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turn on those headlights.

To be honest with you, I won’t pretend I’ve kept up with all the minutiae and in-depth knowledge contained in the auto universe. Lightning McQueen is a cool guy (car?) without a doubt, but I only vaguely remember the second movie, while the third seems to squeeze him a bit. Regardless, none of this ambivalence toward grand narrative stops Cars 3: Driven to Win from being an amazing game.

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It’s amazing for two main reasons: First, it’s not terrible. yup, you heard it: a movie tie-in that’s not a blight on the gaming landscape. second, and this ties in very closely to my first point: it can even be pretty decent, sometimes.

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Initial impressions are of a strangely off-brand Mario Kart game, but Cars 3: Driven to Win is something else entirely. Hitting the track as lightning mcqueen or guido (there are tons of unlockable cars, but let’s face it, if you’re not racing as mcqueen or the fantastic guido, what’s the point of racing?) you can jump and do tricks, boost, drive backwards, go on two wheels, and in some cases even use power-ups to tear your opponents to shreds.

all tricks will build your turbo, and you will need it to win a race because this game is really hard. seriously, even in between, rubber bands are a nightmare. You can never go far enough to get comfortable, and in battle races you’ll need to save momentum for the last stretch to get first place. easy mode is actually not that easy, but at least it will allow you to get your first wins. It’s clearly a game aimed at fans of the series (read: a younger audience), so I don’t get why it’s so difficult. nailing combos that make you jump out loaded with tricks to drive backwards (which reverses the controls), then pulling a teammate off the road is great, but it’s going to confuse younger players, and they won’t have the patience to fully build momentum to unleash your full potential.

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but there’s plenty of content to learn, at least, even if you find yourself racing on the same old tracks. Standard Races, Battle Races, Knockdown Events, Stunt Showcases, Boss Races and more, all of which are backed by a set of challenges that constantly give you ideas on how to change up your actual races. An overall progression bar moves as you perform well or complete these challenges, with each major milestone offering a boss battle that, in turn, unlocks that boss as a playable racer. the boss fights are actually half-decent, but they’re ruined by constant dialogue from the boss taunting you, even when you’re ahead.

We don’t have too many big third-party games on switch, so it’s interesting to see warner bros. Putting the game here, and while it’s a pretty enough game to look at, it doesn’t break new ground compared to games like Breath of the Wild or Mario Kart 8. What’s worth noting, however, is that it can have issues. to maintain your frame rate when under stress. early on there seemed to be frame drops in one scene, and the racing is pretty good, but be aware that it will drop from time to time.

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It’s best on the big screen, but fully playable in desktop or handheld mode. adding a second player is easily done via the menu, and it’s a bit more fun in multiplayer. But therein lies the biggest problem with Cars 3: Driven to Win: It’s just not that much fun. there’s laughs and there’s definitely charm in the visuals, but even at its best it’s okay. Games like this should be rewarding, but the difficulty isn’t well balanced and the fun doesn’t last long enough. the courses are quite open, but this means that you can sometimes lose sight of where you’re trying to go, which, again, will confuse younger players.

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The story is sparse and implies that Lightning’s place as best is challenged because he is becoming an old man. Look, I can totally relate to being ousted as the best by a younger generation whose oversight skills make you feel almost decrepit, but honestly, most of the story is dished out via commentary and some weird pre-race scenes. bosses. Like many who are motivated by winning, it’s useful, but it could be better.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise in 2017 to get a licensed game that isn’t irredeemable, but cars 3: driven to win is really cool. It’s hard to wholeheartedly endorse a console that has Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, but if you’re craving even more arcade racing, this is a decent enough game, especially if you can find it at a slight discount.

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