Does Cica Care Silicone Scar Sheets Really Work?

When people experience external injuries, they often leave scars afterwards as part of the healing process. In each case, a number of factors determine the characteristics of the scar that forms, including the severity and type of injury and its location on the body. patients’ lesions are optimally converted into flat, skin-colored scars that fade over time.

Unfortunately, this is not what happens to many patients, who receive red, raised scars that are unsightly and painful. these scars are classified into keloid and hypertrophic types. Keloid scars are the result of excessive collagen buildup at the injury site and can become significantly larger than the wound that caused them. hypertrophic scarring also results in a raised red area, but it does not grow larger than the injured area, because it lacks the excess collagen that characterizes keloid scarring. Recent advances in scar reduction technology have made an effective new treatment available to patients who want to reduce their new or old keloid and hypertrophic scars. This new product, known as cica-care, consists of a sheet of adhesive gel covered with a novel form of silicone. Medical tests have found that this new technology reduces unsightly scars by flattening, fading, and softening them in up to 90 percent of tested cases.

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This varies based on individual characteristics, such as the size and severity of the scar, but many scars begin to improve after just a few days of treatment. however, for complete scar removal, patients should use cica-care for two to four months of daily treatment. In the first two days of treatment, patients should only use cica-care for four hours, but patients can increase their daily treatment time to eight hours for the next two days. then patients should increase their treatment time by two hours each day until they wear their gel sheet for at least twelve hours in every 24 hour period. For maximum results, patients should eventually try to wear their treatment pads for 24 hours every day. By slowly building up these longer periods of use, patients can feel comfortable during scar removal treatment. patients should continue to use cica-care daily for approximately two to four months. once improvements are no longer occurring, patients should stop using the gel sheets so that healing can end naturally. With scar care, patients can reduce their scars for just pennies a day. Although Cica-Care can be used effectively on old and new hypertrophic and keloid scars, resulting from surgery or accidental injury, patients should never apply these gel sheets to open, infected, crusted, or stitch-closed lesions.

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management of keloids and hypertrophic scars

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