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carrying a car seat with one hand while juggling all your baby’s travel essentials with the other is no easy feat. By investing in a car seat bag for travel, you can not only get your car seat through the airport with no hassle, but you can also offer your travel car seat extra protection.

While we recognize that traveling with a car seat on an airplane is the safest way to travel with a car seat, we also recognize that this is not always possible. sometimes we need to check our car seat at the gate and other times you need to check in with the luggage. Regardless of how you plan to travel with your car seat, a car seat travel cover will help protect it on the road.

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In this post, we’ll share the best travel bags for car seats, but that’s not the only way to travel with a car seat. We also share some other nifty ways to get a car seat through the airport.

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9 best travel bags for car seats

most important features of air travel car seat bags

1. wheels

Wheels are a great addition to your car seat travel bag if you travel frequently. There are a few things to consider depending on how many wheels you choose (two or four); check the type: is it an inline skates wheel or a spinning wheel?

An inline wheel is integrated into the bag and is better protected from external damage. They are made of polyurethane material and can easily slide over uneven surfaces. Keep in mind that with these wheels, you’ll have to push your bag around and when used for extended periods, your wrist and shoulder may have to take the brunt of the task.

As the name suggests, a spinning wheel spins all around, making it ideal for clever maneuvers. these wheels are externally attached rather than built-in. this could welcome a small chance of damage compared to its counterpart.

2. padded backpack straps

A well-designed backpack strap is a must when selecting a travel bag for a car seat. what you want are shoulder straps that are adjustable and comfortable enough that you forget you’re wearing them.

keep an eye out for contoured straps that take the shape of shallow s-curves. these are more in tune with your body and will relax the muscles they are placed on rather than pinch them.

Look also for dual-density foam, where the closed-cell foam on the padding prevents it from collapsing under heavy weight, and the open-cell foam on the other side provides extra cushioning. Lastly, having buckles to hold the bag in one position is always a good idea.

3. additional protection / padding in the bag to protect the seat

Internally winged pads protect the essential safety features of your child’s travel car seat from external shocks and damage. this is crucial to preserve the quality of the product for the safety of your child.

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all of the travel bags covered in the previous reviews have this feature in common. then it’s probably apparent by now how integral this feature is.

Lightweight travel car seat covers like this one offer little protection in the event of a check at the gate, though they work well when used simply to transport the car seat.

4. price

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The price of a car seat travel bag typically ranges from $40 to $100, depending on the features available. those on the lower end tend to come with inline skate wheels or none at all. If you don’t travel much or can’t find the backpack version enough, this is a cost-effective option that works for most people. Bags on the higher end come with better material quality and added features like pockets and wheels.

5. universal fit

a “one size fits all” design can make your travel bag worth the investment. A universal fit car seat travel bag is one that can hold, protect, and even provide space for additional items, regardless of the brand of your child’s car seat. Shopping for a universal fit bag is so much easier than checking and rechecking your car seat measurements for every potential new bag you come across during your search!

6. water resistance

Between rainy days, clumsy kids, and rough luggage handling, waterproof car seat covers have become a must-have. Plus, it’s easier to find a waterproof car seat travel bag these days than one without such reinforcements.

7. size when folded

Many parents want their car seats on the plane. not only is it safer, but it might just be the best way to get your toddler to sleep on the plane. Getting a little more sleep can help with jet lag in babies or young children. Since these baby car seat travel bags can take up a lot of space when folded, here are some other options on how to take a travel car seat through the airport.

what if you plan to check your car seat at the gate, but there is a free seat available?

in these cases, how do you store the car seat travel bag in a way that it doesn’t take up a ridiculous amount of space? dubbing it, of course!

Some travel bags even come with manual instructions for folding your bag on a plane. These are not only a boon for traveling parents, but also for passengers trying to fit their luggage.

8. reinforced bottom

A reinforced base ensures peace of mind when your travel bag is being handled by operational personnel. It’s also a big plus when it comes to the bumps and scuffs you’re sure to face while dragging it along in a hurry. It’s definitely a consideration worth making, especially when you’re looking for a car seat travel bag on wheels.

how to choose the best car seat bags for travel

When it comes to choosing the best car seat bag for travel, there are a few things to consider. If you’re looking for car seat bags to fly, you’ll also need to consider how you’ll be flying with your car seat: on the plane, at the gate, or with your luggage.

