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scratch removers can make your car look like new again. Finding a new scratch on your vehicle’s paint, whether from a traffic scratch or an abandoned grocery cart, can seem like the most frustrating thing in the world. Still, the more you take your car out of the garage and onto the road, the more likely your car is to get dented, scratched, or chipped. Considering how expensive our vehicles are, it’s hard to see them looking dilapidated and beat up. however, these blemishes do not have to be permanent. Scratch removers are designed to help, and the best car scratch remover options can help erase the bad day from your car and improve your car’s appearance.

we take the vehicles that come through the cnet garage to many places and surface scratches and swirls are inevitable. That means we’re exactly the right people to try out different scratch removers – we want those cars to keep looking top-notch. As such, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time testing various automotive paint scratch removers, rubbing compounds, and polishes to see which products remove a superficial scratch and restore your paint job with just a microfiber cloth and a little effort. , and which ones are not. not up to expectations. Below, you’ll find our top picks of the best automotive scratch remover brands so you can have confidence when fighting paint defects. Read on to see which one is right for you and for some pro tips.

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A quick warning though: if you have a deep scratch, these may not work. for deeper scratch problems, an auto paint expert is probably needed.

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comparison of the best car scratch removers

things to know about scratch removers

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