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book review soccer lovers: carli lloyd when no one was looking: my hard fought journey to the top of the soccer world

if you are a true soccer player, then this is the book to read.

women in the usa the women’s national soccer team has been busy off the field writing memoirs on the long and rocky road to the top; yet no other professional soccer player has scored a hat trick in the first sixteen minutes of a fifa world cup final.

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the new book by carli lloyd , featuring wayne coffey, is a refreshingly open-ended memoir.

it’s hard to imagine that the woman who scored a hat trick at the world cup was once told that she wasn’t up to the level of a national team player.

just the facts: would the usa have won the women’s world cup without new jersey native carli lloyd? We’ll never know, and luckily we won’t have to. Who could forget the excitement of her unbeatable triplet?

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co-captain of the u.s. women’s national soccer team, carli lloyd is the current fifa world player of the year, also known as the power midfielder who won the gold medal by scoring goals for her team twice at the Olympic Games (both 2008 and 2012). A serious player who is a veteran of 3 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments, Lloyd was awarded the FIFA Ballon d’Or and the Silver Boot in 2015.

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in her memoirs, carli lloyd shares with the reader her calm but strong temperament: she doesn’t want to party all the time and even wonders why others would want to, her grief at being estranged from her family and not having them around his side. as well as her desire to root for a teammate in midfield, even if she was “theoretically competing for playing time.”

From preface to epilogue, this book is filled with passion and the solid wisdom of a winner.

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Carli Lloyd’s When No One Was Looking: My Fighting Journey to the Top of the Soccer World is a very personal and private account of her hard work to rise to the top of her profession. the reader discovers his challenges with confidence and his response when told that he didn’t try hard enough. The reader also gets Lloyd’s candid reflections on playing at Wembley Stadium and his private conversations with Jill Ellis, United States head coach. women’s soccer team.

building up to the team’s victory in 2015, when his team won their first fifa championship in sixteen years and carli lloyd’s brilliant performance, is all the sweeter after understanding the journey.

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thank god carli never gave up on the sport. For all gamers out there who have ever struggled with confidence, this is a great read.

just finding out that carli, such an amazing and world renowned player, was always struggling, cutting herself and feeling lost until she found the right coach is inspiring and uplifting. definitely a great read.

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carli lloyd is a 5’7″ central midfielder who says her biggest influence was her coach james galanis, owner of universal soccer academy.

other reviews:

if a player trains when no one is watching, she could do superhuman things when everyone is watching. Like scoring a hat-trick in the first sixteen minutes of a World Cup final , an eventual 5-2 win over Japan. Or cap off that hat-trick with an astonishing fifty-yard drive from midfield, USA’s biggest goal. uu. football history, a shot so bold it’s surprising to learn that lloyd had practiced it for years with [james] galanis on an empty field in new jersey, far from the crowds.” – grant wahl, Illustrated Sports

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