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1. Size: There are two main factors to consider here; whether the bag will fit your child’s travel seat and whether it can be folded flat when needed. it is an advantage if it can hold more accessories.

2. How you’ll carry your car seat: Your investment decision may be influenced by how you choose to transport your bag. If you’re checking yourself at the gate or adding with your checked baggage, look for a reinforced base and overall quality of protection. It is worth mentioning that users often find it more convenient to travel on wheels. after all, your journey continues outside the airport as well.

if you’re just looking for a way to get a car seat onto the plane, check out our other suggestions below.

3. How often you’ll use the carrier: If you plan to use it often, choose one with high-quality features that will stand up to being used over and over again. the answer to this is along the same lines as the one above. however

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4. Bulky vs. Compact: While we strongly recommend that parents flying with young children opt for padded car seat travel bags, we understand there’s also a budget issue to consider. If you’re looking for an affordable option, there’s an advantage to choosing a nylon bag with no internal padding, and that’s its compact size. These bags are lighter to carry and offer extra space to pack more items you may need.

5. Travel Seat Type: The size and shape of your car seat definitely affects the travel seat cover you choose for it. Keep your specific type of car seat and needs in mind when looking for one, as an infant car seat may not require the same size as a convertible car seat or travel booster.

other options on how to take a car seat through the airport

If you plan to take your car seat on the road to the plane, there are other, more cost-effective ways (that pack smaller) to transport your car seat through the airport.

The aforementioned car seat travel bags are ideal for parents planning to check their car seat with luggage or planning to check their car seat at the gate. If you’ve purchased a car seat for your infant or toddler and want your car seat on board, here are the best ways to get your car seat on the plane:

1. your car seat becomes a stroller

a car seat that converts to a stroller, like the doona & latch base, makes transporting your car seat a breeze! Just pop the wheels off and you’re done. no other car seat support required and no need to buy a travel stroller, not yet anyway…

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The quilt is suitable for babies from 4 to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches tall.

2. luggage trolley for car seat

A car seat travel cart, like this popular Britax car seat travel cart or this one, is another easy way to get your car seat around the airport. The car seats attach to the Britax Car Seat Travel Caddy via the latch system, plus they fold compact enough to fit in an airplane overhead bin.

3. traveling with a car seat and stroller

Are you flying with a stroller and car seat? When you’re flying with a baby, a travel system will make traveling through the airport a breeze. gate check your stroller, then bring your car seat onto the plane.

even if you don’t have a proper travel system, you can still put your car seat in your stroller to help carry all your gear. if it’s not a secure fit, be sure to carry your baby in a carrier and let your stroller do the heavy lifting.

4. lightweight travel bag for car seat

A lightweight car seat travel bag with backpack straps makes it easy to transport and folds up easily once on the plane.

5. car seat luggage strap

If you’re traveling with carry-on luggage, use a car seat travel strap to get the most out of your suitcase’s wheels. These easy to use car seat travel belts are the most cost effective car seat carriers around! simply connect your car seat with a luggage strap and roll your car seat onto the plane.

6. car seat backpack straps

Backpack straps like these can be attached directly to the car seat, eliminating the need for a door check bag for car seats. Attach the backpack to the car seat, then take it directly to the plane. This car seat backpack can also be used to attach your car seat to your luggage.

8. folding car seats for toddlers

Although you might scoff at the price, a travel car seat like the wayb pico (see on amazon or saks fifth avenue) makes traveling with a car seat so much easier. if you travel frequently, it’s worth the price. while the wayb pico is recommended for children ages 2 and up, the mifold hifold fit-and-fold booster seat is a good choice for older children (ages 4 and up, weighing between 40 and 100 pounds and between 40 and 59 inches tall).

7. booster seat travel bag

If you don’t travel with a compact booster seat, like the hiccapop uberboost inflatable booster, mifold comfort grab-and-go booster car seat, or bubblebum inflatable booster car seat, then protect your backless booster seat with a booster travel bag for seat.

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