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Baby gear that pulls double duty is always a win for parents. And the best car seat stroller combo systems do just that, providing two pieces of equipment in one. With these infant travel systems, parents can seamlessly get their baby out of the car to roam the aisles of the grocery store by snapping the car seat into the stroller frame. Of course, trying to figure out which of these best car seat combinations will work best for your family is the trick.

The best combination stroller and car seat systems provide two key pieces of parenting equipment in one perfect package… [+].

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Often the elements of these systems can be purchased separately or together as a bundle if they are from a single brand. it will usually include an infant car seat that easily connects to a companion stroller without an adapter. If you want to mix brands, you may need an adapter to connect your car seat to your desired stroller. the stroller can also be used alone without the car seat.

for the car seat itself, michelle pratt, nationally certified child passenger safety expert and founder and owner of safe in the seat, recommends starting with what she calls the 7 c’s of selection: growth percentiles of the child, cost, circumstances, car compatibility, blocking, convenience and (other) considerations. “By working through each of these factors, you can prioritize your needs and wants, and what works best for your child, vehicle, and budget,” she says. (Find more buying guide tips after our picks.)

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With all this in mind, here are the best car stroller combo systems that allow you and your baby to stroll as easily and safely as possible. After reading this story, you may want to check out the best travel strollers, double strollers, or convertible car seats.

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