the chest clip, but the clip is harder to work with larger fingers. the harness is tightened with a strap at the foot of the seat; it’s a bit hard to throw, but not the hardest of the bunch. The shoulder height adjustment is a no-retwist style that works with the push of a button on the back of the movable headrest. this adjustment is smooth and works well with one hand. the shoulder straps have 17 possible height positions and the crotch strap has 2.


The handle is adjusted by pressing two buttons on both sides simultaneously and turning the handle up. the handle rubs against the top when the top is down and the handle is down, but they don’t interfere when both are up, which is more important. the handle has four positions.

carrier and base connection

Installation of the carrier on the base is easy and simple. the carrier rests easily on top of the base, and gravity pretty much does the rest without much need for additional pressure.

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latch anchors and manual storage

The latch anchors are stored by clicking into either side under the base, which isn’t very elegant, but it does keep them out of the way. the go manual slides into two clips on the bottom of the base for safekeeping. While this keeps you out of the spill and spit danger zone, it also means you have to remove the base to access it, and you won’t have it if you travel without a base and forget how to install it.


the go is average in terms of comfort and quality in this group. The Go has decent padding on the seat, but the warning labels are on the headrest, putting the less-than-friendly plastic badges close to baby’s head. while warning labels are mandatory, other seats manage to place them in more convenient locations. The canopy is larger than most and feels durable, but it also looks scruffy and ill-fitting to the seat. overall appearance is average. There’s not much to love or hate about this plain and boring design.


The city go weighs 10.23 lbs, which is average for the group, but it can feel heavy with a baby inside. The weight of the carrier may only be marginally relevant for parents moving the carrier from car to stroller or within steps of their home. still, it can be critical for parents who need to carry the carrier long distances or spend time in the city where carrying a baby may be more common.

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video from the manufacturer

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